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Product Description:

new gadgets 2014 portable with handsfree function waterproof bluetooth speaker F012


Product Description



100% Brand New & High Quality. 

Support Bluetooth & Wireless transmission. 

Built-in Microphone, enjoying hand-free call. 

Adopt high quality audio decode chip ,let you experience perfect sound quality. 

Built-in charging Battery and Built-in high sensitivity Microphone, listening music anywhere. 

Unique water-proof design,using in bathroom, sand beach, swimming pool. While leisure, you can relax and enjoy wonderful music. 

Suck on back side of iPad or other tablet become a stand. 

Special suction cup design, could sucked on any flat surface including desk, wall,window. 

Suitable for car, bedroom, wash room, kitchen, office, conference, business trip, vacation etc.



Bluetooth support: V 3.0 +EDR 

Range: 10 meters 

Transmitting frequency: 2.4G HZ 

Power supply: DC5V/100-120mA 

Battery: 3.7V 400mAh lithium 

Charging time: approx. 3 hours 

Operating time: approx. 6 hours 

IP grade: IP x 4 

Frequency response: 100HZ-20KHZ 

Output: 3w 

S/N Ratio: >75db 


Weight: 180G 

Speaker Size: 85*85*45mm

Color: Blue,Pink,Yellow, Orange



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Q:What are voice speakers?
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Q:what 15 speakers should i get?
15 speakers are too heavy to efficiently reproduce mids and highs they are pretty much all subwoofers. Some DJ speakers have a 15 that will play mids but they always have a high frequency driver and usually sound pretty crappy as far as SQ
Q:Compiling Speakers and Receiver from Thrift Stores?
Pretty much any standard 4 to 8 ohm speaker will work with any home theater receiver. It is a good idea to test the speakers there at the store if you can. Maybe bring along a short piece of speaker wire already stripped for testing each speaker and each speaker output on the receiver. Blown speakers will not work at all or they may just sound raspy. Don't worry about the watts too much. As long as it is a name brand speaker, it will work fine as long as you are not blasting the receiver at full volume.
Q:Home theater system speaker output problem?
It's either the speaker, the cable, or the amp/receiver. You have to isolate the problem by eliminating each thing one at a time. Connect one of the other speakers (that you know works) to the output that goes to that speaker. If it works, then it's the cable of the first speaker. If it doesn't, then it's the amp/receiver. At that point, you have two choices: Either get the amp repaired, or buy a new one.
Q:Studio Monitors Vs. Regular Speakers?
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Q:Stereo speakers outputs mono?
when each speaker of the 2 speakers isnt SEPARATLY connected to each of the 2 separat channels in the stereo plug, then the audio will not be stereo, that can be the problem with that installtion. it needs then a set of speakers where each of the 2 speakers is connected distinct to each of the two channels in the stereo plug of the computer, then the audio will be stereo like in the headphones. what can be done is to simply use another speaker cabel that conducts both channels from the stereo plug sepratley to each of the 2 speakers, if the curent cabel of the speakers can be simply taken off, otherwise it will need to cut the plug of the speaker cabel off to solder on a new plug on the speaker cabel with of course each channel speparatly to each of the speakers, to have actual stereo.
Q:Speaker & Receiver compatibility?
From reading the two specifications pages for your products (linked below) it looks like you amp can handle speaker impedances from 6-16 ohms, but its rated output in watts drops, the higher the speaker impedance. For your 8 ohm speakers the output will drop to 100 watts from 130 watts for your current speakers. That means there will be a minimal decrease in output, because the amp faces more load, but it is still well within the capabilities of your amp. If you were to decrease the ohm load of your speakers, you could have a problem because the speakers would draw more power from your amp than in it capable of delivering, causing it to blow a fuse.
Q:Help on finding speakers?
Human's can't hear past 20KHz. Most animals with sensitive hearing can't hear past 80KHz. Bat's and marine mammals are about the only species that can hear 100KHz and beyond. None of the speaker manufacturers out there are going to have speakers that output that high a frequency because it would be pure waste. You would probably have to build your own using a piezoelectric tweeter and a bunch of other drivers. If you meant 100dB then that's a different story. That would depend on the speakers sensitivity, power handling capacity and your amplifier's output capability. Klipsch makes some nice outdoor speakers.
Q:Replacing speakers on my surround sound?
this may be completely ineffective to you yet stressed audio device sound more suitable that instantaneous ones because of lesser variety of variables. imagine - transmission loss/ conversion loss etc.
Q:Does quality of audio effect speakers?
It certainly can effect audio quality with your choice of speakers. Garbage in garbage out is a general rule that applies in this case. To have a high quality music file, music should be downloaded at a higher 128 bit rate, which is so often the standard or the default position on computers. No need to read the entire link below, however, it best answers the cause and effect of low-high quality audio run through speakers. Its in lay-mens terms so I could understand what they were saying. Best.

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