12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah for solar street

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2000 pc/month
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Product Description:

Battery cell:

high strength aluminum alloy shell

IP65,PASS drop test/vibration test/crush test;




high stability ,low internal resistance,

Over-charge/over-discharge protect,

Over-current protect,

Short-current protect,

Temperature protect,



CNBM Own unit design to ensure the high energy density with long cycle life and high safety standard.

Be widely deployed in the energy storage system;


1. Q: What's your MOQ(minimum order quantity) of Factory price li ion lipo solar battery 12v 30ah 40ah 50ah solar street light lithium battery ?
A: 100PCS.(Acceptance of sample orders for small trial orders)

2. Q: What's your packing methods ?

A: Industrial packing (can be as customer's requirements)

3. Q: What's your payment terms of Factory price li ion lipo solar battery 12v 30ah 40ah 50ah solar street light lithium battery ?
A: T/T 30% in advance & T/T 70% upon sending the goods, L/C 100%, or negotiate according to the order status.

4. Q: What's your delivery time?
A: 4 weeks after received the advance payment or L/C.

12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah  for solar street


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