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Hi, i have Acer 3830TG This laptop is amazing performance wise and also battery wise but only one disadvantage that is quite crucial to my purpose of use is the built-in battery.I often use the laptop to play high performance required games for an extended period of time and this is done while being chargedI found out that constantly fully charged battery will not last long Is there a way to be on AC power and not charge the battery, (laptop only running on ac power and battery is disabled) thanks in advance
The battery pack is not removable? How odd. Laptops with modern lithium-cycle batteries have very sophisticated power management circuits. Once fully charged, these circuits cut off the charging current to the battery. You can't overcharge the battery pack. What's killing your batteries is heat. Heat is the great enemy of laptop batteries. The hottest place most people keep their batteries is inside the laptop. If you can't remove the battery pack when you're running on AC and gaming, you'll just have to accept the diminished life.
battery pack
Looking okorder
I have a 2003 Honda hybrid battery pack that's no longer working. Can I buy one at an auto parts store?? How much?? Or do I HAVE to have the dealer replace it
Go to a salvage yard or a dealership.
Hello, I am using a SOTEC Winbook WA2200 Laptop. I have a battery problem which is the battery does not have a backup of even 10 minutes. I searched for batteries in OKorder but i didn't find any. So please let me know if there is any other batteries i can buy. No matter it is a other brand. DELL or something i can use instead of this. Thanks PLEASE HELP! I found this behind the battery.SOTEC WABT02Battery Pack LI4401AOutput: 14.8v 4400mAh S/N
I tried but could find only Japanese sites listing (after using translate button) really not much help unless you speak the language. Seems the company was part of ONKYO, I even found a picture of the battery - made in taiwan. Not much help but have you tried calibrating the current battery? It works in many cases so its worth a try - see the link
I have the newest type of controller and Xbox 360 (the slim). Just today it randomly disconnected, thinking it was the battery, I ran to my room to get the play and charge charger, not noticing the fact that it didn't turn off, but it disconnected (it turns off if the battery is low) as if it wasn't synced to my Xbox. It is a hassle to get it to sync with my Xbox, and even still, if I move it too much, it disconnects again (NOT turn off, it isn't the battery life!). How do I make it not loose???
well what i would suggest is when the light on your play and charge goes off all you do is disconnect it then take the battery out put it back in till you hear a click then reconnect your play and charge then voila light comes back on
i bought this rechargeable battery pack, and i forgot that it didn't come with a charge cord. any specific name for that charge cord so i can go on OKorder and look it up and buy it? i dont no wut its called so please any answers would be great.
I dont believe there is any specific charger unless its other than micro soft brand, madcatz, or pelican i think you should be able to buy a charger at game stop but i think it comes with another matching battery pack which would be good if you had 2 controllers.
1)I have an R/C plane with a battery pack that is 9.6V250mAIm looking for backup battery packs, my question is, is this an okay battery to buy it looks the same but I know little about electronics2)If it sounds like i can buy the other battery, what voltage/mA can i go up too, Because I want the longest flight time /capacity
1.) I believe that you got the units wrong. mA is a unit of current, mAh is a unit of energy. Don't get the two confused. 2.) If you want to increase the duration of your plane, then what you need is a battery with a higher mAh capacity. mAh dictates the amount of energy the battery has. Thus the more energy the battery has(measured in mAh), the longer lasting your plane would be. Get a battery with a higher mAh and then your plane will last longer. However there is one thing that you must consider. Not that many battery companies post the mAh rating of the battery on the actual battery itself. Thus you may want to visit the companies website to find the exact battery specifications you need. 3.) The voltage rating of the battery must remain the same, or you risk damaging the internal electronics inside the circuit. Unless of course the circuit has a voltage regulator(Nowadays almost everyone uses a regulator). If the battery that you purchase is within tolerance I would def. use it as well. I would get any battery that has a higher maH rating and any voltage upto 10.6V. 4.) The current rating does not matter for the battery.
I just got a PSP slim and I want to extend my battery life. Does anyone know a safe website where i can buy an original PSP battery with an original PSP cover?
dood in simple terms pass on google, determining to purchase and form in properly in case you have a narrow form in like psp narrow 2000 replace back hide and in case you haev a 3000 sequence positioned that during. or in case you have the previous chew version form in previous. they could have mounds of back covers nstuff