2016 New arrival interior ceramic wall tiles

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1200 m²
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540000 m²/month

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Formaldehyde: E1,0,E0 Material: Ceramic Feature: Fireproof,Soundproof,Heat Insulation,Dust-Proof
Color: Black,White,Red,Green,Blue,customized Position: Interior Certification: CE,ISO,test report
Customized: Customized,Non-Customized

Product Description:

ceramic wall tiles for bathroom & kitchen for Dubai market




1.  All ceramic wall tile are PREMIUM AAA Grade. We established an independent dept to inspect all goods before shipment.

2. OEM service: We can make your brand on the package or even on the tiles. Also, you can customize your own designs with us.

3.  Special dimensions are available according to request.

4.  More than ten years experience and very professional team in exporting to ensure your order more smooth.

5.  On time delivery, in general 15~20 days.

6.  Best service: customer can follow their order situation any time, no matter on product line, warehouse or shipment.

7.  Own designer team ensure the designs are newest and adjust for pure and right color.


Package Details :

8 pcs/carton

1080 cartons/1*20 GP/with pallet

27 Ton/ 1*20 GP

Product effect:

2016 New arrival interior ceramic wall tiles


Company information:

Our company founded in 2004,is a professional manufacturer of all types of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles,covering an area of 180,000 square meters.Currently we have over 1000 staff,including 72 research & development talents with years'experience in this field.

With international advanced machines imported from Italy and Spain, we can provide tiles with superior quality standard. Our company obtained the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate,thereby ensuring that we can supply clients with a significant quality guarantee.

Moreover,we greatly pay attention to constant technical innovation.Over the past few years,we have developed a wide range of wall tiles and floor tiles.These products are available in 300*600mm,400*800mm,300*900mm,600*600mm ,800*800mmm ...


Factory show:

2016 New arrival interior ceramic wall tiles


1.    What is your MOQ?

       MOQ: one design one container .

       Decoration design: one design 1x20’GP, also can mix color in one container.

2.    What is the MOQ to use customer design carton?

       MOQ: 5x20'GP. if less than this qty will charge for carton design draft fee.

       We have own designers to meet your requirements.

3.    What is special of your tiles?

       More glossy, more shine, more 170g glaze , special technology of tile body more stable.

4.    How you assure the quality?

       We inspect the quality during incoming material, production process, packing and loading.

5.    Where is you market ?

       Our main markets are North America , South America , Asia and Middle East .

6.    Do you attend oversea fairs ?

       Yes, we attend the fair in Dubai, Vietnam , Algeria , Korea ,Brazil and Frankfurt etc .

7.    Can you make OEM ?

       Yes ,we can .

8.    Where is you famous customers ?

       Our customers are including The Homedepot, OBI,...

9.    What price you can offer?

        EXW, FOB, CFR/CIF, ect

10.  Do you have quality control team and designers?

        Yes, we have 10 QC and 8 designers to guarantee quality and meet your colors and styles need

11.  What payment you accept?

       Normally By TT, L/C also acceptable.


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Q:What is the difference (advantages/disadvantages) between hardwood, engineered, and laminated flooring?
Solid wood flooring is harder to put down...it does last longer and can take more punishment. One thing you will have to do is take all the doors off in that area and cut off the bottom so it will clear the floor. The solid flooring boards are 3/4 inch thick. Are you going down over concrete or old wood base? Concrete takes more work and requires a few secret tricks to keep the boards together once installed.
Q:Multi layer solid wood floor maintenance convenient?
Second, the floor should be avoided and hard (heavy) objects collide, Sassafras row, in order to avoid damage the paint layer, moving furniture, furniture is not hard to drag, lift flat, heavy furniture pulley into the room, covered with appropriate things, the best angle with a rubber pad four furniture.
Q:how to install wood floors?
Your question cannot be answered in detail as you ask it. First of all, what kind of wood floors are you taking about, 3/4 hardwood, 3/8 hardwood, laminate, engineered flooring. . .what? Second, what are you installing the floor over, wood or concrete? That will determine what kind of flooring you can use. Finally, there are certain ground rules that are common to most wood flooring. First, make sure the subfloor is level. If you have peaks and valleys in your subfloor, it will stress the flooring and cause premature failure. Know what kind of moisture barrier you need. This will depend on whether the flooring is in a dry (living room, etc.) environment or a wet one like a kitchen or bathroom. Pay attention to the maximum height of your flooring and use the underlayment thickness that will get you to the right height. Keep flooring about 1/4 away from walls to allow for flooring expansion and contraction with moisture and temperature. Finally, for wood floors, allow the flooring to come to temperature in the room it will be installed for at least 72 hours. I strongly suggest you do your homework and research what kind of flooring you want, and what will be best for your application. Unless you have the fundamentals down, you are wasting our time with a non-specific question such as yours.
Q:A hardwood flooring question.?
On a concrete floor, you must use an engineered floor, unless you build a plywood subfloor first. (There is no reason to do this) A 5/8 engineered floor is usually a good floor. Look at the thickness of the top layer. You could save even more by buying a laminate floor instead. Not only is it less expensive, but it is MUCH easier to maintain. I wouldn't consider the cheap laminates, but the better ones. Find a retailer you trust to show you the difference. (Ikea and Home depot have junk)
Q:Difference between engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring?
Stability is the main reason for the difference between these two types of flooring. Engineered flooring has several sub base that, is layered in different directions(perpendicular). This reduces air vapor, which results in less movement. You can purchase engineered floor with a 3/16 (.1875) thick veneer, recommended if you can afford it, in your budget. To get the max life out of your engineered flooring. Prep your subfloor, make sure your subfloor is flat within an 1/8 over 5 feet. This way if, you ever need to refinish them, you'll be removing minimum material, due to a flat surface. So, even an 1/8 veneer can get up to 3 sandings, if installed over a flat surface. Beware of delaminating on poor quality manufacturers. Solid Wood, unstable compared to engineered, but much more versatile. You can installed it over an irregular surface, it has a 1/4 sanding surface. Much more widely available and easy to obtain. Tolerance for error is much higher. Learn more on my site
Q:old hardwood floors in bad shape--should I cover them?
Yikes - be really careful - somebody might love those old wood floors - I have a feeling I would - even all busted up. How about carpet? - then you cover them but don't hurt them - you wouldn't need the subfloor then. But if you want to put down another floor you can get some really thin plywoods for a subfloor - glue it and nail it to your old floor (but that will really ruin your old floor!!!) then nail down a new oak floor over that. Oak flooring is fairly reasonable at the big stores these days. You can put down fairly thin Haridbacker which is a sort of cement board - and on that you could do ceramic tile, but it makes for a sort of cold house. There's a zillion things for floors these days. Seems like they invented something different every week for the past 10 years. But think about how far you want to raise you floors - when you put down plywood and new boards, you raise your floor at least an inch - is that going to look weird? Or perhaps you could pull out your original floor you don't like and start again.
Q:Solid wood floor can bask in the sun?
General home in the sun is relatively small for wood harm, say real wood floor is afraid of the sun is afraid of that exposure to the sun, like the summer that sinister sun, solid wood flooring can not afford.
Q:How to calculate the general loss of wood floors?
A room with a length of 5m and a width of 3m:Room 5m, 1.2m=5 block lengthRoom 3M, 0.19m=16 block wide widthLength 5 * width of 16 = total plate with a total of 80
Q:Wood floors and wood floors which is better?
Controversy over arching.Many friends abandon the solid wood flooring and the selection of composite floors is more because of the problem of the solid wood floor arch. In fact, the formulation of this problem is a certain problem. First of all, we should pay attention to an objective problem, that is now engaged in the decoration industry in the market, many people do not have the ability to study the problem or not. In the early days of reform and opening up, a considerable part of the rich families began to carry out renovation, but the quality of the decoration team on the market is not inconsistent. But the solid wood floor is a proud thing, not everyone can handle. So, there are a lot of problems. Last week, the boss of a company looking for me, talking about his family's solid wood flooring. The floor is paved by the end of last year, has not been completed on the shop has been arch, the results of the decoration of the people ran away. In April this year has been repaired three times, the phenomenon is only one arch, arch even the doors are not switch.
Q:I was thinking of putting an engineered hardwood floor in my dining room....?
I would first try deep cleaning the carpeting, if that's what you have now. Also do other inexpensive decorative steps-- fresh paint, draping fabric over a curtain rod, artwork (that you then take with you).

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