Mini Speaker,Portable Speaker With Silicone Holder For Mp3/Iphone/Ipad/Mobile Mini Speaker

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Product Description:

Mini Speaker,portable speaker with silicone holder for mp3/iphone/ipad/mobile mini speaker 


Unique Product Details:

  • mini portable speaker with silicone sucker holder;

  • High sound quality mini sucker holder speakers designed for portable media players;

  • colorful and fashionable design for portable media players;

  • with built in lithium battery supports the speakers without stop for more than 2 hours;

  • coming with USB power charge cable for power charge directly via PC or charger adapter;

  • with 3.5mm,stereo,gold-plated audio jack compatible with most of the portable audio players;

  • designed with green LED and red led lights for indication ;

  • red LED and green LED turnned on when charging,   green LED turnned on when working;

  • works with Mp3,IPod, Iphone, CD, PC, and other portable media players.

Product Specifications:

  • Speaker: 36mm;

  • Impedance: 4ohms;

  • Max. Input Power: 3W;

  • Weight: 90G with packing;

  • Charger time: 2-3hrs

  • Frequency Response: 80Hz-20KHz;

  • Audio Jack: 3.5mm, stereo, gold-plated;

  • Power Supply: lithium battery, 200mA;

  • Power Charge: directly from PC,coming with USB power cable.

  • Operating Temp range : -10°C - +60°C

  • Storage Temp range :  -40°C- +85°C


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Q:TV audio out to Computer speakers?
I even have mine the two hooked by the encompass sound. no longer precisely what you defined, yet may well be a greater constructive decision. I went to Radio Shack and offered an adapter that facilitates me to plug my sound card into the rca jacks on the encompass sound. Works large.
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Q:how do u hook up stereo speakers up to a guitar amp?
If you mean your home stereo speakers, don't do it! There is a reason that home stereos and professional guitar amps have different types of connectors. The two types of speakers are vastly different in their power handling and frequency ratings. They are two different systems for two entirely different purposes. Guitar amps are overpowered for delicate stereo speakers. Even if you use a small guitar amp at low volume, the impedance mismatch is dangerous. Yes, it is possible to play guitar through a typical home stereo, but unless you know all about impedance, resistance, power handling and all the other technical variables, it is a bad idea. You could very likely destroy both your amp and the speakers. It will not sound good anyway. Please, save yourself the heartache and expense. Trust me. I know!
Q:Connecting ipod to recessed ceiling speakers?
Hi, what are the speakers currently wired to? I would wire the speakers to an amp if they are not already. And the you could play anything you like through those speakers. Your ipod included. You can get looooads of amps on OKorder. just see what the wattage of the speakers are and find something that will power them. Hope this helps, Jim.
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The okorder
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This okorder
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hard problem. try searching onto google and yahoo. just that may help!
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Hard to say. It could be an issue with the speakers or the amp or possibly with a source device (if using, for example, a DVD player). You can maybe isolate the problem by trying a couple of things. First, select the FM tuner section as your source and tune in a strong station. Is the sound still uneven? If not the amp and speakers are OK and the problem may be with your source device. If still unequal check the wiring between the speakers and the JVC to be sure you don't have a connection problem. Then try reversing the wiring so the right speaker is now connected to the left output. Does the signal reverse and the right speaker now sound louder? If so the fault isn't in the speaker it's something to do with the JVC R-x60. If not the speaker may be faulty. Good luck.
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alpine cd + jbl amp + kappas + alpine amp + jl sub sound like a winner to me, yet while u blast ur music u gets some distortion particularly if its heavey steel music with lots of loud electric powered guitar noise. A small tip tho: ur benefit administration point on the JBL amp might desire to be adjusted like this:: turn that time each and each of ways down, and ur stereo volume each and each of ways up. then turn the point administration on the amp up little via little till u hear ur audio device distorting, at that element circulate back a notch and circulate away it at that placing.

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