Perfume 2600mAh Keyring Power Bank

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Product Description:

1.Product Description
Power Bank /Portable Power Bank/Mobile Charger for iPhone/iPad/Mobile Phone/PSP/MP3/MP4
Portable charger/Power Banks/Mobile Charger/Mobile Power Bank/Portable Power Bank/Mobile Power
Mobile Phone Charger/Wholesale Mobile Backup Power/Mobile Power bank portable charger backup Battery
Portable Mobile Power Station / Backup Battery Charger

2.Detail Specifications:

*Capacity: 2200mAh
*Battery Type:
Classic A 18650 lithium battery
*Input: 5V/1A
*Output: 5V/1A
*Weight: 154g
*Lifespan:≥500 times
*Color Available: White, blue, grass green, yellow, pink etc

Produced as EU US market quality standard
Approved CE, FCC, ROHS certificate
We support EXW,FOB,CNF shipment terms

3.Package Contents:

1. Portable Power Bank X1
2. Power DC Cable X1
3. DC connector X4(iphone 4s/Samsung/Nokia)
4. Beautiful and fashionable package

2014 Attractive New Perfume 2600mAh Keyring Power Bank (PB-10)


1. Overcurrent protection
When the current increasing in an exception, power bank immediately Start voltage buffer fuction,
ensure the voltage in a steady state at any time., Avoid cause your charging device any damage.

2. Short circuit protection
When there is a short circuit occur in external device, power bank start Protection function,
shut down the supply and avoid short circuit damage.

3. Overheat protection
When the power bank work long in high temperature environments(Exceed 60 degrees), Power bank will not be dangerous due to the high temperatures.
4. Overdischarge protection
When power bank discharge reached the critical point, the circuit automatic start Protection function and stop discharge.
5. Overcharge protection
Long time charge for mobile power supply or use power bank charge for the phone. When reach saturation point,
system automatically shut down, avoiding the overload problems.

6. Overvoltage protection
Long time charge for mobile power supply or use power bank charge for the phone, When reach saturation point,
in order to prevent ove-voltage, the system automatically turns off.


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