Can you use a steam cleaner on engineered hardwood floors?
Do not do it. It can cause big problems. I was just at a clients house the other day who h...
Engineered Hardwood Question?
engineered hard wood is a ply board with a top layer of the hard wood you want ( example o...
Can a finishing nail gun be used to install 3/8 engineered hardwood?
Engineered flooring is usually not nail down. Normally it is floating or glue down. You ca...
What is the potential problem of the engineered wood flooring for basement?
you need to do a moisture test on your floor first to see if it is feasible first you get ...
How to install 3/4 engineered wood flooring?
To be honest I ve never seen a 3/4 engineered hardwood. 3/8s and 1/2 inch yes, both of tho...
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