New ceramic wall tiles for bathroom & kitchen & balcony

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1200 m²
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540000 m²/month

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Formaldehyde: 0 Material: Ceramic Feature: Soundproof,Heat Insulation,Dust-Proof,Fireproof
Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue,Wood Grain Position: Interior Certification: CE,ISO,test report
Customized: Customized,Non-Customized

Product Description:

New ceramic wall tiles for bathroom & kitchen & balcony




1.  All ceramic wall tile are PREMIUM AAA Grade. We established an independent dept to inspect all goods before shipment.

2. OEM service: We can make your brand on the package or even on the tiles. Also, you can customize your own designs with us.

3.  Special dimensions are available according to request.

4.  More than ten years experience and very professional team in exporting to ensure your order more smooth.

5.  On time delivery, in general 15~20 days.

6.  Best service: customer can follow their order situation any time, no matter on product line, warehouse or shipment.

7.  Own designer team ensure the designs are newest and adjust for pure and right color.

Package Details :

8 pcs/carton

1080 cartons/1*20 GP/with pallet

27 Ton/ 1*20 GP


Product effect:

New ceramic wall tiles for bathroom & kitchen & balcony


Factory show:

New ceramic wall tiles for bathroom & kitchen & balcony


1.    What is your MOQ?

       MOQ: one design one container .

       Decoration design: one design 1x20’GP, also can mix color in one container.

2.    What is the MOQ to use customer design carton?

       MOQ: 5x20'GP. if less than this qty will charge for carton design draft fee.

       We have own designers to meet your requirements.

3.    What is special of your tiles?

       More glossy, more shine, more 170g glaze , special technology of tile body more stable.

4.    How you assure the quality?

       We inspect the quality during incoming material, production process, packing and loading.

5.    Where is you market ?

       Our main markets are North America , South America , Asia and Middle East .

6.    Do you attend oversea fairs ?

       Yes, we attend the fair in Dubai, Vietnam , Algeria , Korea ,Brazil and Frankfurt etc .

7.    Can you make OEM ?

       Yes ,we can .

8.    Where is you famous customers ?

       Our customers are including The Homedepot, OBI,...

9.    What price you can offer?

        EXW, FOB, CFR/CIF, ect

10.  Do you have quality control team and designers?

        Yes, we have 10 QC and 8 designers to guarantee quality and meet your colors and styles need

11.  What payment you accept?

       Normally By TT, L/C also acceptable.


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Q:What is the difference between solid wood flooring and floor tiles
Floor of the 4 major advantages: beautiful, durable; relatively good sense of comfort; the use of geothermal heating insulation performance is good; the price is cheaper, and the construction is simple, free installation. Details: the floor has a beautiful, durable features, natural wood species, can be a good performance of a person's life. The ground will make people feel comfortable is not perfect, wear a large amount of public places in order to ensure the durability of the ground, had to use a hard ground material, such as room and living area choose wooden floor with excellent elasticity, not only make the comfortable, and can greatly reduce the impact of noise on the floor, and fundamentally solve the problem of noise exceed the standard makes the room more warm and quiet. In general, the price of the composite wood flooring products in the middle of 90 to $120 per square meter. In the high-end brand ceramic tiles in the price of 150 to $250 per square meter. Wooden floor installation method is simple, the dealer's prices are included in the cost of auxiliary materials and construction labor costs, so it can be installed free of charge.
Q:How to distinguish the nature of the solid wood floor of the Acacia bronze
Steps to buy wood flooringWhen consumers decide to use wood floor as the ground decoration materials, the following steps must be taken to purchase:1 in the purchase before, we must first know your level, towards, residential area, the best to draw a plan to overall planning, the specific distribution of each room use function, then to choose the floor; generally speaking young people because the work is busy, because with the elderly, children's requirements may not be completely consistent, the best discuss and reach a consensus, in determining the direction of the floor of the purchase; consider the performance of the floor is still long, in laying construction operation and will not cause damage to the surrounding buildings; finally we should consider the ability of their economies, the cost of renovation budget.
Q:Multilayer solid wood floor and pure wood floor which kind of good?
Note: the optional floor is not the harder the better, because the more hard texture, the feeling is not good, and lost itself wood sound absorption and moisture resistance etc.. Some businesses often use some metal objects carved floor, the floor is not damaged as well, this is just a business promotional gimmick. We know the most simple truth: the wood must be afraid of iron (two of the molecular structure is not the same), and not afraid of the floor of the iron is not necessarily a pure wood products. I hope you will not be misled by the advertising business. To know the statistics on the floor of the complaints, 100 complaints, because the problem is not even wear a very simple reason...... Who will go to his home wearing high-heeled shoes at random? Or hit the floor with a metal object?. So the real problem is that the floor cracks, deformation, etc..
Q:Which is better, engineered hardwood or laminate wood flooring?
At Lowes I saw ceramic tile, that looked exactly like hardwood flooring. Longevity-wise, on concrete, this would be your best bet (especially with the dog). But...tile can be cold and unforgiving under your feet. So that leaves hardwood, or laminate. Hardwood properly finished will have a better re-sale value, and look/sound nicer than the laminate any day. The laminate sounds cheap, and IMO looks cheap. On the plus side it is easy to install, but it can get scratched by the dogs nails, and then can't be sanded and refinished like the hardwood floor can.
Q:Any opinions on different brands of engineered Wood Floors?
I am not sure about the brands you named, but we just recently had a hardwood floor installed in our kitchen dining and family room... we picked Mohawk brand, and are very pleased with it. The installation of the 3 rooms we had done were about 1/2 the price of the materials, and was glued down tongue and groove.
Q:I'm installing glue-down engineered hardwood floors over concrete.?
Most engineered flooring doesn't require a glue down, if you do want to glue it down, you'll have to do it directly to the concrete. You can a concrete sealer as a vapor barrier. I've installed most of these systems using a foam vapor barrier with no fastening, as a floating floor. Good Luck!
Q:How to shop wood floor
2, leveling the ground floor, the floor must be flat. If the local potholes are very powerful, should be leveling. Gypsum binder can be used to add 30% of the sand, add water and stir into a paste, quickly smooth. Attention should be consolidated for more than 24 hours, in order to ensure that the ground dry, and then to lay wooden keel, so as not to damp wood floors. 3, set up a wooden frame wooden keel, must be crossed, positioning. Its spacing to 30-40 cm is appropriate. Such as too wide, step up to tremble; is too narrow, it will make the wood floor is very hard, lack of flexibility. Wooden keel should be used pine, fir and other deformation is not easy, holding a strong force of wood, with expansion screws fixed on the cement floor. The moisture content must be controlled within 18%. Wood keel, skirting the back should be moisture-proof treatment. The wooden keel should be fixed and firm, the surface to be smooth, so as not to affect the installation of the floor. Use level ruler to keel surface level, if not, should be adjusted. The wooden keel should be used for ventilation. If the above requires the laying of multilayer board or Blockboard and other auxiliary plate, each plate should be evenly divided into several blocks, fixed on wooden keel, and maintains a gap of 3-5 mm, and then walk a few steps, to see whether there is a sound.
Q:1.2 multi-layer solid wood flooring quality
Currently on the market of wood flooring manufacturers and brands are dazzling, dizzying, three products meet the eye everywhere. So buy sure to know the floor of the brand and reputation. Try to buy well-known brand flooring. 5 through the above steps of the investigation and Research on the floor, color, grade specifications, price has been aware of, that is, to determine the direction of the purchase and ready to pay for the purchase.
Q:Home decoration, choose a good wood floor tiles or good
Wood floors are solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring.Wood floors and tiles, each has advantages and disadvantages, can be compared from the following angles
Q:In flooring, which is better: solid hardwood or engineered hardwood?
The adhesives used to hold laminates together will 'off-gas' and release VOCs into your air for years to come. Some are known carcinogens, others contribute to asthma, depression and other difficulties. That's on top of whatever you use to seal and finish it. Pricewise laminate rules. But we're still finding out what the true costs are.

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