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2600mAh Power bank, mobile power bank, portable power bank, mobile power, portable power, external battery power bank, powerbank, mobile phone power bank, tablet PC power bank, mobile charger, portable charger, external battery charger, dual USB output power bank, dual USB output mobile charger, dual USB Output portable charger.

Use for: Most for iPhone, iPad, iPod / Android Smart Phone / BlackBerry / Windows Phone / Symbian Phone / PDA, PMP, PlayStation Portable, Bluetooth, IT Player.

We can make several capacity (2600mAh, 5200mAh, 10400mAh) to meet customers' requirement.

Gadget/Promotional Gift 2600mAh Power BanksGadget/Promotional Gift 2600mAh Power BanksGadget/Promotional Gift 2600mAh Power Banks

1. Featuring a state-of-the-art 2600mAh Li-ion battery, the sleek SPB-1008 discovery offers users real power on the move.
2. Built-in 2600mAh high quality rechargeable Samsung 18650 Li-ion battery
3.4 LED Indicators display the accurate percentage of power.
4.5V/1A USB output charge for mobile phone
5. Ultra high conversion efficiency (>85%)
6. Full charging time: 2 hours.
7. Housed in a stylish Full aluminium, colors is according to the customer request.
8. Humanization Power Switch Design:
1)press two times to take turn on Flashlighting
2)press for 3 seconds to turn on Hand Warmer Function, and the 4 Indicators indicates and flashing.
9. Intelligent temperature control system, security to keep warm.

1. Overcurrent protection
When the current increasing in an exception, power bank immediately Start voltage buffer fuction, ensure the voltage in a steady state at any time., Avoid cause your charging device any damage.
2. Short circuit protection
When there is a short circuit occur in external device, power bank start Protection function, shut down the supply and avoid short circuit damage.
3. Overheat protection
When the power bank work long in high temperature environments(Exceed 60 degrees), Power bank will not be dangerous due to the high temperatures.
4. Overdischarge protection
When power bank discharge reached the critical point, the circuit automatic start Protection function and stop discharge.
5. Overcharge protection
Long time charge for mobile power supply or use power bank charge for the phone. When reach saturation point, system automatically shut down, avoiding the overload problems.
6. Overvoltage protection
Long time charge for mobile power supply or use power bank charge for the phone, When reach saturation point, in order to prevent over-voltage, the system automatically turns off.

1 x Cable: Regular Type A USB Plug to 3.5mm Socket
1 x Adapter: 3.5mm Plug to Micro-B USB Plug
1 x Adapter: 3.5mm Plug to Apple 30-Pin Plug
1 x Adapter: 3.5mm Plug to Apple Lightning Plug

Payment Methods
1. We accept paypal, western union, T/T payment.
2. Sunsico endeavors to offer you competitive prices on current Sunsico products.

We use express, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS, TNT, and so on.
We would like to arrange by Air or Ocean Shipping for you as your requirement

Main Export Markets:
Eastern Europe
North America
Mid East/Africa
Central/South America
Western Europe

There are chemistry material inside battery. The activity and life will be different according to environment and usage status. That will be better if charge and discharge it for 3/5 times before using. It can active the material, and prolong the life. The times of discharge more, the lower of activity, the less of cycle life.

All Sunsico Power Bank is actually compatible with the latest Apple devices iPhone 5S, 5C,5, iPad 4, mini as well as the prior iterations and iPod Touch devices, excludes certain classic models. The SPB One will charge your Apple device by using the original, white Apple cable that came with the Apple devices.

Contact us today to get your order started.

Model Number2600mAh Power Banks, External Emergency Backup Battery (SPB-1008)
Housing Shape/MaterialRectangular/Aluminum
Battery Capacity2600mAh
Battery ChemistryRechargeable Li-Ion
Input Charging PortMicro-B USB Input Socket
Output Charging PortRegular (Type A) USB Output Socket
LED Charge Indicators4 x Blue
LED FlashlightNONE
Power ButtonRecessed
Charge/Discharge Cycles≥ 500
Dimensions (Length x Width x Depth)97mm  x 31mm x 23mm
Input Charging Voltage/Current5V/1A (Micro-B USB Input Socket)
Output Charging Voltage/Current5V/1A (Regular Type A USB Output Socket)
Power Conversion Efficiency>85%
Hand Warmer Temperature60ºC (140ºF) Maximum
ProtectionIntelligent Temperature Control System
Weight135g (4.76oz)
Operating TemperatureNA
PrecautionsDo Not Expose to Water, Moisture, Excessive Heat, Direct Sunlight, Excessive Vibration or Shock
StorageStore in Cool, Dry Location
CarePeriodically Clean USB Sockets with an Anti-Static Brush
ComplianceCE, FCC, RoHS, MSDS
Included Accessories1 x Cable: Regular Type A USB Plug to 3.5mm Socket
1 x Adapter: 3.5mm Plug to Micro-B USB Plug
1 x Adapter: 3.5mm Plug to Apple 30-Pin Plug
1 x Adapter: 3.5mm Plug to Apple Lightning Plug
Optional Accessories Available1 x Cable: Regular Type A USB Plug to Apple Lightning Plug
1 x Cable: Regular Type A USB Plug to Micro-B USB Plug

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