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Are solar panels worth it?? I mean the price you by for them up front is a lot, so you properly need a loan for it. So how does it work? Won't the loan be just as much as you electric bill?Im just really confused about it.
Solar panels are one of today's best investments! With a lifespan of 25 to 30 years minimum, and a payback period of 0 year or less, the economics are a no-brainer. There are often state loan programs giving you low interest or no interest for a length of time. There are also tax credits and rebates that take care of a lot of the up front money. Calculate for yourself what you will pay to your utility over the next 30 years. Then see how the cost of a solar electric system compares. My company has helped scores of homeowners and business owners claim Independence and take control of their energy costs for the next few decades. Contact us to have a site evaluation and payback analysis for your particular situation.
Was looking at 0w solar panel kit. Does this mean, all I can use is something like a 0W CFL light bulb and nothing else?
0w Solar Panel Kit
I am designing a solar panel but i need to have maximum power output.How can i optimize the equation for power Total power=voltage * current to get maximum power.
first place the panel so it is at right angles to the solar rays. Make sure none of the panel has any shade whatsoever. For best results use motor drives to keep it in that position as the sun moves across the sky. For overall maximum versus time, you need to be near the equator. Solar cells have a high internal resistance, so for maximum power transfer, you need a load of that same resistance. A good charge controller will use DC-DC converters to provide that load. .
I know absolutely nothing about electronics but have a lot of money. I am thinking of buying the Sunforce 3730 30W monocrystalline solar panel (the best I could find that was that size or smaller). What would be a good battery to go with it? I am thinking of buying a 2V Concorde Sun Xtender (again, the best I could find). But how many batteries will I need? I want enough batteries that it would take the solar panel 2 days to completely charge them from empty (bearing in mind the unavoidable inefficiencies like cloudiness/changing sun angles). Also, what other stuff would I need, like I hear something about a quot;charge controllerquot;? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
If you are at a location/time where the panel will put out less power, you can adjust the battery size accordingly. And running a battery to empty is very bad for it's service life, so it's better to go a bit bigger.
I know what they do and how they work, but at this point they're expensive, don't always produce enough electricity as needed, and can't be used when there's no sun, as in half the day. Wouldn't wind power seem so more efficient? Or if they do use solar panels, how about putting them in the desert. But I really believe that research money should go to fusion generators since that's the future and the answer to our problems. Which is best in your opinion?
It absolutly depends on where you live. I don't have enough wind in my area for a wind turbine to do any good. I just installed solar, the system will pay for itself in about 6 years. I didn't get a system that will zero out my electcity usage, but it will dramatically be decreased. I can always add to it in a few years. Since I plan on living here forever I will see a great financial benift.
Solar panels can significantly reduce or even eliminate electricity bills by generating clean, renewable energy from the sun. When solar panels produce more electricity than a household consumes, the excess energy can be fed back into the grid, resulting in credits or monetary compensation. This process, known as net metering, allows homeowners to offset their electricity usage and potentially receive lower bills or even payments from their utility company.
Still researching for a car that fully uses solar power energy, suggestions would be nice to.
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Can I make a solar panel at home?How to make it?
The first link is a video on how to make solar cells from powdered donuts and tea. But you probably want to make solar panels from scrap solar cells. The second video is on how to make solar panels from scrap solar cells. You used to be able to get damaged cells for free but so many people have been piecing them together that they sell them now. You've kinda missed the boat on solar panels for work alone.