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New Arrival 2600mAh Portable Mobile Power Bank:

1. 2014 hot selling, cute and fashion power bank for girls and kids, ideal gift for promoational.
2. Charges one device at maximum speed or two at 2.1A total.
3. A lightweight, unassuming solution to life's daily power needs. LEDs display just how much juice you've got left. Reliable lithium core ensures quality, supplying you with more than 500 charge cycles
During the course of its life
4. Input: 5V / 1A; Use a 1A adapter (not included) for fastest charge times (8 hours).
5. Built-in intelligent IC and multi-protection for over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit.
6. Good quanlity with CE & RoHS certification.

1. Special Designed for iPad2 /iPad, all iPhone versions, all iPod & iPod Touch versions, Motorola / HTC Android Phones, Blackberry, Kindle DX, Samsung Galaxy, Sony PSP & many others
2. High quality Li-Polymer battery, over 1000 times life cycle
3. Uilt-in proprietary software to control and regulate temperature, voltage and current
4. Real high capacity 2600mAh, multiple protection, safe and high efficiency
5. Clear & simple design, mobile and portable
Popular Mould Perfume Real 2600mAh Keychain Power BankPopular Mould Perfume Real 2600mAh Keychain Power Bank
Material: ABS+PVC+acrylic
Capacity: 2600mAh
Function:built-in micro-usb
Input:4.8-5.4V 1.5A
Output:5V 1A
Cycle life:Over 500 times
Charging time:3-4 hours
Warranty:12 months warranty
Indicator: indicator light
Size:96 * 24*22mm

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I'm sure they have backup batteries. Most companies do, that's how the emergency lights work.
Q:can you leave a cell phone power bank plug in all night?
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I can't help you on the quality of the speakers. But if you put in speakers that can not handle all the power the amp can put out be care full not to turn the radio up all the way. just because the amp is rated at that power rating it is only putting that out at full power or before distortion ruins the sound quality reproduction of the speakers. do no thry to put a potenetionmeter (variable resistor) in series with the speakers, you'll change the resistance and mess up the balance of the resistance of the circuit.
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40,000 homes is a utility grid but how do you plan to power the homes at night? Electrical production in general has very limited storage capacity. Usually it is easier to simply turn off non baseline facilities and generate sufficient power with some spinning reserve. Many solar thermal facilities have built into them some heat storage capacity that allows operation at night. Neither photovoltaics nor parabolic dish/stirling engine electrical production has any built in energy storage. If you intend to supply power at night you will need additional production or some storage capacity.
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Where do you live? You could possibly move away from the city and get something bigger. Or wait until you finish school or what ever is limiting your income and then use that on a down payment for when you can afford larger payments.

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