High voltage lithium ion battery bank for solar system and storage

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voltage: 192

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High voltage lithium ion battery bank  for solar system and storage


Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A1: We are manufacturer and trading company both, mainly focus on battery field. Meanwhile we have a professional technical team who design,  research and development according to market requirement. Specially, we are very good at providing comprehensive electric power supply solution.

Q2: Can you supply OEM service?
A2: Yes, your logo or trademark can be printed on battery container.

Q3: What information do you need in order to make a customized battery pack?
A3: We need the informations as below:
1. battery size&dimension you require
2. battery voltage
3. battery capacity
4. max discharge current

5. max power of electrical load


(1). Lithium batteries are light in weight, small in size, large in capacitance, high in energy and high in safety

(2). Lithium battery core raw materials. The core itself has overcharge, over pressure, and over let the flow of four safety protection. It fundamentally solves the hidden dangers of short circuit, leakage, explosion and other aspects of lithium batteries.

(3). Lithium batteries use lithium battery cores in series. 

(4). Charging chip protection plate(using military-grade smart IC chip, with over current, over pressure, overcharge, overcharge, under voltage, short circuit, reverse connection, equilibrium voltage and equilibrium charging and other multiple protection functions) to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery pack.

(5). Lithium batteries are used for a long time. The cycle can be charged and discharged more than 600 times. LED light source operating time of 20,000 hours, lithium battery life 2-3 years.

High voltage lithium ion battery bank  for solar system and storage

High voltage lithium ion battery bank  for solar system and storage

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Q:What is the battery pack, and what is the difference between the battery?
Batteries generally refer to a single battery. Multiple batteries through the string, the composition of the power supply, called the battery pack.
Q:What type of fire extinguisher would you use if your laptop battery pack caught on fire?
You can never go wrong with the foam.
Q:Is there any way to charge a AA 4.8V1100mAh battery pack without a charger?
Yes if the original batteries are removable there should be no problem.A rechargeable battery is 1.2 volts x 4 equals 4.8 volts. They are usually placed in the packs for convenience. I have done this with other items.
Q:Extern Battery Pack might be braking my usb cables ?
Hello, This seems a little strange, somewhat. Hmm. What are You doing with the usb leads what no longer work? Are you snapping them in-two so it renders them useless, by doing so it means you're not picking up, one of the 'duff ' leads. I think someone may be playing a sneaky trick on you, by substituting the newly purchased one you've just bought, with a one that doesn't work, each time, whilst Your back is turned, so to speak. Or, some person is sabotaging, the new lead once again, while you're not looking. It is very unlikely to be the leads, that are at fault if they were going to fail they would do so probably before the first charge had finished. I suspect someone may be a tad jealous of the bargain You've purchased on OKorder, And is fooling you into thinking the charger is at fault. I may be wrong, of course But I would consider foul-play is at work here. The solution is simple. Put the Charger Lead(s) away in a 'secret' place, of which, is known only to Yourself, No-one else, and I mean No-one ! Do this immediately after charging, keeping them in a safe place until Its' needed, And I bet You the 'Problem' does not occur again. If by some chance it does, then someone is replacing the lead whilst It is being charged Very Sneakything to do. Get rid of / or destroy any duff leads that you've used/ bought in the past, And render Them Unusable ! That way they'll not have anything to swap over Hopefully, Fingers Crossed. (Hth). .
Q:Fast Charge IC for 6v battery pack?
many okorder
Q:Compact camera case that will fit DSLR with lens & battery pack?
It's Canon. A cannon is a type of gun. Take your camera along with you to a store which specialises in bags/backpacks etc. Find one you like. Check it fits in the store.
Q:One of the battery pack to die, and a piece of it?
Because in the circuit, any place where the current is equal.
Q:will a battery pack on a nikon d90 soot faster fps ?
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Q:Xbox 360 controller battery pack not holding charge and not charging?
depending on the age and use of the battery pack it my need to be replaced
Q:I need help building a custom battery pack for an airsoft gun?
I don't suppose there are components like that. Its now not a pc. If you wish to construct a gun from components, build an actual gun. Airsoft weapons usually are not made that means. That you may construct your possess AR15 rifle or AK kind rifle, Ruger 10/22. You buy the receiver- the only a part of a gun that is a gun- after which anything elements you need- barrel, foregrip, etc. I don't know of any airsoft weapons like that. You could continually make your possess airsoft from scratch, its not difficult. Its no longer an actual gun so that you could honestly do what whatever works for you. You should use any fabric you want, any action, and something else. Not like real guns you do not have to take into account warmth, strain, and even sturdiness of the substances. Its possible to get away with things like a paper mache inventory and a bolt motion constructed from copper pipe constituents. If you are quite good with materials you should utilize a wooden receiver and compressed paper to cut the other ingredients.

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