2014 Hot Sale Portable Speaker, Tf Card Speaker,Mini Speaker

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$2.20 - 5.00 / pc
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300 Pieces pc
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50000 Piece/Pieces per Week pc/month

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Product Description:

 Product Description


Material: aluminum

With TF

Neutral English blister packing

Color: blue, black, sliver, pink, purple, red



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Q:whats consider a good speaker for pc?
Most people actually cannot discern the difference between high priced speakers and cheap ones. Don't believe it? Go the store with a friend, turn your back to the speakers and guess which one is being used. Buy the ones in your price range. It's not that important.
Q:I need help for suround sound speakers.?
uhm. speakers dont come with speaker cables. with the exception of them theater in a box. buy speaker and get speaker cable in a spool and cut to length. unless you DO have the theater in a box and you have the speaker that has a composite jack at the end. then you need to do some work by rewiring the wires.
Q:ipod touch and computer speakers?
If your computer speakers have a regular input like any headphones do, you're fine. I use computer speakers as my iPod speakers, and my iPod works fine. I only have the iPod Classic, but friends have used their Touches with my speakers, and nothing went wrong at all. If your speakers are the regular kind with the same input as headphones, then you're fine.
Q:What are some good surround speakers?
The rear speakers only are limited in frequency coming from the receiver. It is mainly used for sound effects. They do not get any frequency lower than 80 HZ, which is normally sent to the subwoofer. Bose are not a very good or reliable speakers. You are not going to find any Bose speakers being recommend by any Magazine that reviews speakers. Beside that they are over priced. You can use just about any speakers for the rear channel.
Q:2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Speakers?
For the front 6x9's Speaker cut-out opening: 8-1/2 x 5-3/4 Speaker opening depth (to glass): 2-7/8 Factory speaker mounting depth: 2-11/16 Factory speaker thickness: 3-5/16 Factory speaker size: 9-1/8 x 6-5/16 Distance between screws: 6-9/16 4-5/8 Factory speaker part # (Infinity): 56038656AA Rear speaker 6.5's Speaker cut-out opening: 5-3/4 diameter Speaker opening depth (to glass): 2-7/8 Factory speaker mounting depth: 1-7/8 Factory speaker thickness: 2-9/16 Factory speaker size w/grill: 6-3/4 Distance between screws: 6-1/2 Factory speaker part # (Infinity): 56038657AA
Q:Speaker woofer what Q value is good
Generally requires a low Q value, but not the lower the better.The quality factor of the loudspeaker unit is a very important parameter that must be understood before designing and producing a speaker.
Q:Quality white surround sound speakers?
KEF Audio KHT-3005 surround speakers are good when compared to other speakers. It has an excellent features and the design of these speakers are too good. KHT3005 is an extremely high performance, yet room-friendly home theater system, which raises both the design and performance. These are elegant home theater speaker packages compared to other speakers and the cost of these speakers are $1,075. Hope you will like these speakers.
Q:How do I use Computer Speakers?
Take the skinny audio wire out of the back of the monitor, and plug it into the line input of the creative speakers. If the speakers have their own wire attached then connect the lead with the green plug into the spkr out on the back of the pc which should also be green. Obviously you will need to unplug the monitor speaker lead from the green socket on the back of the pc first if in use. If you're using a HDMI cable from the pc to your monitor (carries sound and video) then do the above but go into the control panel sounds and audio devices (Windows XP) and change the default output from HDMI audio to Whatever Sound device your computer has. ie: Realtek or other. In windows 7 you right the little speaker icon (bottom right) and select playback devices.
Q:Help in buying speakers?
I am not big on gaming speakers to speak of here, however a good speaker is a good speaker. Consider Boston Acoustics, Pioneers least expensive Andrew Jones series and Dayton Audio's B652 speakers. Enjoy
Q:Luxury Speaker?
I'm a big fan of the BW flagship line of speakersSpecifically the 802DIt's 200 lbs, 1000 watts and costs $6,000 for just oneI can't afford them, but they're the best I've ever listened to.

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