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I have a Pc without externel speakers. I wonder how can I use the motherboard internal speakers, to listen to music. Although motherboard speaker is used for Beeps most of the time, there are some old games that play sounds from internal speakers such as: Prince etc, so is it possible to listen to music.
NO you cannot listen to music from the mobo speakers. Just buy a set of speakers for $15 and call it good. The old games also have the OLDER motherboards that support multi beep tones. Now a days the mobos only come with single tone and single sound beeps.
What is the icon of the loudspeaker?
Video ... there is no question mark, if there is a look at the property to know that there is a problem driving, or sound card problems
I don't know anything about speakers and im thinking about getting a new speaker system and i don't know anything about speakers and speaker systems all i know is i want something that is loud and i can hook up an iphone or ipod to it so can somebody leave me any info that is good to know about speakers
For $500 here are a few options you may really enjoy. These are all active speakers that could be connected directly to your iPod, Computer, or TV etc. No external Amp necessary. For your iPhone/iPod I would pair one of these speakers with an Airport Express to be able to stream your music to your speakers wirelessly. You can usually get an AirportExpress for about $50 refurbished. AudioEngine A5+ Speakers ($399-$469 per pair). NHT SuperPower Speakers ($199 per speaker) NHT SuperZero 2.0 ($99 per speaker) The other option is passive speakers with a simple 2-channel amp, or a receiver that could eventually be used for home theater. 2 Channel Amps. Dayton Audio APA $150. AudioSource Amp100 $100 AudioEngine N22 $199 Receivers, pretty much anything from a name brand (Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo etc). A simple 5.1 should run $150-$250. Here are a few passive speaks, and or brands that have good reviews. Pioneer SP-FS52 Cambridge Audio S30 and S70 AudioEngine P4 NHT PSB Lastly if you like bass you may also want a subwoofer. Which is a whole different conversation. I personally would put most of your money into really good speakers, then add the subwoofer later. The best thing to do is to find a local audio shop that caries good brands in your area and go take a listen to some of the offerings in your price range. If there aren't any good shops in your area, you will need to rely on speaker reviews on the net.
I currently have Kicker DS series speakers, 6.5(50rms) in the front and 6x9(75rms) in the back. I have them amplified and I was wondering if I would notice a big difference upgrading to Alpine type r speakers
alpine will sound better but wont take the same beating as a kicker speaker. and kickers will be louder anyhow, ive used the alpine r and s door speakers, sounded awesom but wont take the volume knob as good as other speakers, look into polk and infinity, overall great speakers
i want to buy some speakers for the behringer ep4000but im having a hard time finding what to get.i've already checked out the behringer vp2520 but they say its crap.also, do the jbl jrx 125 match the amp? (the speakers are 500W RMS and the amp 950W RMS)im looking for something not too expensive and also not very crappy going to use them for parties (playing club music) 5-10 times per year.i was thinking something bellow 1 grand for two speakers
your mot going to get an relatively sturdy amp at two hundred. the cheapests one i bought grew to become into 4 hundred and it grew to become into ****. the single im approximately to purchase is 1200 and its gonna be rather sturdy. sorry to show you how to already know yet purely take hat you may get in case you even discover something for 2 hundred$
can some one please explain to me , what the ohm rating on a speaker means, and what speaker can connect to which ohm rating on a receiver.
check okorder
I have a relatively small speaker that has a treble and a bass, the treble speaker works but the bass does not is there a way for me to fix this? The bass speaker is not ripped and everything seems like it should work but does not. It speaker has a standard speaker wire thats red and black that fits in the stereo that i have. I have verified that the stereo is not the problem by switching the wires between the 6 different connections the stereo has.
What sometimes happens to a speaker is the little braided wire from the terminal to the voice coil fractures. That fracture might be corrected with a small amount of solder applied just where it's broken to rejoin it. If the actual voice coil itself is burned out, the speaker is toast. Very expensive and high quality speakers can be re-coned and get a new voice coil and that is pretty expensive and specialized and not worth doing to a book shelf speaker.
I'm a guy whose just started DJ-ing. I operate using 2 Gemsound powered speakers. Recently, my one speaker has been playing at half the volume as my other speaker, but fixes itself in a few minutes. Is this not a big deal or could this potentially develop into something serious? Where is a good place for speaker repairs?
it truly is truly useful to to unplug your audio equipment out of your laptop and attempt plugging it into yet another merchandise jointly with an MP3 see in the event that they artwork. in the event that they do artwork then it truly is truly useful to to envision your laptop's sound card to make certain its no longer broken. If it nevertheless would not artwork once you plug it right into a distinctive source then there's a good danger that your audio equipment are broken. stable success!