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I just built the house to be renovated.
You are proud of the floor of the production of heavy bamboo flooring commonly known as bamboo silk board, bamboo flooring is a kind, it is in the general bamboo flooring on the basis of further improvement, making it more beautiful and more practical. This bamboo flooring selection than the average selection of bamboo flooring more fine, it is generally selected more than five years old bamboo age of high quality bamboo made of materials, by the selection, cooking, carbonization, drying, cold pressing and a series of strict process production to make. Features: 1. Raw materials are bamboo, eco-friendly. 2. High density, high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics of the popular, it can be said that the best in the floor 3. Water-resistant, and his Ji ridicule careers Kill nine ghosts along the end of the natural deformation of a little 4 Environmental protection release formaldehyde concentration to Europe and the United States standard you can choose this, environmental protection is the key
Ask you heroes who, who used to lock the helmet helps to teach Di send rhinoceros waste baskets bamboo floor, it is said that do not need to play keel to reduce the noise, but worried about the future deformation. In addition, summer laying will not be better? Thank you. More
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I have seen on the price comparison of bamboo flooring on the bamboo floor, the recent out of stock. But do not know how to do a good job of trouble do not know how to do? Want information. More
If it is out of stock, it should be good quality, in short supply. I am not very clear, I am not very clear, anti-idling test dry line Yao surprised Shi Chao is my home in 2009 summer decoration is used in this bamboo hall brand, and now also very good.
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What is the difference between bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring?
Wood flooring is made of wood directly processed from the floor, pollution, pattern natural, elegant should be heavy, rich sensibility, flexibility and real advantages, solid wood flooring there are some characteristics: (1) a natural color, ring and texture (3) good insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation performance; (4) with the old can be through the past, with a good visual effect; (2) good elasticity, friction coefficient is small, comfortable foot; Planing, paint again after paint refurbished. Disadvantages are: (1) dry requirements are higher, should not be used in places where humidity changes, or prone to expansion, shrink deformation; (2) afraid of acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, fear of burning. (3) not wear, easy to lose luster. Bamboo flooring stitching using adhesives, made of high temperature and high pressure. Flooring non-toxic, solid and stable, not open plastic, no deformation. After the removal of sugar, starch, fat, protein and other special harmless treatment of bamboo, with superior anti-moth function. (E-type, F-type) bamboo flooring, you can not keel, direct pavement, effectively retain the interior space, bamboo plate flooring outstanding advantages are Dongnuanxialiang. Bamboo because of low thermal conductivity, their own cool and heat. Particularly suitable for pavement in the living room, bedroom. Material thick, not afraid of water, the smaller the color is the characteristics of bamboo flooring. The shortcomings of bamboo plate is scared to scratches. In addition, because the bamboo flooring high strength, hardness, foot feel better than solid wood flooring, the appearance of no solid wood flooring rich and varied
First, my bamboo floors had wax put on them. But now, the floors look like they're all dirty, like stained a bit darker. The color of the dark brown bamboo floor is very dull now. What should I do? Are there any exact bamboo floor cleaning products? I'm not sure if I should use my option of cleaning it with water, if water may damage the wood.Thanks.
Dish /wash soap will make the floor sticky.,and even if you rinse off it will leave a residue. I would suggest nice warm water and only two teaspoons white vinegar , nice clean towly cloth and rub hard. You would be amazed how much just warm water cleans on its own, i only use warm water on my floors now and change the wash water often. Please try water only first and your floor will eventually be clean anf free from any cleaning soloutions. By the way i discovered this one day when i had run out of any cleaning stuff. My wooden floors look great and without any smears or sticky residue.
What is the crack in the bamboo flooring?
Of course not normal, this is because the time is too long after years of walking caused by the best time to sew the glue or sticky about the larger words or find the floor to re-repair about the more secure
Bamboo flooring is good or tiled well
First of all to know the role of keel, personally think that the main role of keel has two: one, more conducive to moisture, two, easy to use the floor with a nail fixed. There are a lot of people will say that playing a keel feel better, that feeling only to understand their own. If your house is on the first and second floor, it is recommended that you play keel, can be better moisture. Then, you do not need to fix the floor with a nail, depending on whether the slot of the bamboo flooring you buy is flat or locked. If it is a lock, then there is no need to nail a nail. Flat buckle of the floor to install, before a lot will be used to nail or glue (with glue will produce on the Dan Li Zhu Yao Fei surprised when the super-indoor environment of the secondary pollution, in general, if the plastic will have formaldehyde, sticky The stronger the content, the larger the content), but the two methods are fixed on the floor, but if the floor after the need for maintenance that will be quite troublesome. Now with the floor with the spring, placed around the floor, you can prevent the floor between the seam, the effect is equivalent to nailing or sizing. Now with a large number of bamboo flooring with a lock, can be given priority.