1.5V Rechargeable alkaline battery AA LR6

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1.5V Rechargeable alkaline batteries AA LR6

1.5V Rechargeable alkaline battery AA LR6

1.5V Rechargeable alkaline battery AA LR6

1.5V Rechargeable alkaline battery AA LR6

Product Feature

Packaging Details: bulk packing/blister card packing 

Product Specification/Models

1) Type: 1.5V rechargeable alkaline batteries AA LR6
2) Capacity: 2100mAh 
3) Voltage: 1.5V 
4) High energy density
5) Low self-discharge 
6)charging cycles:100times 
7) Low internal resistance 
8) Chemical System:Zn/MnO2
9)Quality standard:IEC60086-1,60086-2 and 60086-5,EU ROHS directive(2013/56/EU)


1. Others: Massager, electric toothbrush, electric shaver
2. Modality equipment: Mobile DVD, MD, CD, digital radio
3. Decorative lighting: Solar lamps, torch, emergency light
4. Electronic toy: Electrocar, model airplane, remote control
5. Electric tool: Electric drill, electric screw, and electric saw
6. Communication equipment: Cordless telephone, interphone and VOIP
7. Solar lamps, torch, emergency light, search light, cordless phones, transceivers , cellular phones and fax machines, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, massagers and portable vacuum cleaners, emergency power of machinery.

Other Information
Certificates: CE, ROHS, UL, etc.
Delivery Detail:20days for one 20feet container

30% deposit,70% before shipment

20days for one 20feet container


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Q:What is the number of rechargeable batteries?
As long as the usual attention to maintenance, life is still very long, you can charge the next supplementary software to charge, try to use Kingsoft battery doctors to charge, maintenance of the battery, not only to extend battery life, but also mobile phone power. Jinshan battery doctors through the optimization of the charging process, to achieve the effect of extending battery life. When the phone power less than 20% later, start Jinshan battery doctors, and then connected to the charger on it.
Q:What is the charging cycle of the rechargeable battery?
To 600 mAh lithium battery, for example, the first charge from 0 mA to 400 mA, with the N mA; and then filled with 150 mA, and then N mA; and then charge 100 mA , When the last charge to 50 mA when the battery of a charging cycle to the. (400 + 150 + 50 = 600)
Q:7 rechargeable batteries generally charge how long?
How long to charge the battery according to the number of milliamperes and the performance of the charger to point, the charger has a fast charge and slow charge of the points, the general description of the charger are marked with how much charge of the battery to how long and how long How to place the battery.
Q:5 AA rechargeable battery to charge how long?
If the charging current 100ma, then to charge 24 hours, if it is 200ma, as long as 12 hours, if it is 1000ma, then washed two and a half hours on the line. Generally charge 1.2-1.3 times the way, the charger has a charge current identification, do not overcharge.
Q:Will the rechargeable battery be charged for the first time?
What the battery, and some new rechargeable battery only a little power, you need to use the electricity before the full, and some do not charge, as long as the security in the digital camera to see the next power to know.
Q:What kind of rechargeable battery is best?
The most commonly used AA type (No. 5 battery), for example, the market has 500MAH, 600MAH, 700MAH, 800MAH, 850MAH, 1000MAH or even 1200MAH varieties for sale. Their size is the same size, but the capacity is available for the time is not the same. For example, ordinary use of 500MAH battery can use about 1.5 ~ 3.00 hours, if the use of 1000MAH battery can be doubled the use of time, up to 5 to 6 hours.
Q:What does the mAh on the rechargeable battery mean?
Each battery has its own characteristics, with detailed reference to the best original data.
Q:What happens when an ordinary rechargeable battery charges more than 24 hours?
This will have a drawback, that is, a long charge of your charger on the impact of the inside of the coil heating, there is a certain security issues.
Q:What type of rechargeable battery the best and most safe? What brand of the best?
Rechargeable batteries with lithium battery chant, which of course is the best.
Q:How should rechargeable batteries be maintained?
When the battery is charged, pay attention to the heat around the charger, too deliberately what fan blowing is not necessary, but pay attention to the charger is not placed around too much debris.

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