Toy Block Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Best Sound Quality

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Product Description:

Product Description


1, Simple, fashion toy block design.
2, With natural sound quality.
3, Built-in 2.1 version blue tooth with EDR module.
4, 10m transmission distance.
5, Support TF/ Micro SD card.

6, Applied to iPhone, iPad, and other equipment with blue tooth.
7, To control the music with the blue tooth.
8, Hands-free blue-tooth function to answer phone call.
9, Built-in lithium battery, micro USB connection.

Certification: BQB

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Bn-131 Toy Block Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Best Sound Quality

Bn-131 Toy Block Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Best Sound Quality

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Q:Can my PC's internal speaker can function as a external speaker?
Yes you can technically, I have used a version of Linux that serves as a router and when it is booting up it plays music off from the system speaker. So therefore it is technically possible but it isn't practical. You would have lousy quality, wouldn't be very loud, only have mono instead of stereo, and would consume to much time to make it work with Windows. and to andrew the speaker would not blow unless it was hooked up to a amplifier. its just a normal speaker like all the other ones just cheap.
Q:Crackle in my car speakers.?
I faced the same problem once. My old car speakers was blown out too. maybe because I cranked the volume too loud. then I bought a really cheap car speakers for RM80 with installation too. they were kenwood speakers. At first, when I tested, the sound came out wonderful. Really sounded brand new. I didn't cranked the volume too loud this time but after 1 week of used. they begin to crackle. I went to the shop and they said I cranked the volume too loud. Dissatified, I drove to my friend's house as he was good in this electronics and gadgetry things. We opened the speakers to have a good look. My friend told me that the kenwood speakers weren't manufactured by kenwood. it is a non branded china made speakers wit kenwood logo glued onto it. Good and pricy branded speakers don't crackle or distort easily. another simptom might be because of poor installation. hehe
Q:Componet speakers and 2 way speakers?
A very popular setup is Component Front and Coax Rear. Reason is Cost Efficiency. In a car, 70% of the sound quality comes from the front speakers, 30% from the rear. So 70% of your budget should be spent there. If you have $300 and you purchased $150 speaker on the front and $150 for the back. And your getting 70% of the sound from the front, you have lost sound quality potential. But if you get a $220 Speaker for the front, something real nice, and some ok speakers in the rear. Thats a better use of you money. If I had a car with a $200 speaker in the rear, another car with $150 speaker rear, and a third car with a $75 speaker in the rear, all 3 cars would sound similar (as far as the rear goes) So spend as much money in the front speakers as you dare. Like $200 Pioneer 720 C series, or Boston Accoustics S60 $220, or a Boston Accoustics SL60 (really nice set). Your polk audio is ok, but most installers laugh to themselves a little when they see polks. They aren't bad, but there are a lot of better choices, like at least Infiniti's The best component I have heard in the 200 $ range is the Pioneer 720 C series. It has a lot of surface area on the mid and a fantastic silk dome tweeter. At our shop, our best selling tweeter is a 500$ 720D series component. That thing rocks but the C series is 80% of the sound at the $200 price range.

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