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How to keep the kitchen moist?
Sanitary corner for dehumidificationSewers, ceiling and wall is often the kitchen corner, easy to gather moisture or shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. Experts remind that the kitchen sewer and sewer connections, if there is no strict seal, it is easy to water seepage and stink. As the water interface is in a more secluded place, the decoration is completed, acceptance is easy to ignore, it is recommended that the decoration workers will interface gap with glass glue or other adhesives sealed. In addition, the water in the sink cabinet hole installed on the cover can be moisture-proof.Kitchen ceiling to the accumulation of oil droplets and water trace deformation. If your kitchen installed a ceiling lamp, but also often maintain the ceiling and ceiling connections, in case the ceiling light drop, causing danger. As for the smaller kitchen, you can use the lime bag to absorb moisture. If you do not have a lime, you can also substitute coffee grounds or soda.
What is the standard depth of the cabinet?
Cabinet standard depth, that is, standard cabinet: 600mm.
Office furniture generally what kind of material to do more appropriate cost-effective?
Particleboard, MDF MDF, three plywood and various wood-based panels are using a lot of glue, and glue to out toxic formaldehyde (FORMALDEHYDE) as solvent. Furniture plate production of high formaldehyde content and will continue to release toxic formaldehyde gas, the user's eyes and respiratory system by long-term stimulation, lead to lung, liver and immune system dysfunction, serious harm to the health and life safety. Standard E-1 board 100% imported from Europe, from material to the production by the strict control, regular detection of the EU approved by the center sampling test, the formaldehyde release amount of 6-8 mg /100 grams, compared with the international standard E-1 10 mg /100 grams less. The current state of the formaldehyde release of various kinds of artificial board for 40-70 mg /100 g, no regular random sampling inspection on the market, the emergence of a large number of "false E-1" "toxic" plate, consumers should be careful to choose.
Excuse me, home kitchen Feng Shui taboos are what?
Avoid the kitchen floor higher than the hall, the room floor. This pattern makes the kitchen above the hall, room, upside down, and easy to cause sewage backflow. The kitchen cooking, dining room eating, the kitchen should be high and low hall opposite, retreat be promoted step by step, Cai yu.5, avoid the door cooking stove. Ancient cloud: "open the door to see the stove, more money consumption. If the stove burner is on the door, home money difficult to gather more easily, the family health damage. The theory of kyrgyzstan.
How do you choose the sideboard?
But according to the sea ocean beauty tea cabinet accessories production ten years of experience, the general sideboards are these so you can choose to put dishes, plastic drawer cabinets, drawers because the plastic waterproof and easy to clean.
An integral ambry, what cabinet fittings should have generally?
The whole kitchen cabinet is composed of kitchen cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, kitchen utensils and appliances, four in one kitchen cabinet. The characteristics of the whole cabinet is the cabinet and console and kitchen appliances and various functional parts are organically combined together, and in accordance with the individual needs of consumers in the home kitchen structure, area and family members, the overall configuration, the overall design, the overall construction, complete sets of products formed finally, to achieve the overall coordination of the kitchen work each operation procedures, and create a good family atmosphere and strong flavor of life.
Want to do open kitchen, afraid of soot, how to do?
Do not forget the safety of the circuitThe construction materials of the open kitchen must use fireproof materials; the circuit must be far from the gas line; the power line and the cable line are connected from the ground; the water pipe is also connected from the ground. More power outlets in the kitchen, these sockets are best hidden behind the appliances or cabinets, but the electrical equipment should not be too complex; pesticides, air fresheners and other flammable and explosive substances to stay away from fire.
How to understand the relationship between the three interior design, furnishings, furniture?
The furniture is relatively simple inside, but the furniture also contains many subcategories, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, and one of the furniture has a lot of small furniture names. Anyway, it's also a complex category. How do you like it?.