Lv Smart Lifepo4 Battery Wallmounted Lithium Battery Pack For Energy Storage System NCQ

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Product Model

Watt 1-s

Watt 1

Nominal Energy



Nominal Voltage



Nominal Capacity



Cell Type



Standard Charge Voltage



Max Charge Current



Discharge Cut-Off Voltage



Max Discharge Current



Parallel Function

Support parallel

Support 15 Units in Parallel

Communication Interface

No Communication


Calendar Life

15+Years @25C 80%DOD

Cycle Life

≥6000 Cycles (80%DOD)

Charge temperature range


Discharge temperature range



Cell: UL1642/IEC62619/CE/ROHS/ MSDS/UN38.3 Pack: MSDS/UN38.3








Source with confidence

 Direct from Verified Custom Manufacturer



Household,Hospital, Bank, Airport, Power plant and other systems.

Solar energy storage cabinet

Long last UPS battery.

Phone switch, Telecom room SMR hospitals.





About 2000-6000 cycles, up to 10 times longer life span compared to lead-acid batteries.

More Usable Capacity
100% depth of discharge (DOD),25-50% more usable capacity than lead-acid batteries.

Average 70% lighter than the same size traditional lead-acid batteries.

Fast &Safe Charge
High charge/discharge rate, charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Built-in Protection
Every battery comes with a built-in battery protection system.

Drop-in Replacement
A variety of BCI standard sizes or custom solution for easy drop-in replacement.


Ultimate clean energy, no gassing, no fumes, no pollution, on-hazardous batteries.








Who are we?

We are based in Beijing, China, start from 2004,sell to all countries. There are more than300 people in our office.


 How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;

Always final Inspection before shipment;


What can you buy from us?

Energy Storage System,Power Storage Battery,Solar Panels,Energy Etorage Battery,LiFePO4 Battery Storage System


Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

Focus on the R&D, production and sales of power batteries & energy storage system.


What services can we provide?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDU,Express Delivery;

Accepted Payment Currency:USD,CNY;


Can I have a sample order? 

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.


Would you accept to use our logo ? 

All of our products are accepted to print your logo on the enclosure and package box,it depends on the amount, from 200pcs to1000pcs. 


What kind of certificate you have ? 

CE/TUV/MSDS/ISO/CB/UL/ROHS certificates.etc.


How to choose suitable inverter? 

If your load is resistive loads, such as: bulbs, you can choose a modified wave inverter. But if it is inductive loads and capacities loads,we recommend using pure sine wave power inverter. 


How do I choose the size of the inverter?

Different types of load demand for power are different. You can view the load power values to determine the size of the power inverter.


Q:I just bought the rechargeable battery pack for the xbox 360 wireless controllers.(only one, not with charger). Once i inserted it into two of my wireless controllers, it never turned on.Does the battery pack need to be charged even though i just bought it?points to whoever has the solution
For any rechargeable batter, you must charge it before using it. This is because rechargeable batteries have a sort of memory in them. That's why you also have to wear rechargeable batteries all the way before you charge them to get the most out of them.
Q:as far as dimensions go, is the 12 cell battery bigger than the 6 cell or does size not matter? What is the difference- 12 cell last longer when charged up? thxI plan on buying one for my Sony laptop (PCG-3B4L) and want to make sure it fits. DC 19.5 V, 11.1 v 4400mAhBattery-VGP-BPS13/S
The capacity of a battery pack is measured in mAh so as you have mentioned a 4400 pack will last X minutes on a single charge. A battery pack of say 8800 mAh would last 2 x X minutes (approx) per single charge. The lifetime of each would be similar The physical size grows dependent on the number of cells as will the weight so more cells more capacity more weight. All cells are not created equal. A really cheap battery probably uses cheap poor quality cells, use a USA based supplier with a warranty worth the paper its written on and you should be just fine. Sony charge a lot more than these guys. Check the link for one such USA based company.
Q:I want a good digital camera that has a rechargable battery pack - not AA batteries.Under ?100Around 7 Mega-PixelsPlease help
Here is a sony camera that would meet your requirements. It is ?89.99, has an awesome carl zeiss lens. My sister has the same camera it takes awesome pictures
Q:Basically, my desire is to power a fan off of a battery pack, while also having a solar panel fueling the battery. It also needs to be small enough to carry with me. Is this possible? Where might I find such a battery pack? I wouldn't mind using rechargeable AAs as opposed to a single battery.
A solar charger is designed to handle exactly the type of application that you are looking for. This will be available with solar panel vendors. The solar charger has separate connections for both the load as well as the battery. When solar power is available, it will supply power to the load, as well as charge the battery (charging voltage and current presettable as per battery capacity). When solar panel voltage goes below a preset level, the automatic switching circuit will enable the battery to take over. As far as your choice of battery is concerned, rechargable AAs will last only for a few minutes (depending on the power consumed by the fan). The best alternative normally used in portable power packs are sealed lead acid batteries which comes in standard power ratings like 6V 4 Ah (Ampere Hour), 12V 7.2 Ah etc. Choice of Solar Panel, Solar Charger and Battery depends on your fan's DC Voltage rating and the back up time (time you need to run the fan when solar power is not available)
Q:Here are links to pictures of my Worx Battery (18V 1.7Ah) and its accompanying charger unit. The battery is for the Worx 10-inch 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer
You could just use a power resistor, but a light bulb shows you that it has discharged. You can probably find 18 volt bulbs as replacements for the flashlight sold to use 18 volt packs from power tools like yours, or just get 24 volt bulbs sold for trucks or connect two 12 volt bulbs in series.
Q:A few weeks ago I bought a new 3DS in a bundle from Walmart, with it I recieved a Nyko battery pack and charge base for extended battery life. The first time I attached my 3DS to the charge base it worked perfectly, but I tried to charge it again last night and this morning it's still on low battery. When I put the 3DS on the charger, the red light lit up, indicating that it was charging. This morning the same light had turned green which means it is completely charged. I took it off the charger and started it up to find the battery just as low as before and when I put it back on the charger, the lights still indicate that it is fully charged. What is going on here?
Nyko has stated that their products are not fully compatible with those of Nintendo--i.e. the charging cradle. Try fully charging your 3DS by unplugging the plastic cradle, and charging the unit directly from the cable. If that doesn't work, there may be an issue with your battery or power supply.
Q:I heard about this a lot but don't know what it is. Also tell me if I should get this when the Vita comes out.
Sony reveal that psv only get up to 5 hours so to please customer, they announce that it will come with a external battery pack as a accessory, since psv internal battery can't be replace like you can on psp. it's just a battery pack you hook up to psv using the connector on the bottom. This should give you another 5 hours. If you still dont Know what it is. Think the external pack as a regular battery you put in remotes and flash light. Now put a connector from that battery to the psv. That's what it is basically, but in its own form. I suggest you get it because the psv will only last 5 hours. I will too. Let's just hope it's small enough to fit in pocket
Q:I already know why because I put in new batteries and it wouldn't come on. On the back where they have a little metal piece mine isn't up all the way it went back so i had to tamper with it until i got it working again and it only does it when is lets loose or when i take the battery pack out and my white remote sucks because my little brother would get mad and throw it on the bed or hit it hard when i killed him on COD Black Ops.
Well if it's the rechargeable pack it might've died/broken. They last about 3-4 years, when their time comes they eventually ware out and don't work. Buy some new ones
Q:I have a battery pack for a wireless speaker that has died, and I don't know who made the speaker. Can I just open the pack and replace the batteries inside with the same mAh rechargeable batteries?
So long as they are the same chemistry (NiMH, NiCd, Li-Ion) and similar Ah rating as the originals, yes.
Q:I have two battery packs for my 18v Dewalt drill and neither will take a charge. Is there a way to revive them so they will charge up?
No simple way as rechargeable batteries have a limited number o fcharge and discharge cycle, around 200 to 500. After that, it's dead and will need a new one.

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