• 185 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panel System 1
  • 185 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panel System 2
185 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panel

185 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panel

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1000 watt
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500000 watt/month

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Polycrystalline Silicon
Max. Power(W):
Number of Cells(pieces):


1) Product name: solar panel / module

2) Solar cell: Mono-crystalline / Poly-crystalline / Amorphous

3) Tempered glass laminated with aluminum frame

4) Life time: 20 - 25 years

5) Temperature co-efficiency:  A=+1,46mA B=-79mV, Rp/p=-0.43

6) Power specification at 1kW/m 2, AM 1, 5

7) Output cable: multi contact connectors

8) Construction:

     a) Front: High-transmission 32mm tempered glass

     b) Back: TPT

     c) Encapsulant: EVA

9) Frame: aluminum

10) Certification: CE, TUV



1. High efficiency and High power.

2. Long-term electrical stability.

3. Lowest price and Fastest delivery.

4. Good quality and good service.

5.Bulk supply

6. Good Warranty

7.Big Sale

8.High quality

9.More than 35 years on the lifetime.

10 DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/EMS etc



185 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panel

185 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panel




CNBM Solar Polycrystalline Series II   (235W—245W)











12 yrs free from defects in materials and   workmanship

No less than 90% within 10yrs and no less   than 80% within 25yrs

TUV(IEC61215&IEC61730), CE, UL


 Photovoltaic/solar/ green   energy/energy saving


1.High efficiency crystalline silicon solar   cell. Even if under the weak light, the solar module can produce maximum   power output.

2.Tempered glass (toughened glass):   Anti-reflecting coating and high transmission rate glass increase the power   output and mechanical strength of solar module.

3. EVA and TPT: Using high quality EVA and   TPT to prevent destroying and water.

4. AI frame: Without screw, rner   connection. 6 holes on the frame can be installed easily.

5. Junction box: Multi function junction   box with water proof.

6. Long lifetime: ≥25 years; Less power   decrease.

7. Good performance of preventing from   atrocious weather such as wind and hails.

8. Resisting moisture and etching   effectively, not effected by geology.

9. The certificate issued by international   authority: UL, TUV, IEC, CE.


Packaging Details:

26pcs/pallet, 28pallets/ 40HQ 

Our   solar panels are packed in cartons, and then pallet. 

Shipping by sea or by air are both ok, it up to customer’s chose.

We’d like to inquiry the freight cost for customer after be informed exact quantity and destination address.



We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1). What’s price per watt?

A: It’s depends on the quantity, delivery date and payment terms of the order. We can talk further about the detail price issue. Our products is high quality with lower price level.

2). Can you tell me the parameter of your solar panels?

We have different series of cells with different power output, both from c-si to a-si. Please take our specification sheet for your reference.

3). How do you pack your products?

We have rich experience on how to pack the panels to make sure the safety on shipment when it arrives at the destination.

4). How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The perfect time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.

Q:I know that one LED can't power a solar panel. I have found 40 kmcd LED's on OKorder. I know that several of them (28 totale each one with a 470 ohm resistor all at 2 VDC) can show a reflection on a wall in daylight 60 feet away..
Your question has a lot of science involved that I don't understand perhaps the link posted in my source for this answer could help you out? It a site containing only info on LED Lights. Good Luck
Q:Have a 20V 40W solar panel and it is attach to two backup batteries. Just want to know know how many watt of inverter do I need?
It depends on what you want to run from the panel. A 20W inverter might last a long time, but would not run much. A 00W inverter might run down your batteries in a few hours. It might help if you posted how much capacity (Volts, Amp-Hours) the batteries have.
Q:Can solar panels be used in areas with high levels of seismic vibrations?
Yes, solar panels can be used in areas with high levels of seismic vibrations. However, it is important to ensure that the solar panel installation is structurally sound and designed to withstand the vibrations caused by seismic activities. Additional measures such as reinforced mounting systems or flexible support structures may be needed to enhance the resilience of the solar panels in such areas.
Q:How do solar panels affect the property's carbon footprint?
Solar panels can greatly reduce a property's carbon footprint by generating clean and renewable energy. Since solar panels generate electricity by harnessing the power of the sun, they do not emit any greenhouse gases or pollutants during operation. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels and grid electricity, solar panels help to offset carbon emissions that would have been produced by traditional energy sources, thus positively impacting the property's carbon footprint.
Q:Hi. I have been looking into getting solar panals but I only want them for one room. See, we're expanding the house by adding a basement, the basement isn't going to be that big but we wanted to have solar energy for the basement only. Could anyone give me a rough estimate on the cost of solar panals for my basement?
If you're really planning on solar energy, don't waste it on your own consumption. The Hydro company pays you for the energy you put back into the grid....the strange thing is, you buy the power back for less than you sold it, so you actually profit on the power you make! look into this. I wired a nice house for a doctor, and although I didnt supply the solar system, I learned of this concept there. The guy who installed her system charged her around $40,000.00 and the system would never be able to run any large portion of their home. They, of course sold the energy to the utility.
Q:Can solar panels be installed on a telecommunications tower or antenna?
Yes, solar panels can be installed on a telecommunications tower or antenna. In fact, many telecommunications companies are increasingly adopting this approach to power their equipment and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources. Solar panels can effectively generate electricity for the tower's operations, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Q:I'm looking for a solar panel that has something you can plug thigs into, I don't know let's say grow lights. I want something that these lights can plug directly into and I can't find any online. If there is any I would like to know of the cheapest and best quality, I know that's an oxymoron but still. The lights are 600 watts so I need something somewhat strong. Thanks
Solar panels only put out electricity when they are in the sunlight. If you need electricity after peak solar hours, you will need a battery storage system or a connection to the grid. You can run a DC device directly off of solar panels if the device uses the same voltage and amperage that the panel puts out. Your 600W lights use a ballast that takes AC current and will not work with the typical panel. Also, a 600W light will take at least 3 high output/high efficiency panels to run, and you will need more than that if you want to store energy in batteries. You are talking at least 60 sq. ft. of solar on your roof. Aside from the power you need, you are also asking for an AC current, while most solar panels put out a DC current. This is what inverters are for. There are some newer panels that output AC, but you are still talking about a lot of PV to power your needs.
Q:How do solar panels affect the property's resale time?
Solar panels can positively impact a property's resale time by increasing its value and market appeal.
Q:Can solar panels be used in areas with high pollution or smog?
Yes, solar panels can still be used in areas with high pollution or smog. While pollution and smog can slightly reduce the efficiency of solar panels by blocking some sunlight, they can still generate electricity even in these conditions. However, regular maintenance and cleaning may be required to ensure optimal performance in polluted areas.
Q:I've built a set of lights, fan and a clock running on only solar power. The problem is, i have to present it tomorrow and when the light isn't particularly strong it won't work too well. It works flawlessly when its under my desk light on max brightness but the only the light works when i set it to low brightness. Currently, tomorrow in my city it won't be sunny so any advice for trying to make it work under low light?
Solar panels are designed to be used to recharge a battery or series of batteries, not for direct power. That is the inherent weakness of solar systems. The only way to have it work in low light conditions if to have several cells wired in series and have a voltage regulator to limit the amount of voltage that can be supplied. Other than that, add a battery and a charging circuit that the cell would supply power to.

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