Deep Cycle Rechargeable Lithium ion Lifepo4 12V 50Ah Lithium Battery

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50 unit
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10000 unit/month
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Residential ESS CFE-640S 12.8V 50Ah 640Wh


Volumetric Energy Density increased by 23.5%

LED power display screen and switch buttons

Rugged stainless steel body ensures 5 years warranty

High protection level IP65

Support 1C charge / discharge and excellent heat dissipation design

Quick connection and insulation protection

Stainless steel handles guarantees 3000 fatigue tests

Supports four external connections in series with voltage up to 51.2V


 Product Spec





Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity @1C


Charge Voltage


Charge Current Max Continuous


Discharge Current Max Continuous


Discharge Voltage Minimum


Pulse Current 5 Sec




Dimensions L*W*Hmm



• Ultra-reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology
• Integrated battery management System (BMS)
• Ultra-long cycle life
• Light weight & compact
• Water & dust resistant (IP56)
• Highly durable ABS enclosure
• Drop-in lead acid replacement
• Environment friendly
• Bluetooth App is optional*

 Wind-Solar energy system 

 Solar street lights 

 Off-grid energy storage 

 Household energy storage 

 Telecom backup system 

 Mobile base stations
 Emergency backup energy sources 

 Uninterruptible power system 

 Grid load shifters
 Electric Golf Car 

 Electric vehicles 

 Electric motorcycles
 Electric forklifts 

 Electric boats, etc.

Q:How do I calculate the number of UPS delay battery packs?
0.5KVA UPS is back-up, no external battery. The smallest on-line is 1K, no 0.5K.
Q:Electric car battery pack capacity 156ah on behalf of several electricity?
Ah * voltage V is the tile, so you must know the battery voltage, in order to know the battery pack power.
Q:The difference between the battery cell and the battery pack.
Battery cell is a separate battery, the battery is composed of several batteries in series to form a group.
Q:Why is the battery in series with the battery pack?
The battery in series to form the purpose of the battery is to increase the voltage, such as a battery 1.5v need 6v voltage, in series 4 batteries in series.
Q:Currently im using a Dell Inspiron 1150 but I am planning on getting a new computer. Probably an HP DV5T. I'm looking to get an external power pack to add 5+ hours of battery life
Q:I have Rock Band drums that take 3 AA batteries and I don't want to waste batteries. Is there a way to make something that plugs into the wall and connects to the battery sockets (1.5 volt)?
I assume there's no external power connector on your drums (bad design in my opinion). There are some products in the market that do what you say, but they are specially made for specific devices such as professional flashes and cameras. The problem is that each battery compartment is different, and you also have a problem with the door. I think you're way better off by getting a good set of rechargeable batteries and a wall charger. Buy brand (Energizer, Sanyo, etc), you'll save money in the long run.
Q:I bought a wen cordless tool kit about 5 yrs. ago. The tools work great, but the batteries wont hold a charge. Even at wen site I cannot find replacements. I heard they could be repacked? thanks for any help.
Take the drill to Home Depot and ask their Experts They may show you a new drill would be your best and I think it also!
Q:i currently have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop, i have been getting a message recently saying:Your battery can be charged normally, however it is coming to the end of its usable it safe to buy a battery of a website, i.e: amazon, OKorder? do i install it - and how - (if you know) or should i take it to a computer shop?thank you. xx
The laptop battery should be easily removable, and will have small plastic slide-locks keeping it in place, and it'll just pop out, allowing you to install a new one. Less likely, it may be screwed in, but most laptops don't do that. If it is, you'll need a Philips (+) screwdriver, either gauge 00 if it's tiny, or 2 if not. I would recommend buying a new battery from Amazon over a used battery from OKorder any day. Also, try the Dell official website store. Hope I've been of some help!
Q:I have an xbox recharger cord, battery pack, and energizer e2 recharger batteries but the batteries don't seem to be recharging! When I connect the cord, xbox, and controller to recharge the batteries, there isn't a red light to indicate that its charging and either way, it doesn't seem to be charging. If you can help, thank you very much!
Are you trying to recharge Energizer rechargeable batteries with the Xbox 360 play and charge kit? That won't work. the play and charge kit will only recharge the Xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack. You will need to use the Energizer battery charger to charge AA batteries. To see why this is: Look in the Xbox 360 wireless controller battery slot. there are two sets of contacts in there. the ones at the bottom are for the AA batteries and the ones in a row about 1/3 of the way from the bottom are for the Xbox battery pack. only the battery pack contacts are connected to the play and charge plug. they did this so people don't accidentally create a dangerous condition by connecting the play and charge kit to a controller with non-rechargeable AA batteries.
Q:im about to purchase an xbox 360if i get the premium does it come with rechargeable batteries?if it does not can i purchase a rechargeable battery pack and use them on this controller or does it have to be a special controller to use the rechargeable battery pack?is there a separate charger to charge these batteries?if so how much will all this cost me?any help is much appreciated and thank you for your time.
The premium comes with 2 non-rechargeable Energizer AA batteries. You can use rechargeable batteries or you can get the play and charge rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack costs 12 bucks (Gamestop) and 15 bucks (Best Buy), while the charge and play kit (which includes the battery pack) costs 20 bucks. If you don't like the play and charge kit, there's the charger stand kit. You stand your battery pack on the charge, and it charges your batteries. The play and charge kit hooks your controller to a USB port (whether it's on the 360, PC, etc) and charges your battery pack while the batteries are inside the controller. Only the Halo 3 edition comes with the play and charge kit.

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