2013 New Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description:

2013 new portable mini wireless bluetooth speaker


Features of bluetooth speaker

Colors: colorful

Volume choiceness, does not occupy a space, the exterior is delicate, easy to match
Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Cellphone
Mini high-quality small speakers, stylish, compact, unique design, individuality tastes
Portable and ergonomic design
TF card play function
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Brand: unbranded 
Product description of bluetooth speaker
Broadcom Bluetooh : 10M
Net Weight : 166

Speaker Features : DUAL voice coil , 10-core dual magnetic
Product Size : 62x62x65MM
Distortion : Less 1%
Signal to moise ratio : 80dB
Response Frequency : 100HZ-18KHZ
Package Includes :
1 x Bluetooth Speaker
1 x Simple box
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x User manual


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Q:Please help on Speaker cables?
Sure, you can use any speaker cable you want. You can't connect them directly to an xbox, mp3 or ipod, you need an audio amplifier (receiver).
Q:speakers - help with choosing?
Marantz builds a good quality amplifier and has a nice warm sound to it. So you want to choose speakers that will work well both electrically and be complemented sonically by the amplifier. Do they have to be bookshelf speakers ? Of course with small bookshelf speakers they will be somewhat limited in bass output (which isn't a bad thing) its just a limitation due to size. Sure you can make up for that with a subwoofer, but that introduces a whole other set of concerns. If they didn't have to be bookshelf I would recommend looking into Magnepan, or Vandersteen as they are making the best budget speakers out there right now, and would work nicely with your Marantz amplifier. They would also produce a nice full sound without the need of buying and dealing with placement and calibration concerns of using a subwoofer with the bookshelf speakers. As for bookshelf speakers, Tannoy, Kef, Aerial Acoustics, BW, all make nice sounding bookshelf speakers. There are also many others, but all will be found at the better audio stores. Or simply go and discover your local independent high end audio video store as they carry the better brands of speakers. The salesmen at these stores also have years of experience designing higher quality systems so they can best help you find the right speakers for how you like to listen, the room it will be played in, and that matches with your amplifier correctly. Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist
Q:Speakers problems in my Camaro?
yes its all aftermarket or all factory you can't miss match the equipment.you must have a factory amp some were and this is your problem start from scratch with a good aftermarket stereo and 4 good aftermarket speakers and use the internal amplifier in your new stereo to power the speakers by passing any factory equipment. you can use the same power supply under the dash to the stereo but run your own speaker wire from the rear of the stereo to each speaker.this will give you some good clean sound.if you plan on adding your own external amps later make sure your new stereo is set up with all the plug ins needed to run an external amp for speakers and sub outs for running an external amp for your sub or subs,this can be added at a later date but at least you will have the right stereo in place to do the job.
Q:Can Spanish speakers understand spoken Portuguese?
It depends, some people understand it easily, some can't understand a word of it. It all depends on their will to understand. Many Spanish speakers claim to understand Italian better because it sounds more like Spanish. For me, Portuguese was always easier to understand back when I didn't speak a word of it. Heck, some Spanish speakers can't even understand other Spanish speakers from a different country, let alone Portuguese speakers.
Q:How do I make my speakers stop crackling?
Try them on a different device, a crackling indicates they are broken
Q:Logitech® Z-5450 surround sound speakers?
the wireless is only so that cables don't run all over the house from the amp to the speakers. you still need to plug them into the wall to get power. battery operated speakers exist, but they are super weak and the sound isn't loud enough.
Q:what materials do you need to make a speaker?
You okorder
Q:fm transmitter using speakers?
speaker wires will sometimes act as antennas, and a signal at the resonant frequency of the wires, can sometimes be heard through the speakers. Most of the time, this kind of resonance just produces noise.
Q:Componet speakers and 2 way speakers?
A very popular setup is Component Front and Coax Rear. Reason is Cost Efficiency. In a car, 70% of the sound quality comes from the front speakers, 30% from the rear. So 70% of your budget should be spent there. If you have $300 and you purchased $150 speaker on the front and $150 for the back. And your getting 70% of the sound from the front, you have lost sound quality potential. But if you get a $220 Speaker for the front, something real nice, and some ok speakers in the rear. Thats a better use of you money. If I had a car with a $200 speaker in the rear, another car with $150 speaker rear, and a third car with a $75 speaker in the rear, all 3 cars would sound similar (as far as the rear goes) So spend as much money in the front speakers as you dare. Like $200 Pioneer 720 C series, or Boston Accoustics S60 $220, or a Boston Accoustics SL60 (really nice set). Your polk audio is ok, but most installers laugh to themselves a little when they see polks. They aren't bad, but there are a lot of better choices, like at least Infiniti's The best component I have heard in the 200 $ range is the Pioneer 720 C series. It has a lot of surface area on the mid and a fantastic silk dome tweeter. At our shop, our best selling tweeter is a 500$ 720D series component. That thing rocks but the C series is 80% of the sound at the $200 price range.
Q:RV's and outdoor speakers?
I have not seen any outdoor type speaker for vehicles like home audion. Car audio speaker are normally 4 OHM and home speakers in the 8 OHM (requires more power to drive). You can purchase a set of car speakers and build your own box to hold them and install to the side of your rv. Make your that you do not overload the power amp by adding another set of speakers, you can put a plug on one set of speaker from the rv and unplug it when using the outside speaker. This is the most inexpensive way, try name brand speakers like JBL, Infinity, MTX, JL for quality sound and dependability. Hope this helps and good luck.

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