Efficiency Power Bank with Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description

Product Description:
power bank (Bluetooth Speaker with dual Built-In Bass Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity)

Bluetooth speaker with 5000mAh power bank Technical Speciffications
Bluetooth solution: 3.0+EDR
Transmission distance: 10 meters
Output power: 3W x 2
Material: ABS+metal
Product size: 220*50mm
Frequency range: 20Hz- 20kHz
Support: TF Card/ AUX/ BLUETOOTH/Power bank
Play time: 20 hours
Charging time: 4-5hours
Power input: DC 5V
Net weight: 272g

Stereo wireless Bluetooth speaker with 5000mAh power bank
Bluetooth 3.0 +EDR international standard, you can adjust the volume directly through the stereo, 15 meters high-fidelity transmission with nondestructive, super portable, shock sound, specially designed for smart phone and table PC

Supports speakerphone
Support speakerphone, Built-in microphone, to bring clear calls for you. It`s very perfect either with single or multiplayer for phone calls or video chat.
TF card music playing
Support TF card music play after inserting the TF card, the machine will test the TF card automatically, equipment test and transfer to the state of TF card. As it is very convenient to carry And it is used widely. For example, morning exercise, class teaching, etc. And other place which need using the traditional speakers.

Pure music perfect to enjoy
High-fidelity sound, stereo speakers, build-in resonance radiator device, equipped with high-efficiency power amplifier super-low-frequency dynamic, bass-rich, flexible, achieve amore shocking extremely overweight bass effect.

Lasting power along with the power bank function
Lasting power, long battery life, medium volume with 20 hours of playback capability, suitable for any occasion., built-in Li-ion battery cell has 5000mah power capacity enough for your music playing extra power supply for your mobile phone whenever you phone need power support

5000mAh power banks' pictures show
5000mAh High Efficiency Power Bank with Bluetooth Speaker5000mAh High Efficiency Power Bank with Bluetooth Speaker5000mAh High Efficiency Power Bank with Bluetooth Speaker
Any issues,you can let me know it freely.

Welcome to our factory for visit, you can call me Wendy at 0086 13692201276
Product name: power bankCapacity: 5000mAh
 Color: available  Function: with stereo wireless Blutooth speaker  
 Materail: ABS plus metal  Net weight: 272g
 Bluetooth solution: 3.0+EDR  Product size: 220mm*50mm

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