Newset X Mini Ii Speaker For Mp3 Mp4, Mobile Unique Design

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Product Description:

 Technical Specification


Dimensions (L x W x H): 60mm x 60mm x 44mm (closed resonator)

 Net Weight : 83g 



Power : 2.0W

Frequency response : 100Hz 20KHz

Signal Noise Ratio : =80db

Distortion : =1.0%

Playback Time : 4-8 hours

Battery voltage capacity : 400mAh

Battery charging voltage : 4.2v 0.05V

Battery charge time : 5V,2.5 hours

Battery discharge time : Volume at 20mv,up to 4 hours; Volume at 30mv,up to 8hours


 Package contents

The package will contain the following

 1 x speaker

 1 x User manual

 1 x Charging cable


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Q:Installing Speakers?
even if your stock speakers are 4 prong there should still only be 2 wires going to it a + and a - most of the time the - is a black wire the + can be just about any color but alot of the time its red. all you have to do is use the -(black wire) and hook it up to the - on the speaker(it should say what ones the - and + on the speaker) and then just hook the other wire to the + of the speaker and it should work fine. hope i helped
Q:How does the computer's speakers install?
1. If there is a motherboard drive disk is easy, the drive disk into the drive, open the drive disk, and then, in the "My Computer" on the right button, click "Properties", open the "Device Manager", the "sound video
Q:When hooking up speakers to an amp.?
yes each speaker has to be on its own channel, if you run 2 speakers in parrallel it will reduce the resistance, which at high volumes will either pop the speakers or blow the amp, although you can run cross overs and have a low freq speaker and a high as well, hope that helps
Q:What is the difference between all the different types of DJ speakers?
Monitor speakers are for your ears only so you can hear what you are doing, loudspeakers are another name for speakers, 2 way speakers are those with a woofer and a tweeter. these are not the most efficient, but they sound good for compact bookshelf speakers. would'nt use them for DJ'ing though, too much distortion at high volumes. PA speakers are Public Address. These are the type found in your high school intercom system, good for voice but lousy for music and terrible with base tones. Hope that helped some.
Q:would this amplifier underpower my speakers?
Yes by 30rms. It wouldnt sound to bad but not as loud as it could go. You should try a 70-90rms x 4 amp. They would make your speakers sound real good and crisp.
Q:Amp and speakers questions?
you need to match the RMS rating of the speakers you chose with the RMS rating of an amplifier. If that amp puts out 500 watts of RMS power, then it will easily blow those 6x9's. however a 500 wat RMS amplifier that isn't a subwoofer amp would be very expensive. If you're talking abot a useless max rating, then those speakers will probably handle the power easily.
Q:i cant get my speakers to work?
speakers are speakers and should work anyways but if they dont. go to the control panel and go to sounds. you then go to playback devices or playback and set the new default speakers you do this by selecting the new speaker from the list and set do default. your speakers should work then.
Q:Logitech R20 Speakers?
I like to sometimes play my music a little loud and these speakers handle it just fine, even with a song that has major bass to it. The design is nice too. I really appreciate the headphone jack located on the front of the speaker it makes it easier than trying to fool around in the back of the computer to plug headphones in. Also the sub woofer is not so big that you have no place to go with it. I was worried about the quality because the low price but Logitech has come through again!
Q:Home Stereo Amplifiers and Speakers?
Not for anything serious, and definitely not for high volumes. You'll see what I mean when you plug it all in. Guitar amps have a natural roll-off on the top frequencies to tame the static and fuzz that amplification creates. Home stereos don't have this, so if you don't have a multifx pedal or some other similar device to tame the highs, a stereo will not sound very good at all for a guitar amp. It will be okay for PA, but not for high volumes. Home stereos are not built as robustly as your average PA amp and speakers. Do NOT use it as a bass amp. Good way to blow your system. Bass amps are built to handle all of that low frequency energy, there is a chance that if you put too much bass into your home system then turn it up to try and hear it that you'll put a strain on your system and speakers and end up blowing something. There's a reason why we use PA amps and bass amps and guitar amps they're built to satisfy a specific need, and built well enough to handle the stress and strain that both these volumes and the shock of being moved around, bumped, etc that home stereos simply aren't engineered to handle. I have used a home stereo for vocals, and would have no problem with that, keeping in mind that there is no mechanism to avoid feedback except staying away from the speakers. Not for anything else, if possible, though. Saul
Q:my 97 chevy tahoe speakers wont play?
you most likely have blown all the speakers except the one little tweeter. the tweeters in those doors are wired together with the mids so that door speaker is definitely blown- short of gremlins going around and disconnecting all your speakers. you can pull out some of the speakers and check it on a multimeter . set it on ohm range and the speaker should read 3.6 ohms roughly. any major difference and it has a problem.

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