Nadara Npfc 48V100Ah for solar and telecom use

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Product Description:

Technical Features
• LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron phosphate) battery
• High energy density, Light weight, saving space.
• Long cycle life for deep cycle.
• Fast charge capability
• Integrated Battery Manage System (BMS) to ensure battery safety and reliability.
• Support parallel connection to increase capacity
• LED status and alarm indication
• Low self-discharge rate
• No memory effect
• No gassing
• Maintenance free

Main Applications
• Telecommunication
• Renewable energy system


First-class R&D team: Our R&D colleagues are from the TOP3 Lithium battery companies in China. we have very rich experience in lithium battery design, electronics, system testing and real application.

Strict Quality Control: We set a series strict QC standards include battery battery appearance, package, internal structure,charge / discharge performance, IP request etc. We strictly obey this standards to make sure every customers can get high quality battery from us.

Customer first culture: 80% of our customers are 5 years above close win-win cooperation partner. We treat our customers as our friends, family members. Every batteries we produced, sold are priceless trust from customers, so we cherish it and we keep a grateful, royalty and honesty heart to our customers.

Nadara Npfc 48V100Ah for solar and telecom use

Nadara Npfc 48V100Ah for solar and telecom use


Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A1: We are manufacturer and trading company both, mainly focus on battery field. Meanwhile we have a professional technical team who design,  research and development according to market requirement. Specially, we are very good at providing comprehensive electric power supply solution.

Q2: Can you supply OEM service?
A2: Yes, your logo or trademark can be printed on battery container.

Nadara Npfc 48V100Ah for solar and telecom use

Nadara Npfc 48V100Ah for solar and telecom use

Nadara Npfc 48V100Ah for solar and telecom use

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Q:how do I get my portable dvd player to work with just the battery pack?
Get a new battery pack, you old one has aged, badly. PDV-288 sounds like a SpectrinIQ or Protron model, I am saying.
Q:Which portable battery pack should I buy to charge and start my boat?
Go to your local automotive store and purchase a small trickle charge solar powered battery charger. (About $15.00) Put the solar plate just ouside a window with lots of light and let the power of the sun work its magic in your absence.
Q:How come my black xbox 360 rechargable battery pack will not charge on my recharge station?
because if they're the same as mine then they're a different brand and a different kind so they won't charge. They should of come with a charge station.
Q:Homemade External Battery Pack?
as long as your voltage is genuine, the amperage skill of the battery basically has to fulfill minimum. there is not any optimum. think of of your vehicle battery. it may furnish a hundred's of Amps some over one thousand amps. It does no longer blow up your stereo or lights furniture, and that they only run on some amps or much less. The voltage is genuine, so it extremely works properly. laptop potential aspects can produce as much as a hundred amps or extra. does no longer harm any aspects by way of fact the voltage is genuine. you have a battery which will final a protracted time is all.
Q:Whats a good Quantum Battery Pack to get?
The Quantum QB1C Compact would be fine for your 430EX. It will mount under the camera, like a battery grip. It has enough power to let you fry that 430.
Q:How do i make a laptop with 1 battery pack work?
My laptop works without a battery pack. I just plug mine into the wall outlet with the battery charger.
Q:Best Battery Pack for wireless controller xbox 360?
If okorder
Q:Hooking up a car battery to a portable power pack?
Well, yeah, since that is what the power pack is designed to use, your car battery THROUGH the cigarette lighter, a car battery COULD be hooked up directly to it. But instead of using the vehicle cigarette lighter adapter, you'd simply wire the bare ends directly to the battery. Kind of defeats the portability of it, though, since car batteries are pretty hefty. And you'd need some way to recharge the car battery. Car batteries, by the way, are not designed for discharge and recharge. They are designed for momentary heavy surges, or short term continuous use, and constant trickle charge. Deep discharge batteries, such as those used in golf carts, etc, are much more expensive.
Q:My XBOX360 battery pack does not work - what can I do ?
you may need to bring it to gamestop or where ever you got it and they might try to fix it
Q:I need help with battery charger with my LED light?
Depends on where the charge controller is located. This is the circuitry that adjust the charge rate for the batteries to charge them properly without overcharging, a difficult task that requires circuitry tailored for that battery. If it is in the light, and it probably is, a small change in input voltage is not important, as the charge controller will handle that. But if not, then you have to use an exact replacement.

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