• 235 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panels System 1
  • 235 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panels System 2
235 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panels

235 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panels

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China main port
Payment Terms:
Min Order Qty:
1000 watt
Supply Capability:
500000 watt/month

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Polycrystalline Silicon
Max. Power(W):
Number of Cells(pieces):


Quality and Safety

1. Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standards.

2. High-transmissivity low-iron tempered glass, strong aluminium frame.

3. Using UV-resistant silicon.

4. IS09001/14001/CE/TUV/UL  

5.3w-300w mono & poly solar panel supply


1. 10 years limited product warranty

2. 15 years at 90% of the minimal rated power output

3. 25 years at 80% of the minimal rated power output



1. High efficiency and High power.

2. Long-term electrical stability.

3. Lowest price and Fastest delivery.

4. Good quality and good service.

5.Bulk supply

6. Good Warranty

7.Big Sale

8.High quality

9.More than 35 years on the lifetime.

10 DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/EMS etc



235 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panels

235 Watt Photovoltaic Poly Solar Panels





Maximum Power at ST(Pmax)W


Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)V


Maximum Power Current(Imp)A


Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)V


Short Circuit Current(Isc)A


Cell Efficiency(%)


Module Efficiency(%)


Operating Temperature°C

-40°C to    85°C

Maximum system voltage


Power tolerance


Temperature coefficients of Pmax


Temperature coefficients of Voc


Temperature coefficients of Isc




Number of cell(pcs)




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1). What’s price per watt?

A: It’s depends on the quantity, delivery date and payment terms of the order. We can talk further about the detail price issue. Our products is high quality with lower price level.

2). Can you tell me the parameter of your solar panels?

We have different series of cells with different power output, both from c-si to a-si. Please take our specification sheet for your reference.

3). How do you pack your products?

We have rich experience on how to pack the panels to make sure the safety on shipment when it arrives at the destination.

4). How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The perfect time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.

Q:What is the effect of wind on solar cell performance?
The effect of wind on solar cell performance can be both positive and negative. On one hand, a gentle breeze can help cool the solar panels, preventing them from overheating and improving their efficiency. On the other hand, strong winds can cause vibrations and movement in the panels, leading to potential damage or misalignment. Therefore, while some wind can be beneficial, excessive or turbulent winds can have a detrimental impact on solar cell performance.
Q:Can solar cells be used in space satellites?
Yes, solar cells can be used in space satellites. In fact, they are the most common source of power for satellites in space. Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity, making them an ideal and efficient source of renewable energy in the space environment.
Q:Can solar cells be used in electric vehicle charging stations?
Yes, solar cells can be used in electric vehicle charging stations. Solar panels can generate electricity from sunlight, which can then be used to charge electric vehicles. This provides a sustainable and renewable energy source for charging stations, reducing dependency on traditional power grids and reducing carbon emissions.
Q:Can solar cells be used to power an entire household?
Yes, solar cells can be used to power an entire household. By installing a sufficient number of solar panels and utilizing battery storage systems, solar cells can generate enough electricity to meet the energy needs of a household. This allows for the reduction or elimination of reliance on the traditional electrical grid, resulting in lower energy costs and a more sustainable and environmentally friendly power source.
Q:Can anybody tell me the power supply of the home solar cell?
Hard to say, because you didn't mention how many electrical home appliances you are going to run in one time at home. Nobody would be able to give you a right answer.
Q:Can solar cells be used in shopping centers?
Yes, solar cells can be used in shopping centers. They can be installed on rooftops or in parking lots to generate clean and renewable energy, helping to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions. Solar cells can also be integrated into the design of buildings, such as glass facades or awnings, allowing shopping centers to harness solar power while maintaining aesthetic appeal.
Q:Can solar cells be used in electric bikes or scooters?
Yes, solar cells can be used in electric bikes or scooters. By integrating solar panels onto the vehicle's surface, they can capture sunlight and convert it into electricity to charge the battery. This can help extend the range of the electric bike or scooter and reduce the reliance on grid-based charging. However, the amount of energy generated by the solar cells may be limited, so it may not fully replace the need for traditional charging methods.
Q:How do solar cells perform in areas with frequent hurricanes?
Solar cells can still perform efficiently in areas with frequent hurricanes, provided they are properly installed and designed to withstand severe weather conditions. It is crucial to use durable materials and secure mounting systems to ensure the panels are not damaged or dislodged during high winds. Additionally, incorporating measures like reinforced frames and hurricane-resistant glass can further enhance their resilience. However, it is important to note that extreme weather events may temporarily disrupt solar power generation due to damaged infrastructure or reduced sunlight availability.
Q:Can solar cells be used for powering oil rigs?
Yes, solar cells can be used for powering oil rigs. Solar panels can harness sunlight to generate electricity, which can be utilized to power various equipment and systems on oil rigs, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuel-based generators and minimizing environmental impact. However, the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing solar power on oil rigs depend on factors such as energy requirements, geographic location, available space, and cost considerations.
Q:Can solar cells be used in public transportation?
Yes, solar cells can be used in public transportation. Solar panels can be installed on the roofs of buses, trains, and trams to generate electricity from sunlight. This renewable energy can be used to power various systems in public transportation, such as lighting, air conditioning, and even charging onboard devices. Additionally, solar cells can also be used to charge electric vehicles used in public transportation, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to a more sustainable transportation system.

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