Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker

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Product Description:

Product Description

Bluetooth HiFi stereo Mini USB speaker with different colors, and logo print support

1. Easy to link with Bluetooth Player, Mobile Phone, PDA, Tablet, PC & Laptop
2. Support TF card, support MP3 file format
3. Support Mobile phone hand-free function
4. LED indicator for status indicating, bring you a vogue and technological feel
5. Use as an external speaker with a line-in audio/AUX cable
6. Digital audio amplifier, full frequence speaker, pleases your ear with transparent sound effect
7. High capacity rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, for longer music play
8. Mini 5P USB connector, for both power supply and data transfer
9. Volume control
10. On/Off switch.

Built-in Li-ion battery, 3.7V/500mAh
USB charging voltage: DC 5V
Speaker: 40mm 2.6ohm 3W
Frequency range: 60Hz~18kHz
S/N: ≥ 96dB
Distortion≤ 0.5%
Size: 60*60*53mm

Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker

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Q:Rattling door speaker! help?
If the speaker is rattling, it needs to be replaced. There's no good way to repair a stock speaker. You'll want to buy at least one pair of speakers, to replace the speakers on both sides. But we can't tell you what size or give you speaker suggestions, because you forgot to tell us what kind of car you have, or whether it's the front or rear speaker that's failing.
Pink hole is usually a microphone, and blue is (usually) line-in. Black is most likely for a subwoofer, and grey and orange are probably for some kind of surround-sound setup.
Q:Plugging speaker cable into phones jack, possible?
The 'phones output can't possibly deliver enough power to test 'speakers. Yes, connect the 'speakers to the 'speaker outputs.
Q:Gemsound powered speaker issue?
Joe - Check your cables firstmaybe swap the right cable for the left? If the same speaker is still low then the problem is with the speaker. Make sure it is not a problem with your mixer too. Make sure your left and right outputs on the mixer are at the same volume. If the settings are the same on both speakers and the volume is still low, you really need to get it serviced - the problem probably will not go away and it may get worse.
Q:How do i get my genesis labs speakers to work?
You don't, do a search on white van speakers and you will see that Genesis speakers are actually horrible speakers and may actually harm your amplifier if they are hooked up. Sorry to tell you the bad news, but please do search on White van speaker and see for yourself.
Q:Is this speaker loud?
Apparently okorder
Q:i need the size of 2001 tahoe speaker?
what size rear subwoofer for chevy tahoe 2001
Q:Studio Monitors Vs. Regular Speakers?
Studio monitors work great as regular speakers - I have been using them for years in my home system. Studio monitors are meant to reproduce the sound in a neutral way so that the engineer can hear what the sound is really like. Many studio monitors these days are powered - that means they have the amplifier built in. That type of speaker would not work with a normal home receiver. That type of receiver is designed to work with normal passive speakers that have no amp built in.
Q:Power question for Amp and PA speaker?
No it doesn't. You PA is rated at 50 watt max. Amp is rated at 200 watts. It will work.
Q:how do i solder wires from a speaker?!?
Well technically, since it's a single speaker setup phasing isn't an issue, it will work either way. Curiously though, how did you find a computer speaker that big? Even the smallest guitar amps have about a 6' speaker, and it's usually a subwoofer; I think your going to find this speaker isn't going to work well in your amp. If your determined, look for a plus sign or a red spot next to one of the speaker wire posts. This will be your positive side, and the wire going there usually will be red, or have a stripe on it. the black or plain wire will be your negative connection.

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