Flexible Removable Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Music Shower Speaker With Shower Head

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Product Description:

2014  Fashion Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Music Shower Speaker with Shower Head


Technology makes the life more beautiful 



  • Wireless shower head  with bluetooth for music receiving;

  • Wireless shower head with bluetooth for music and getting phone;

  • Showerhead + wireless speaker delivers 10 hours of music or talking

  • The latest audio algorithms improve the calls and music quality in outstanding

  • Water proof speakr;

  • Flexible removable speaker, easy to carry the high quality of outside

  • Anytime, anywhere, enjoy the music!

    Music Shower Parameters


    Music Shower


    Bluetooth speaker with shower head


    Waterproof wireless Bluetooth shower speaker

    Spray Nozzle

    The silicone spray face makes it easy to wipe away mineral buildup

    Bluetooth valid distance

    10 meters range

    Bluetooth Support

    Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR.

    Battery capacity



    USB charger


    Bathroom, or anywhere

    Diameter of Shower head

    Approx. 22cm

    Diameter of speaker

    Approx. 8cm

    Package dimension




    Packing Material:

    Factory safety packing; Each unit in brown box; 8pcs per carton



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Q:Cheap good speakers?
I don#x27;t know how the philips 75 watt speakers sound like, but you can try to find good speakers on OKorder for low prices. If your looking for better LOOKING speakers, water show speakers are good only 30 bucks but probably don#x27;t sound as good as your Philip ones. I#x27;m not an expert.
Q:Wheres the best place to buy car speakers/ subs?
there are a number of automobile audio installers in the yellow pages.listening to a sub or audio equipment that are no longer put in in a automobile won't in any respect show you its actual sound.OKorder's the way. purchase the wonderful, and consider many comments.google besides the fact that your looking at finding out to purchase.
Q:Increase my surround sound speaker volume?
the size of the speaker has no longer something to do with the quantity of the receiver . I easily have had small and massive audio equipment in my front room and that they the two placed out the comparable volume of sound that my receiver can handle .
Q:can i use my mobile phone(Nokia N82) as PC speaker?
If you wanted to.
Q:What size speakers go in an 02 Pontiac Bonneville?
Look okorder
Q:No audio from speakers?
Are you use computer speakers or speakers that have an amplifier with them? A computer audio out is not speaker level. It's much to low to drive speakers without an amplifier. It can drive headphones and the line-in to an amplifier but not speakers directly.
Q:Computer Headset and Speakers?
Speakers are designed such that if you have headphones plugged into the headphone jack on the speakers, it disables the speaker output. The reasoning is that if you have headphones on, you don't want the audio to be played out loud. You could probably use a headphone splitter (available in the electronics department of nearly any store) to split the computer's speaker audio output to send the signal to both the speakers and the headphones.
Q:what is a good truck speaker?
I have a 1995 ford and I changed all my speakers to pioneers. And it's sounds good that is what I would put in it.
Q:How to connect ordinery speaker to a computer??
Is the ordinary speaker amplified? Does it plug into the wall? If not you will need an amplifier as a computer only provides line level outputs. Then you will need a headphone jack to RCA style adapter. Plug the headphone end to the computer and the RCA to the receiver/amplifier. Amplifiers designed for computers are rated at 4Ω and are unsuitable for ordinary 8Ω speakers. Hope this helps!
Q:is my cd player or speakers the problem?
the guy who answered above me is correct i would just like to elaborate a bit.stock speakers wont handle too much but before you go replacing the try lowering the bass and treble (mostly bass) levels on your cd player.the bass is usually the cause of distortion. to set it what i would do is to drop the bass as low as it can go.u should notice that you can trun it up much louder now with much less distortion.then once you turn the cd player up to the volume you would most often wish to listen to it at the (while playing your favorite cd) turn the bass up until it starts to distort not only do speakers distort but amps distort as well distortion is more harmful to speakers than over powering them once you turn your volume up past 2/3 and especially past 3/4 then your amp (all cd players have amps) then is when your amp really begins to distort so if adjusting it as i said does not produce results you are ok with then buy new speakers still not satisified i would then next get a sub so that you can cut all the bass out of the door speakers and getting a larger amp for the doors will bring down the distortion as well

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