Wireless Mini Speaker, Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Wireless Mini Speaker, Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

1.Bluetooth 3.0+EDR
2.Call Function/SD card/FM/Line In/ Rechargeable
3.Outdoor Speaker/ For Retailing/ For Promotion

(1) Mini Bluetooth Support SD Card, with FM/Line In function

(2) Play music in 20 Meters distance

(3) Suitable for Promotion, Gift, Store for retail.

(4) Pocket size to carry anywhere


BODY SIZE: H60mm*D59mm
Color box size: 7*7*7.5cm
Carton size:36*24*15cm
Quantity / carton:20sets

1. USB Charge Cable
2. 3.5mm audio cable
3. User Manual

Wireless Mini Speaker, Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Wireless Mini Speaker, Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Note: We have our R&D department,welcome OEM and ODM order.Oriented towards the client, it seeks to satisfy all their needs, with the quality, professionalism and creativity, for which it is recognized.

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Q:I need help with my speakers!?
It isn't your speakers, it is the source. The music needs to be encoded for 5.1 (this means that it has to have information attached to the different noises that tells it to go to the back right speaker or the front left speaker). Your iPod is only encoded for stereo (left right). As for the computer, you should be able to go to Control PanelSoundsVolume tabAdvanced, in Speaker settings5.1 Surround sound speakers.
Q:Car Speaker Question?
If the tweeters are the ones that came with the car from dealer then you will benefit from replacing them with aftermarket ones. You could buy a component set which will be tweeters and midrange speakers. Some midrange speakers are 2way, some are not. If you plan on amplifying these speakers then buy component set with crossover. Plus nowadays 2 way and even 3 way speakers can sound really good. I prefer component with tweeters and midrange speakers. No 2 way for me.
Q:Blown audio amplifier or speakers?
Thus:Hook up the good speaker having tweeter woofer(Bass) to the said amplifier.See if the speaker gives adequate o/p. say it gives the adequate o/p, .Then the amplifier is ok. If there is no sound or less o/p of the sound, the amplifier is gone with the wind.Now, how do you check if the speaker is ok.Thus:a) Get a dry battery with two separate wires connected to its each ends,then touch the terminals of the speaker with the remaining ends of the wire intermittently.The speaker should the the cracking noise it is ok. If it is not ok, there wil not be sound o/p. b)The next easy method is to use the multimeter for continuity test.c)The best method is to use the audio generator to test the speaker. Or you can use both the oscilloscope and audio generator to test amplifier and speaker.Thank you.
Q:stock speakers?
Alpine Type R 6x9 SPR-69 bass was classic six-by-nine. Tight, well balanced, taut and with nuance and ability to track even rich bass lines with a great melodic ability, quite removed from a crappy cheap subwoofer that can only go boomp boomp badly, let alone one of the new generation of Alpine’s shallow HAMR woofers (as seen in the new Euro demo Nissan Infiniti demo car!) that sound so fabulous. I love the swivelly tweeters and reckon that if on your rear shelf, you don’t attempt to point their output at the front of the car but rather work out some Newtonian angle-of-incidence stuff with your back window and spray the highs directly flat at the screen to the rear if you can to best distribute the high tones.
Q:What are the best 6x9 car speakers?
U want quality cadence jL or kenwoods in order from most exspensive yo cheapest
Q:what is a center speaker?
A center speaker is exactly what it says it is a center speaker. In Dolby Digital 5.1 there are five main speakers, 1. left front, 2.center for 3. right front, 4. left surround, 5. right surround. The main function for the center speaker is for dialog, but carries the main action sound as well. The rest of the speakers are used for movement such as a car going from left to right across the screen, or machine gun fire that is sprayed across the scene, or a bomb explosion. the .1 in Dolby Digital is for low effects or bass, the subwoofer.
Q:How do I improve my speakers?
speakers are only as good as whats inside , theyll never be as good as your headphones , buy new speakers
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
One thing about speakers is they have magnets in them. I had a laptop that all of a sudden started sounding terrible. I bought replacement speakers and when I took it apart to replace them there was a used staple sitting on the cone attracted by the magnet. It did trash the speaker on mine but yours might still be good by just removing the debris.
Q:Wire a Speaker to a Headphone Jack?
Speakers usually plug in to the speaker jack. Your headphone goes into the headphone jack. There could possibly be a converter where you could plug these peripherals. Check at your local computer store or music shop if they have this converter.
Q:RV's and outdoor speakers?
Goto a rv dealer and order a pair of speakers they will mount on the wall and run the wires thru the cabinets to the radio there is room for additional speakers

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