High Quality Outdoor Portable Wireless Speaker,Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description:

High quality outdoor portable wireless speaker,mini bluetooth speaker


Product Description  

Bluetooth Version3.0
MAX Power output3
MIC Sensitivity-32db
Receive SensitivityBetter than -82dBm.
Data TransmissionUp to 3Mbps
UART Data Transmission Rate115200bps
Charing Voltage3.7V –4.2V DC
Working Voltage4.8V –5.5V DC
Working Current200MA. 32db 32db -32db
Quiescent Current>1UA
AntennaBuilt in 


Function & Feature:

1.100% and high quality;
2.This  product is a portable multimedia speaker, which is disign exquisitely,convenient to carry;

3.Supply HIFI sound quality, low power dissipation;
4.PC, laptop, computer, MP3, MP4, mobile phone which have audio output connector to it directly;
5.It is a mini  bluetooth speaker which can search radio station;

6.Wirless Bluetooth Input;Audio Transmission;Handsfree function. TF Card function,NFC Optiona;l

7.Hand gesture recognition"Prev/Next ,Stop and Play".



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