2014 New Arrival Bluetooth Speaker,Wireless Portable Speaker,Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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$7.00 - 9.00 / pc
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20 Pieces bluetooth speaker pc
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Month bluetooth speaker pc/month

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  2014 New arrival Bluetooth Speaker,Wireless portable Speaker,mini bluetooth speaker



(1) Mini Bluetooth Card Speakers TF card Line In

(2) Play music in 10 Meters distance

(3) Suitable for Promotion, Gift, Store for sell. Pocket size to carry anywhere

(4)with strong bass quality,you can enjoy it comfortabe.



1. Bluetooth wireless speaker,unlimited music fun

2. Support mobile phone calls and redial function

3. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, music accompanied all day time



Technical Parameters
 Power supply:DC5V 
 Active power:3W*2
 Noise-Signal ratio:≥85dB
 Impedance:4 OHM(Ω)
 Li-ion Output:3.7V~4.2V+0.05V 
 Li-ion Input:5V
 Speaker Unit:45mm D40mm 4Ω 3W
 Case Material:Metal
 Lithium battery capacity:1000mAh
 Color: Black/Blue/red/white
 Accessories: User Manual/USB Charging Cable/Audio line



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Q:Can the speakers of dell laptop be changed?
Most laptop speakers are attached to the case and not the mainboard, such is the case with your Dell. The speakers can be replaced with almost any other speaker harvested from other laptops with some minor modification. The connectors will have to be changed or soldered on and you may have to glue the speakers in if the mounts don't fit.
Q:Can I use these speakers.?
Take one of the speakers out, or more and go to a shop and find the proper size. Any speakers you put in should be fine, you can always have more watts in the speakers then the amp, but not vise versa. You'll blow them in a heart beat. These should be fine though. FYI in the future supply us with the watts and wrms of the speakers and head unit, if possible.
Q:speakers - help with choosing?
The AudioEngine P4s would sound great, also NHT and PSB make great speakers for a reasonable price. Cambridge Audio is another brand that I like too. If it were me I'd get the P4s paired with a subwoofer (HSU STF-2 or VTF-1).
Q:connecting a sound board to speakers?
Some sound boards are with amplifier and cassette deck. Some might need the amplifier. Most audiophile equipment is straight forward.
Q:Car Speaker Not Working?
I would say yes factory radios have about 5-10watts RMS per speaker and aftermarket speakers usually need about 25-50watts RMS depending on the speaker so the factory radio does not have enough RMS wattage to properly power the speakers and that makes the radio's internal amp clip Clipping occurs when an amplifier is asked to deliver more current to a speaker than the amp is capable of doing. When an amplifier clips, it literally cuts off the tops and bottoms of the musical waveforms that it's trying to reproduce, thus the term. This introduces a huge amount of distortion into the output signal. Clipping can be heard as a crunching sound on musical peaks. that causes distorted sound which will damage your speakers so when you buy your new speakers don't get ones that require too much wattage because you will have the same problem and if they cant handle the wattage from the radio you will fry the voice coils too
Q:can i use my mobile phone(Nokia N82) as PC speaker?
If you wanted to.
Q:Can my speakers hurt my computer monitor?
Hi, Non magnetically shielded speakers can hurt monitors if placed too close to monitor. It is important to note that monitors that are tube based have problem with magnets. If you have a LCD then you are fine. If you have tube based monitor look for this sign: 1. Do you see abnormal pictures anywhere on the screen especially in areas near the speakers. Like rainbow effect. If so then move the speaker away till the effect is gone. Rainbow effect is a sign of magnetic interference. Usually woofers are biggest problem since they have bigger magnets. once you move the speakers away, the effect may not immediately disappear depending the strenght of the speaker magnets the effect will take more time. I would move the speakers away as far as possible and observer over time (few days) if the effect reduces. If it reduces but does not disappear then move the speakers away further till the effect is completely gone over time. 2. Sometimes having a coil of wire with current passing through it sitting next to the monitor can also cause magnetic interference. Remember the principals of magentism, coil of wire with live current flowing is certain direction will produce magnetism within the area, if you dont remember thats fine. Check for such coils too and move them away. Regards Ash Vote best answer if this helps.
The easiest way to get good sound is to connect a pair of high quality active speakers to the headphone jack output from the TV. You will get much better sound then a sound bar, without the cost of surround sound. I would recommend the AudioEngine A5+ or A2 speakers, but there are other great ones out there too. If that is too expensive for you, you may also be happy with a Dayton Audio DTA1 Amp paired with a set of Dayton Audio B652 speakers.
Q:The loudspeaker can not adjust the volume.
Step 2: Create a small speaker shortcut (open the control panel, find the sound and audio device icon, right click, find the creation of shortcuts, will prompt whether to create on the desktop, click OK)
Q:how much are water speakers?
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