Latest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description

Latest Portable wireless mini bluetooth speaker

1, can use in Mobile phone, Computer, MP3, FM

2, Line in: 3.5mm Stereo's plugs

3, FM, bluetooth

4, Loud speaker

1, can use in Mobile phone, Computer, MP3/4, PSP/FM/TF/USB

2, Line in: 3.5mm Stereo's plugs

3, FM, bluetooth

4, Loud speaker

Can use devices:

Desktop computers, notebook, computers, PSP, Tablet, computer

MP3/MP4, Mobile phone etc.

Mobile phone, Computer, MP3/4, PSP/FM/TF/USB

Specification: With FM

1, Insert the TF card to play music.

Built-in TF smart decoder, you can listen to MP3 music stored in TF card.

2, AUX input plug

White work with AUX, , it is easily to listen to sound from PC, iPod/iPhone,


3, Bluetooth Handfree

Work with the Bluetooth for wireless communication

4, Stereo Bluetooth

Stereo Bluetooth Speakers, supporting A2DP/AVRCP, allow you enjoy wireless

HIFI stereo music.


Battery voltage: 3.7V Capacity: 520mAh

Charge voltage: 5V Loudspeaker size: 45mm 3W

Net weight: 230g S/N: ≥ 95dB

Distortion: ≤ 0.5% Size: 60*60*50mm

Bluetooth Pairing:

1, make sure the Bluetooth Speaker is in the off state

2, Press ON/OFF key to Bluetooth mode, blue LED will flash 6times. And short press Play/Pause key, blue and red LED flash alternately.

3, Follow the operating instruction of your mobile phone to searching Bluetooth headset. Typically, this is done by going to"Set up", "connect" or "Bluetooth" menu and then

Selecting the option to search Bluetooth devices.

4, The mobile can see S10 Bluetooth Speaker and ask if you wish to connect your mobile phone whith this speaker. Press"Yes" or "Confirm" to confirm this action.

5, Enter password or PIN 0000, and press "yes" or "confirm". (Important notice: If the connection is successful, blue LED will flash. If the pairing is unsuccessful, the LED Blue and Red will still flash alternately. You need to pair again.


Do not let children play the product

Do not hit or beat the product

Do not use in very humkd and high temperature environments. Product performance will decrease when it is used in cold regions

Do not throw the product into the fire

Do not block speaker's net above the body.

Please send to repair when the products is broken. Do not disassemble it by yourself.

It's not sovered under warranty when the product ha metal of rust, surface spalling and other natural oxidation.

Regular package details:

1X speaker, 1X gift box, 1X USB cable, 1X user manual
Latest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth SpeakerLatest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth SpeakerLatest Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Q:What are studio monitor speakers?
You need proper near-field (sometimes called closefield) studio monitors to do serious mixing. Before I got good monitor speakers, it took me a long time to figure out how to set EQ for the mixes so that things would sound good on random cassette playersand it was tons harder when I attempted to mix with headphones, even good ones. The purpose of good mixing monitors is not for them to sound good or to make your music sound good. It's so you can hear what your music really sounds like, so you can make it sound good! It's not that they're supposed to sound bad, it's that they're not supposed to sound good. They're not supposed to sound bad either. They're just there to reproduce accurately how the music sounds, especially at close range (because you normally sit a lot closer to studio monitors than listening-type speakers). Most high-end speaker systems are set up for theoretical flat response in anechoic chambers and other details that impress the hi-fi buffs. And in the real world, most people who are listening (rather than mixing) diddle with their EQ settings to make the music sound the way they want to hear it. And they rarely sit a meter or so away from both speakers at once as we generally do when mixing. Near-field monitors are made to reproduce music in your studio in such a way so that when you hear it sounding good, it will sound good on boom boxes, stereo systems, and truck radios too. -- Dragon Dragon said it bestthe same page features advice on how to pick a good pair of studio monitors to take home with you. Physically, there are minor differences in the power and signal cables - they have extra shielding in order to avoid EMI that would dirty' up the sound with artifactsAlso, in the design of the actual speakers, sometimes modifications are made to allow very supple movement of the cone, and thus, a very accurate, realistic rendition of the original signal. The key word here is realistic.
Q:What is the difference between power speakers and regular speakers?
Powered speakers have built-in amplifiers to make their input signal louder. Use them with devices that would normally need an amplifier. Do NOT try to use them with the output from an amplifier!
Q:Jamo vs lg speakers for home theatre?
Hi as neither are exceptional speakers it makes little difference which you use. not like a mordant short set or nightingale speakers.
Q:1994 Mazda 626 rear speaker problem?
do it your self. try turning on the radio and getting in the trunk and wiggling the wires to that speaker. if it comes on then there is a short in one of the wires. if not then it is can get a set of cheap speakers for $20. and it only requires taking out 4 screws and then screwing them back in once you have the new one in. and hooking uo 2 wires. its realy easy and you will get a sense of satisfaction of doing it yourself without paying somone else to do it
Q:6.5 inch midrange speakers?
I would write to Infiniti and see if they have an aftermarket product that might be cheaper. Or talk to the guys at Crutchfield -- call them on the phone the old fashioned way and just get their opinion. You might do better to replace the pair instead of just one and spend less money.
Q:Do speakers come stock in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee XJ?
diameter sensible they're both a 6.5 inch or an outsized 6.5 inch speakerwhen you're replacing them, attempt to confirm the diameter of the recent audio gadget will thoroughly hide the prevailing speaker hollow as to get the most midbass a danger. you should also hardship about the recent audio gadget intensity as aftermarket audio gadget have a tendency to have larger magnet structures with a view to handle better potential than inventory ones. those larger magnets, after installation, will commonly be hitting the window or the window regulator assembly contained in the door.
Q:Computer Headset and Speakers?
Speakers are designed such that if you have headphones plugged into the headphone jack on the speakers, it disables the speaker output. The reasoning is that if you have headphones on, you don't want the audio to be played out loud. You could probably use a headphone splitter (available in the electronics department of nearly any store) to split the computer's speaker audio output to send the signal to both the speakers and the headphones.
Q:How to set the speaker volume on the computer's master volume
it is recommended to change the computer to check the headset or speakers and other equipment sound quality problems) Start - control panel - sound and audio equipment -
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
One thing about speakers is they have magnets in them. I had a laptop that all of a sudden started sounding terrible. I bought replacement speakers and when I took it apart to replace them there was a used staple sitting on the cone attracted by the magnet. It did trash the speaker on mine but yours might still be good by just removing the debris.
Q:PC Speakers 1/8 audio for A/V Receiver?
Powered speakers like PC speakers cannot be connected to the speaker outputs on a receiver or amp. Sometimes one of the PC speakers is actually not powered - it is powered by the other speaker. In other words the amp is built into one of the speakers and the other speaker is just a normal speaker. The normal speaker can be connected to a receiver's speaker output connection. You will have to cut the 1/8 in connector off and strip the wire. It would be better just to go out and get a pair of normal speakers.

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