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CameraSony a390. Out of the box. Should I start taking pictures immediately using its battery pack, or it should be charged first, and how long?
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I have a 12v monitor and a 12v spy camera could I hook them up to a 12v battery pack with a dc splitter, or would there be issues. But I also have a 8v spy camera, is there a easy way to hook it up to a 9v battery?
You need a 12 v pack with enough current to operate them both for some period of time. So you need to know how much current they use in a given hour. They should spec their power usage in watts. So you divide that by 12. That will give you their current draw for one hour. Then, if you want them to operate, say for 8 hours, you need a battery pack with an output of a little more than their total current drain over that time. Say they draw 1 watt each, so that is 16 watts over 8 hours. 16 w/12 v is 1.33 amp/hours. So, in this case, you would want a battery pack capable of at least 1.5 amp/hours. The 8 volt unit is much the same. You need to know it's current drain per hour and then you need a 9 v battery with a high enough amp/hour output to run it for how long it will be on. A simple small 9 v battery won't have enough power to even turn it on, much less, run it for any time at all. You would be better off to use the 12 v supply (if big enough) to run all 3 and just use a current limiting resistor in the 8 v line.
I have two battery packs for my 18v Dewalt drill and neither will take a charge. Is there a way to revive them so they will charge up?
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I plan to get a Wii soon enough. I have a ps3 and it doesnt use batteries of course. My question is, the wii uses double A batteries, is there a docking station or rechargable battery dock for my wii remotes when i get them so i wont have to keep buying packs of double A batteries?
No there isn't. However, what I did was buy rechargeable batteries. The investment wil be worth it especially if you are getting the wii fit. The balance board takes 4 dbl A's as well.
i can use regular battery packs in my controller just not rechargeable battery packs
Are you sure your battery packs are charged? if you just opened them they might need a charge?
Hi I have dead NiCd battery that measured 0 volts.No matter how long you put this thing in the carger, it just woudn't hold any charge?Is there any known way to resurrect this battery? Non-commercially?
You say it won't hold a charge - do you mean that it holds charge for a very short time? As in after you charge it, the radio or whatever dies in a minute or so? If so, I've had some success charging the battery, then putting it in a flashlight and letting it die, over and over. Each time, the recharge lasts longer. After about 10 times, its up about 80% of what a new one will do. And you're not risking an explosion G
I need buy a new battery for my computer and my moms computer but I keep seeing 6 cell or 12 cell.and 4400mAh and 5200mAh. I need to know what batteries would be correct for our computers. The computers are Compaq Presario 3700 and Toshiba Satellite L645-S4102 pretty old laptops but they still have some fight. so please help out.Websites to find cheap batteries would help too. Really anything would help. Thanks
These indicate different capacities a 5200mAh will provide a longer run time per charge than the 4400mAh Click on the links to start a google searches
I have replaced the ni-cad cells in my 18V bosch drill with li-ion cells (respecting the voltage and wiring).Can I use the original ni-cad charger?The charger knew when to stop charging with the ni-cad battery, will it do the same now?Thank you.
No. You need to use a charger special for Li-Ion cells, and with that a multi-tap charger. You can incorporate the per cell monitoring and charge controller in the battery pack.