12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah for solar street

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2000 pc/month

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Battery cell:

high strength aluminum alloy shell

IP65,PASS drop test/vibration test/crush test;




high stability ,low internal resistance,

Over-charge/over-discharge protect,

Over-current protect,

Short-current protect,

Temperature protect,



CNBM Own unit design to ensure the high energy density with long cycle life and high safety standard.

Be widely deployed in the energy storage system;


1. Q: What's your MOQ(minimum order quantity) of Factory price li ion lipo solar battery 12v 30ah 40ah 50ah solar street light lithium battery ?
A: 100PCS.(Acceptance of sample orders for small trial orders)

2. Q: What's your packing methods ?

A: Industrial packing (can be as customer's requirements)

3. Q: What's your payment terms of Factory price li ion lipo solar battery 12v 30ah 40ah 50ah solar street light lithium battery ?
A: T/T 30% in advance & T/T 70% upon sending the goods, L/C 100%, or negotiate according to the order status.

4. Q: What's your delivery time?
A: 4 weeks after received the advance payment or L/C.

12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah  for solar street


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Q:Resurrect Dead NiCd Battery?
I have done this many times. Take a voltmeter and put it across the cell (don't do cells in series, do them one at a time). Get a current limited power supply (bench power supply), set it to about 3 to 5V, and limit the current to something between 3 and 20 amps (yes, I have used as high as 20A and not hurt the battery). BRIEFLY (one second or less) touch the power supply wires across the battery. Watch the voltage. It should come up. If it reaches 1.2 V, stop, and charge it immediately. Be careful not to overheat the battery - it may explode.
Q:What is the difference between 9.6v 600 mha and 9.6v 1600 mha battery pack?
theres 1000 more in the other one. its better
Q:Xbox 360 Rechargeable battery pack problems?
They take 4 hours to charge. Make sure they are fully charged. If they are only holding 30 minutes, you may want to go return them as they sound defective.
Q:LONGER LASTING Nikon Lithium Ion Battery Pack?
Here's okorder
Q:What is the best external battery pack for a laptop?
Q:Using a charger for a home made battery pack?
Be careful, Andrew. Improperly charged batteries can catch on fire, and even explode. You need to do a LOT more homework before you try this. For example, from your post I can tell you are not clear on the difference between a serial and a parallel battery pack. That's pretty basic, so I don't think you know enough yet to be hooking things up to live current. PLEASE do more reading! I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself or someone else.
Q:Re-adhering the Battery Pack in Acoustic Guitar?
You can use velcro. They sell both sides and you can cut it to the right fit. If the glue on the back of the vecro isn't strong enough, you can always use your own glue to make it permanent. Its on the inside, so don't sweat it so much.
Q:How do you charge your 360 controller battery pack?
If you have the usb Cable charger You can just plug it in to that I have the dual pack charger . Other than buying rechargable batteries and use those are basicly your options
Q:Uninterrupted power ups to reprovision the battery pack?
Generally do not have to use, there are internal battery pack, power to save emergency data, let the computer power to continue to run after ten minutes.
Q:What type of fire extinguisher would you use if your laptop battery pack caught on fire?
they have ratings on the side i.e. agrease fire bsomthing c for somthing else i cant remember them all but the most effeicent one is ABC

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