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I just got a PSP slim and I want to extend my battery life. Does anyone know a safe website where i can buy an original PSP battery with an original PSP cover?
dood in simple terms pass on google, determining to purchase and form in properly in case you have a narrow form in like psp narrow 2000 replace back hide and in case you haev a 3000 sequence positioned that during. or in case you have the previous chew version form in previous. they could have mounds of back covers nstuff
if u have lithum ion cell with a voltage 3.7 and capacity of 2.6ah how many cells do u need to make a battery pack for 14.8 volts , and whats the capacity of it The answer is 8 cells!!!!! and 5.2ah can some one explain why it is not 4 cells and at 10.4 ah
In your question you left out that a 5.2 ampere hours capacity is required. Also having the batteries in series adds 3.7 volts for each battery. However, a series connection does not add ampere hours. Ampere hours would add when batteries in parallel, but voltage would not.
I have the battery pack for this phone, but it doesn't say in the directions if you're supposed to take off the layer of plastic wrap that covers all but the ends of the batteries. There is a small plug-in that goes from the battery pack to the phone, so the batteries don't actually have to make contact with anything other than that.We live in a town with a volunteer fire department, so I really want to get this right! :)
Look at the voltage of the battery pack, it's probably 3.7. I've never heard of a phone burning up unless it takes a lightning hit. The plastic should stay on, it's protection from the battery leaking. You won't start a fire.
i got this new Lenovo Thinkpad x61 tablet PC, and it's pretty great, except for the battery . i get less than an hour at full powerthere is a setting that lets it run for like 14 hours, but it's slow as heck , and i hate the in between settings as welli want to run my laptop at full power / full performance all the timeso are there any good battery packs that can help me do this?
those are some solid questions. a million. confident. it really is completely secure to apply it even as charging. it ought to take longer to value although. the computing gadget ought to value faster even as became off. 2. there has been particularly some hypothesis about that over the years. i believe that its best to allow the battery drain thoroughly each and every so typically. Batteries have a tendency to have a shorter existence in case you basically drain it some p.c. then value it decrease back up. Heck, you should continuously get rid of the battery once you've it plugged in. the computing gadget will run advantageous without a battery. basically plug contained in the battery and value it earlier you bypass cordless. 3. in case you want to make the battery very last more on a value, turn off something you do not use. Turning off such issues as on the spot, Bluetooth, etc, will make the battery very last a lot longer. turn down the brightness on the reveal. verify the skill settings in abode windows, turn it to skill saver mode. such issues as fancy reveal screen savers will basically draw extra skill. Set the reveal screen saver to sparkling.
When is the middle of the battery to add the dotted line? What is the battery pack of two batteries?
Two long and one parallel lines that the battery, long positive, short for the negative.
AW 18650 Protected 2900 mAh 3.7 volt Rechargeable Lithium Battery.i want to replace the 2400 mAh 3.7 volt samsung cells in my laptop's battery pack, yes i know this is more expensive then getting a new battery pack.
u cannot change one cell pack, when you change one cell pack with new, other will have a problem like charging and discharging. laptop batteries will have more then 10v dc so it better u change all the cell pack with new,
How do you charge your 360 controller battery pack? It didnt come with a cord or anything?
If you have the usb Cable charger You can just plug it in to that I have the dual pack charger . Other than buying rechargable batteries and use those are basicly your options
I just won a Hasee MJ 125 netbook and when I try to charge it, yellow light comes out instead of lavender light (that means it's charging). When I turned on the power, the laptop doesnt recognize the battery pack. I pulled the power cord out, the laptop turned off.How can I make the laptop recognize the battery pack? Please help. Thanks!
remove the battery and put it back in