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How do I perform a battery calibration with my Vaio C series laptop with Windows 7? I tried going on the BIOS, but had no idea what to do from there. I've searched a few sites, but I can't seem to do the one where I change the power scheme or the laptop, because I can't find where I could do that (I guess Windows 7 doesn't have that option).
I have a d-boys m4 and it came with a 9.4 volt 1100 battery . my question is that can Get a better battery to work in my gun that will raise the shots per minute and possibly the fps mainly the shots per minute without messing up my gun. Thank You All Very Much (P.S.) my gun has a battery box and if possible could you give me a link
Higher voltage will increase the rate of fire, but I wouldn't recommend it because most stock gears cannot handle that much stress. In other words, yes but you would have to put some very good internal upgrades into the gun, or else you could destroy the gun. And the battery cannot influence FPS of the gun, only rate of fire.
I have 3 rechargeable battery packs, but I only need one because I have a PlayCharge Kit. Does anyone know if GameStop will buy rechargeable battery packs?
I don't see why not If they do, it won't be for much though because their notorious for buying things off customers really cheap. Which in other words means they rip you off. So if I was you I would try to sell it to someone first. And if you can't find anyone you can sell it to Gamestop if they will take it.
I got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas last year. I am trying to charge my Wii remotes. I have two remotes. I am trying to find out how to use the battery pack. Can you use the battery pack? How do you use it? Also, is there another way to charge Wii remotes?
Do you have rechargeable batteries or a Wii charger kit? Because you can't charge your Wii remotes with the standard equipment included with the Wii. You have to either - #1 - Put fresh batteries in the Wii - either new batteries, or buy rechargeable AA batteries with a charger. #2 - Buy a Wii remote charging station. This is probably the battery pack you are referring to. The battery pack is inserted in place of the AA batteries, then the whole remote is inserted in a charging dock to charge.
i can use regular battery packs in my controller just not rechargeable battery packs
Are you sure your battery packs are charged? if you just opened them they might need a charge?
I have Rock Band drums that take 3 AA batteries and I don't want to waste batteries. Is there a way to make something that plugs into the wall and connects to the battery sockets (1.5 volt)?
I assume there's no external power connector on your drums (bad design in my opinion). There are some products in the market that do what you say, but they are specially made for specific devices such as professional flashes and cameras. The problem is that each battery compartment is different, and you also have a problem with the door. I think you're way better off by getting a good set of rechargeable batteries and a wall charger. Buy brand (Energizer, Sanyo, etc), you'll save money in the long run.
Basically, my desire is to power a fan off of a battery pack, while also having a solar panel fueling the battery. It also needs to be small enough to carry with me. Is this possible? Where might I find such a battery pack? I wouldn't mind using rechargeable AAs as opposed to a single battery.
As kk says, charging systems (like in a car) are designed for exactly that. Lead-acid is kind of heavy to carry. Try something modern like lithium-iron or lithium-ion with a higher energy density (I don't know much about Li-Iron, but I just ordered one for my motorcycle that is a third the weight of lead-acid but with the same high current and longevity etc.)
I have a home made batter pack consisting of (8) 3 volt batteries. I need a charger so does this mean I need to get a 24V charger? I'm curious because if it's a battery pack, wouldn't the charger charge each individual battery cell up to its peak voltage, therefore not needing a 24 volt charger?
Be careful, Andrew. Improperly charged batteries can catch on fire, and even explode. You need to do a LOT more homework before you try this. For example, from your post I can tell you are not clear on the difference between a serial and a parallel battery pack. That's pretty basic, so I don't think you know enough yet to be hooking things up to live current. PLEASE do more reading! I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself or someone else.