• 12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah  for solar street System 1
  • 12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah  for solar street System 2
12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah  for solar street

12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah for solar street

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Battery cell:

high strength aluminum alloy shell

IP65,PASS drop test/vibration test/crush test;




high stability ,low internal resistance,

Over-charge/over-discharge protect,

Over-current protect,

Short-current protect,

Temperature protect,



CNBM Own unit design to ensure the high energy density with long cycle life and high safety standard.

Be widely deployed in the energy storage system;


1. Q: What's your MOQ(minimum order quantity) of Factory price li ion lipo solar battery 12v 30ah 40ah 50ah solar street light lithium battery ?
A: 100PCS.(Acceptance of sample orders for small trial orders)

2. Q: What's your packing methods ?

A: Industrial packing (can be as customer's requirements)

3. Q: What's your payment terms of Factory price li ion lipo solar battery 12v 30ah 40ah 50ah solar street light lithium battery ?
A: T/T 30% in advance & T/T 70% upon sending the goods, L/C 100%, or negotiate according to the order status.

4. Q: What's your delivery time?
A: 4 weeks after received the advance payment or L/C.

12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 80ah  for solar street


Q:does battery world repack batteries? if they do, how much does it cost?
tricky problem. lookup with yahoo or google. it could actually help!
Q:I just got my xbox 360 2 weeks ago and i cant use it without plugging it in (it has chargable battery pack) i charge it for LONG periods of time but when i unplug it and play the most it lasts is 2 minutes
Make sure that when you plug it, the little light turns RED. If it turns green too fast, it means it is NOT charging!! Try plugging and unplugging it. I actually saw a video where a guy said that if this happens it might mean your controller is completely drained, even so much as to charge itself, so what you should do is plug it, wait for the light to turn red, then when it turns green unplug it and plug it again, and then continue this process for several instances until it is able to charge itself! Hope this helps!!
Q:I need a battery for my xbox 360, not the controller like a battery pack for the xbox that hooks up to the power cordany ideas where i can get one
No. The 360 doesn't use a battery pack. It uses power from outlets. What you could do is buy one of those portable power supply, the ones that campers use when they need portable electricity.
Q:Hi, i have Acer 3830TG This laptop is amazing performance wise and also battery wise but only one disadvantage that is quite crucial to my purpose of use is the built-in battery.I often use the laptop to play high performance required games for an extended period of time and this is done while being chargedI found out that constantly fully charged battery will not last long Is there a way to be on AC power and not charge the battery, (laptop only running on ac power and battery is disabled) thanks in advance
The battery pack is not removable? How odd. Laptops with modern lithium-cycle batteries have very sophisticated power management circuits. Once fully charged, these circuits cut off the charging current to the battery. You can't overcharge the battery pack. What's killing your batteries is heat. Heat is the great enemy of laptop batteries. The hottest place most people keep their batteries is inside the laptop. If you can't remove the battery pack when you're running on AC and gaming, you'll just have to accept the diminished life.
Q:I dropped my battery pack and i am wondering if that is the reason why i am not able to turn on my pc. thank you in advance.
There is no definite answer on how long they will last.That depends on the brand of laptop and those very rare desktops that can run on a battery. Seeing that yours was dropped, you more than likely broke something from the impact. So, it's time for a new battery.
Q:I have 3 Phottix battery pack for my 3 Canon Speedlite 600ex-rt and I am wondering about getting a full charge out of them. When I am charging them up after a while the red light will turn green showing that they are done charging, but if I unplug them for a second or two and plug them back it the light will be red again for another 10 minutes or so. Is this helping it get more of a charge or not? Thanks
No it is best to charge until the light changes green and leave it at that. Many rechargeable have memories and the frequent charging cuts done on the entire life of the battery. It is best to use that age old rule regarding batteries--------READ THE MANUAL.
Q:I have an older gem from 2003. The gel battery pack is too far drained to be recharged. If I call for a repair, they'll charge $225. Is this something I can do and with what tools? Thanks.(More info, 10 points.)
The Gem uses 12 V deep cycle Trojan batteries wired up to provide 48 V . That means there are four of these batteries in series, more may be in parallel with these four but basically chances are only one of these batteries has failed. If you run a voltmeter across each battery, you should be able to identify the bad one fairly quickly, then it's just a matter of replacing that 12 V battery with a 12 V lead acid, AGM, or gel battery with the same size, terminals and capacity. The capacities ranges from 130 AH to 150 AH. An actual new Trojan battery would run about $190 (without a rebate for the old one and you can usually get a rebate) but chances are you could get a used one for less or some other lead acid battery with similar dimensions (roughly 14 x 7 x 11 ) and capacity ratings for less. Gel and AGM batteries are sealed but if you were willing to break the seal (dangerous as it contains hydrochloric acid), it would be possible to drain the acid, clean the mats, file down the plates, reassemble and add new acid to rebuild the battery. You may be able to find someone who does this and can sell you a reconditioned battery. Once you isolate the failed battery with a voltmeter, you could try charging it individually (sometimes a battery won't charge because other batteries in the series are already at full charge). You may even be able to bring a dead battery back to life by trickle charging and pulsing reverse polarity through it to break up the sulfate buildup on the plates. It's probably a good idea to periodically break up the battery pack and charge each battery separately to try and get as much charge into each one as possible. Chances are, the tools needed would be the same tools you would need to change out a car battery except that these batteries are heavier.
Q:Hi guys, I have a rechargable battery pack for my 360 controller and i can't findout how to charge it, I don't have a cord for my controller, Or a charger, *if there even is one*, So does anybody know how i can charger it without said things.
you cant
Q:I was wondering how long these batteries would last in the new camera I was going to buy. If it doesn't have at least a 2 hour life then I wont buy it.
That's not really a question anyone can answer. When anyone, a company or otherwise tries to give battery life, the answer is always estimate, usually over estimated, and reflects optimum usage patterns etc. If you can find them, look for Sanyo AA Eneloops, which are superior, and hold their charge for a -long- time, whereas NiMH batteries lose 80% of charge after a month roughly.
Q:Hello, does anyone know where I can find a rechargeable battery pack for electronic devices? Maybe something like a large brick that I can take with me and plug a guitar amp into? Or anything else, for that matter
If you don't mind lugging something heavy around, get a deep cycle automotive battery, preferably a sealed spill-proof type. Then get an AC inverter that puts out enough current to power your amp. A 500w inverter is enough for a 100w tube amp. To recharge, use any car battery charger. If you want to downsize that a bit, search yahoo shopping for a NiMh 12v battery pack. You will have to get a specialized charger, though. A car charger will destroy a NiMh pack.

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