2014 Newest Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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Product Description:

2014 Newest Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Product description:


Support  mobile, computer 

With CSR bluetooth function 

Build in lithium battery playback above 3 hours

Build in stereo speakers and able to fold inside or pull out


With Hands-free function 

 Variable colors to choose(blue red black slivery have in stock . if order other color should according to the  inventory )     



Function features:


1.Magic loudspeaking system design,amazing bi-energy.Built-in low frequency amplifier design,enables low and medium frequency possess more power and better sound quality.


2.Support TF Card.


 Music format:MP3


3.Support bluetooth connecting music playing.


4.Support AUX audio input,connect bluetooth speaker through output devices,for example MP3,MP4,PSP,tablet pc,mobile phone ,etc.


5.Support FM reception,can search radio station broadcast automatically,clearly.


Package content:


*1 × speaker;

*1 × usb manual;

*1 × usb cable;


Specifications for Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker:





195g(speaker only)

Speaker output:

3W Max

Frequency Response:

65Hz - 20kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:




Playback time:

4-5 hours(via Bluetooth), 6-7 hours(via audio cable)

Battery Charging voltage:


Battery charging time:

3-4 hours

Battery capacity:

Li-ion, 3.7V, 600mAh

Bluetooth Version:


Transmission Power:

Bluetooth Class 2

Bluetooth Frequency:

2.402 - 2.480 GHz

Transmission Distance:



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Q:Did I blow a speaker?
Why in hell would you plug the speaker into a power outlet? Obviously you blew all the solid state components in your speaker. Coil and cone may be ok but the electronics are fried.
Q:how do u hook up stereo speakers up to a guitar amp?
If you mean your home stereo speakers, don't do it! There is a reason that home stereos and professional guitar amps have different types of connectors. The two types of speakers are vastly different in their power handling and frequency ratings. They are two different systems for two entirely different purposes. Guitar amps are overpowered for delicate stereo speakers. Even if you use a small guitar amp at low volume, the impedance mismatch is dangerous. Yes, it is possible to play guitar through a typical home stereo, but unless you know all about impedance, resistance, power handling and all the other technical variables, it is a bad idea. You could very likely destroy both your amp and the speakers. It will not sound good anyway. Please, save yourself the heartache and expense. Trust me. I know!
Q:Is there a thing as speaker paint?
Anything you add to the speaker cones will affect the sound quality. I don't know of any speaker paint, but if it's that much of an issue, you could get your speakers reconed or just have them replaced. Personally, if they sound alright, I couldn't care less. Another idea: put a cloth or wire mesh over the speaker enclosure. This should nullify the cosmetic state of the speakers while not appreciably messing with your sound.
Q:Logitech R20 Speakers?
I like to sometimes play my music a little loud and these speakers handle it just fine, even with a song that has major bass to it. The design is nice too. I really appreciate the headphone jack located on the front of the speaker it makes it easier than trying to fool around in the back of the computer to plug headphones in. Also the sub woofer is not so big that you have no place to go with it. I was worried about the quality because the low price but Logitech has come through again!
Q:Logitech speaker system x 530?
I also have a logitech 5.1 speakerset, with a small control centre on my desk. I noticed also, that my middle speaker did not work and thought that there was something wrong. There are different ways of listening to music with your speaker set. Mine has several options. Stereo x 2 ( middle speaker out) Stero (middle speaker out) 6 Ch Direct ( centre speaker out ) Dolby PLII Movie ( now middle speaker is also working) Dolby PLII Music ( middle speaker is now also on ) Try it out, you will see, that there is nothing wrong with your middle speaker. When I just bougt the speakers I felt the same as you did. Spend a lot of money on a speaker set and one is not working. Some people prefer to listen with Stereo x 2 . I did to for a while, but now I listen Dolby PLII music. I find it more realistic.
Q:How much wattage should I have without breaking the amp and speaker? What's the difference between a subwoofer?
wattage comes in two flavors Peak-to-peek and RMS. A speaker is rated in OHMS. A 2 ohm speaker that is driven by a 50 watt amp - will be MUCH LOUDER than an 8 ohm speaker, driven by that same amp. You actually can damage a speaker with an UNDER-POWERED amp as well what happens is the AMP can't keep up with the power demand so it DUMPS all it's wattage in spurts which can damage your VOICE COIL(S). A sub-woofer is a speaker or set of speakers which has a very low FREQUENCY BAND. they often require more WATTAGE to provide the same output when compared to BASS speakers or MID-RANGE speakers. I hope that helps.
Q:Just got 2 speakersneed help?
Old speakers use rca jacks for connection to the receiver. New receivers output terminal for speakers are for bare wires connection. Remove the rca jacks at then end of the speaker and connect it to your speaker out put terminals.
Q:2002 Nissan Maxima SE Door-Speakers?
look in ure owners manual, but they're usually 5x6
Q:Speaker volume. Please help?
Speakers with no power scource are going to be very quiet simply because they have no means of amplification. An amplifier needs a point source. You can't make these speakers any louder. You will need to buy new speakers. Preferable some with an amplifier. If you try plugging them into an amplifier as the first answer states, you will simply blow these speakers. Non-amplified speakers like the ones you have are specifically made for low wattage usage.
Q:what's wrong with my speakers?
Are the speakers 2-way (seperate tweeter woofer) with a seperate subwoofer? or one full range speaker with subwoofer? it could be the crossover (capacitor etc) in speaker system has blown or it could be your PC sound card has given up. Try another set of speakers or try disconnecting speakers from PC (usually 3.5mm stereo phono plug) connect to Ipod or MP3 player direct see if it sounds right.

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