Ceramic Wall Tiles for Bathroom Kitchen Balcony

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1200 m²
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540000 m²/month
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Formaldehyde: 0 Material: Ceramic Feature: Fireproof,Soundproof,Heat Insulation,Dust-Proof
Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue,Wood Grain,customized Position: Interior Certification: ISO,CE,test report
Customized: Customized,Non-Customized

Product Description:

ceramic wall tiles for bathroom & kitchen&balcony 


1.  All ceramic wall tile are PREMIUM AAA Grade. We established an independent dept to inspect all goods before shipment.

2. OEM service: We can make your brand on the package or even on the tiles. Also, you can customize your own designs with us.

3.  Special dimensions are available according to request.

4.  More than ten years experience and very professional team in exporting to ensure your order more smooth.

5.  On time delivery, in general 15~20 days.

6.  Best service: customer can follow their order situation any time, no matter on product line, warehouse or shipment.

7.  Own designer team ensure the designs are newest and adjust for pure and right color.



Package Details :

8 pcs/carton

1080 cartons/1*20 GP/with pallet

27 Ton/ 1*20 GP


Product effect:

Ceramic Wall Tiles for Bathroom Kitchen Balcony


Factory show:

Ceramic Wall Tiles for Bathroom Kitchen Balcony


1.    What is your MOQ?

       MOQ: one design one container .

       Decoration design: one design 1x20’GP, also can mix color in one container.

2.    What is the MOQ to use customer design carton?

       MOQ: 5x20'GP. if less than this qty will charge for carton design draft fee.

       We have own designers to meet your requirements.

3.    What is special of your tiles?

       More glossy, more shine, more 170g glaze , special technology of tile body more stable.

4.    How you assure the quality?

       We inspect the quality during incoming material, production process, packing and loading.

5.    Where is you market ?

       Our main markets are North America , South America , Asia and Middle East .

6.    Do you attend oversea fairs ?

       Yes, we attend the fair in Dubai, Vietnam , Algeria , Korea ,Brazil and Frankfurt etc .

7.    Can you make OEM ?

       Yes ,we can .

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Q:Laminate vs Engineered Hardwood vs Hardwood Flooring which is best value, easiest to install and why?
Not laminate if your selling your house.. For a DIY er engineered wood is much easier to install. You don t get the slightly curved wood you ll get with real hard wood. But for a selling aspect hardwood is the way to go. Cost is ( on the average) cheaper than engineered but the look is exactly the same since engineered wood is reall on the surface. So if you have good DIY er skills , go with real wood. Any questions you can email me through my avatar. GL
Q:Wood floor with what disinfection?
Room humidity is too large to keep the floor dry, clean, daily use of clean dry cotton mops wipe: in case of stubborn stains. Then twist dry wipe cotton mop should use neutral cleaning solvents after cleaning, do not use acid and alkaline solvent or organic solvent such as gasoline scrub.
Q:Hardwood floors, glue or nail?
Hardwood Floor Glue
Q:What is the floor of the house decoration good, solid wood floor is good!
To strengthen the floor -- a bad, no regrets. Laminate flooring is the cheapest, although its high-end products are also very expensive, said that if your unit price of 100, you can only choose her (or?) The. The floor color is rich and beautiful, who can find their love color patterns, health or do her, just as a tile, but I think the environmental protection almost, maybe I will never forget the scene not to buy a computer desk in the furniture factory to see, in addition to the floor surface is a layer of wear-resistant layer, the bottom surface is moistureproof layer, the middle is density board, density board is made of wood dregs, which has also used rubber, rubber paving, and as we all know, is the most environmentally friendly glue, and if the time is long, the surface of the layer of wear resistant layer without the floor is rubbish, hundred-percent, I have seen no wear-resisting layer, really miserable, with the apple of Sodom is not too much to describe
Q:I would like to ask wood floors and composite floors which good?
As for what to do, regardless of solid wood or composite floor, it is necessary to wax once a half year. In order to protect the floor well. If the wax hit too often or too little, are not good for the floor
Q:How thick is the layer below the wood floor
Clean light composite wood flooring tips: use cloth dipped in clean water wipe directly on the floor, or the washing water is evenly sprayed on the wooden floor (not too much), 5 minutes with dry dishcloth, the floor will be clean a lot. Special stains cleaning: grease, paint, printing ink can be used special stains to wipe oil; blood, juice, wine, beer and other stains with a damp cloth or wiping the floor cleaning cloth dipped in the amount of wax; and chewing gum, with ice on it for a while, the frozen contraction, then gently sweep, reoccupy a wet cloth or wiping the floor cleaning cloth dipped in the amount of. Do not use strong acid and alkali liquid to clean the compound wood floor.
Q:Is a good solid wood floor tiles or good
Maintenance: the high cost of maintenance of wood flooring (a little solid wood flooring needs regular waxing and wax), floor tiles are very low, only need to drag to wash.
Q:installing engineered hardwood flooring with Liquid nails?
They dont really float it just allows for expansion. Sure, you CAN nail them -if you really want rusty nails in your new floor! Why not follow the manufacturers recommendations?
Q:which brand engineered wood floor is best?
www.okorder.com/ There's lots of good brands.
Q:I was thinking of putting an engineered hardwood floor in my dining room....?
I live in a major metro area in PA and have a few friends in the real estate business -- they would all tell you to put the floor in. If your market is like ours, hardwood floors are one of the major things people look for. Just choose a fairly medium toned oak (nothing too dark or light or with an overly strongly grained pattern.) In my own experience, people are actually even more forgiving of a funky looking kitchen (where they are just as happy to remodel to their own taste) but they really would rather not put in the floors themselves, even though that is cheaper and easier than a kitchen remodel. People tend to be grossed out by carpeting in a house any more, even if it looks new. It doesn't feel clean to them. If it is old -- forget it. They will either nix the house or use the carpet as an excuse to beat you down on the price. I wish I had spent the money to have it put in my late mother's house before I sold it. I could have gotten double what I would have spent back on the sale, based on what I saw similar houses with hardwood go for in the neighborhood.

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