micro-grid 48v 10kW energy storage solar system lifepo4 48v 50Ah 100Ah 200Ah lithium battery pack

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Product Description:

On/Off grid micro-grid 48v 10kW energy storage solar system lifepo4 48v 50Ah 100Ah 200Ah lithium battery pack

Product Model

 48v 50ah lifepo4 battery pack



Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Charging Voltage


Charging Current


Discharging Current


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Net weight


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Discharging temperature


Storage temperature


Why Choose CNBM 48v solar system battery?
1.48v solar system battery is developed with highly performance LFP cell 3.2V 50Ah and EV standard structure to guarantee safety and outstanding service life.

2.Each 48v 50ah lifepo4 battery pack is built in Smart BMS to monitor and protect the cell thoroughtly from abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC, SoH.

3.This is a Plug and play 48v solar system battery with hybrid inverter so it is very easy to install.

4.Our lifepo 48v 50Ah battery has low internal resistance and high flat voltage characteristics during strong current discharging,which ensures a wider application field.

How about warranty for our TE2000 48v 50ah lifepo4 battery pack?

CNBM supply 5 years for all 12V LIFEPO4 BATTERY/24v lifepo4 battery/48v lifepo4 battery pack.

micro-grid 48v 10kW energy storage solar system lifepo4 48v 50Ah 100Ah 200Ah lithium battery pack

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Q:Clean stuffed animal with battery pack?
remove batteries spot clean where needed, you can also put it in a big bag with salt and shake, then freeze it to kill anything that may be living on it. when done vaccum the toy to remove all the salt
Q:Which portable battery pack should I buy to charge and start my boat?
Best Battery Booster Pack
Q:Rechargeable Batteries manufacturing date?
I'm still using packs of rechargeable batteries that are over 5 years old It's more important that you know how to look after them when you start to use themdon't let them lie around without charging them or they will dieI use rechargeables in all my audio devices and my photography and video equipment and check them all regularly to make sure they haven't discharged - it's a nuisance sometimeswell worth it though.
Q:How can I hang up one strand of Christmas lights outside with no available outlet?
You know, I was trying to find something to light up the ledge in my house and found a wireless outlet. It was at Walmart I think.
Q:Recombining NiCd Battery Cells?
Those 6V battery pack was packed with hard glue and welded joints. Separating them is not an easy task as you though without any proper tool. Besides, most old old rechargeable battery pack 50% inside the cells were dried out or leakage or shorted due to aging. Not much chance to rebuild them into a workable 9.6V pack.
Q:Why does my XBOX 360 controller keep turning off during games,i have the regular battery pack?
The 360 controller does turn off after a while of inaction, so after a long pause for something like a cutscene, it turns off. Also batteries lose there charge over time even if you aren't using them, so if they aren't new from the store from the last year or two you might want to try to buy a brand new pack and try those out, and even with a brand new pack of batteries, the 360 still can only get 20-30 hours of play out of it depending how much it rumbles and stuff like that. The only other option is to get a new controller.
Q:How do I safely pack batteries for an overseas flight?
Well, if you are coming from the USA, then the best I can suggest is to either declare your possession of the batteries at security checkpoint or to a TSA officer. I'm not sure if they will take them away, but you can call the TSA or the airline of course, and they will tell you.
Q:How do I charge Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack?
Plug it to the 360's usb ports
Q:Computer Battery Help- 6 cell, 12 cell, 4400mAh, and 5200mAh. idk what this means plz help.?
These indicate different capacities a 5200mAh will provide a longer run time per charge than the 4400mAh Click on the links to start a google searches
Q:When shopping for a jump starter battery pack do peak amps matter? Should I go for more or less or does it not matter?
If you actually NEED to jump start your car on a frequent enough basis that you NEED a jump start battery pack, then you PROBABLY should spend the money on fixing what's wrong with your car instead of wasting it on a fancy TOY.

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