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What kind of wood floor? How to choose?
High-grade wood species: Black Walnut (300-500 yuan / square meters), Asian Pear (300-450 yuan / square meters), and ebony, rosewood, rosewood, rosewood and other valuable timber wood flooring is made, the market price at least 500 yuan / square meters above;
sizeAt present, the market supply of wood floors, size specifications are still long wide, such as 900mm * 90mm * 18mm, in fact, wood flooring should not be long short, should not narrow width, should be less than 600mm * 75mm * 18mm floor, the smaller size, stronger deformation resistance. If used for floor heating floor, it should not thin thick, generally 8 ~ 12mm thick.
I'm wanting to put wood floors in and I've noticed that not all allow you to float them. Some have to be glued or nailed? They look the same to me. This is going in over concrete. But why don't all work for floating floors? Whats the diff?
If they are floating floors, they need to lock together. Nail down type flooring is simply tongue and groove, it will come apart if left floating.
Multi layer solid wood flooring shop, there are some parts of the larger gap, has been three winter, and what reason? I bought a living home floor.
Multilayer solid wood floor surface layer is 3-8m thick wood skin (usually a ring cutting, multilayer veneer veneer) bottom crisscross adhesive used compression bonding. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the decorative effect of the solid wood floor, compared with the solid wood floor, the utility model has the advantages of small deformation, better stability and more economy. However, if the use of glue may exceed the formaldehyde content.
Which is better and why? Which is better for resale-ability? I realize they both have pros and cons, but - we're looking at it for the 1st floor - above ground, and not in the basement (no moisture problems).
A okorder in my source if you need helping buying, installing, or caring for your new hardwood.
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All my boards are in 3ft lengths. Do I need to cut them to various lengths before starting? What lengths should I cut them in? Does it look weird having a 3ft borad then a 8 inch board? Please help!
If you don't want glue(Chemicals,formaldehyde)in the house you can use a rubber membrane on top of the concrete beneath the wood. It will give you a more solid floor than just floating it.Home depot has a product its a green roll membrane.
I have engineered wood flooring glued to a slab on grade sub floor. We want to remove this and install a thin profile (that is rated and acceptable for concrete sub floor installation) hardwood flooring. However, the cost and hassle to remove the existing engineered wood flooring is more than the new hardwood itself. Could I simply add an additional layer of plywood on top of the existing engineered hardwood (to get the correct height for nails) and treat this as my sub floor, ready for new installation?
How old is the building your living in. That could give you a clue if they are hardwood. If the building is 50 years old or more then it's a good chance that they are hardwood. You can buy hardwood flooring cleaner at Home Depot. Check out the seams where the flooring butts together. If you are able to visibly see and or slide something very thin into the seam like a razor blade then it's hardwood if not then it's most likely laminate.