Thin Flame-retardant Tape

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Our products are halogenfree, without glass fiber and asbestos, complying with the European

Union ROHS standards. It is mainly used for flame retardant mine cables, and marine cables,

with good soft, tensile strength and good fire resistance.













Tensile Strength






Oxygen Index






Short term stability


Long term stability


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Q:What is the standard of plastic strapping?
The economic benefit is good. The length of the 1 ton PET packing belt is equal to 6 tons. The length of the steel strip of the same size is lower than that of the steel band per meter by 40%, and the packing cost can be reduced.
Q:Production process of PP packing belt
Finally, the embossing, stretching after the packaging belt, after two patterns of pressure roller, it will be pressed on the pattern, its role is to increase friction in use, do not slip, from the appearance of looking handsome.
Q:Is the profit margin of the packing belt line large
Profit in general, buy materials to 6000 far, the finished product in the market price more than 6000 yuan, remove the rent, electricity, wages were flat! I'm switching now!!!! At that time I bought a new branch of machinery, worked for seven months, now want to sell, but I do not know where the old equipment received
Q:What kind of joints are used in the packing belt
Hot dip lap pack.Hot melt lapped by electrothermal welding, packing machinery high-frequency welding and ultrasonic welding and heating method, plastic surface heat melting, two with end face lapping up melting under pressure, to maintain a certain period of time, to be melted surface condensation, adhesive plastic belt joint way. Features: hot lap package is a package of new, suitable for polypropylene plastic bag, polypropylene plastic belt with iron because if the button is fixedly connected with the mechanical strength, only 50% of that of the base material, adhesive connection does not apply. The excuse is firm and beautiful, but it can not be untied.
Q:How to use the tie case packing belt?
Packing belt is divided into a pack and cross pack two, cross packing steps: 1, packing belt at the bottom, lock heads 2 and the other end is inclined through the tripod buckle 3, down 4, will pack pack again through the box body 5, buckle lock 6, dial the disorderly password complete.
Q:What material is the packing belt made of?
The straps are made of PP and PET, two plastic mixes.  The difference between machine and hand is that the thickness is different, and the requirement of machine is higher.Production process is: plastic melt - - tape - forming - cooling - winding - Packaging - storage is probably the case.
Q:What's the difference between PP strapping and PET packaging?
Pet packing belt is suitable for packing large and heavy materials, such as glass, steel, stone, brick and so on. It is more suitable for long distance transportation. The PP straps are suitable for packing cartons or other lighter objects. The steel belt is suitable for auto parts, oil drums and so on.
Q:What is the reason that the packing belt of the packer is not glued?
Could you change the original packing tape, packing tape thickness is relatively thick, and now the thin, semi automatic strapping machine head can not be fully in place. Solution: adjust the head position again
Q:What's the difference between PP strapping and PET packaging
The PET packing belt belongs to the environmental protection type packing belt, the green environment protection can recycle, is suitable for the sustainable development, but the PP packing belt does not belong to the environmental protection packing belt. The PET belt is safer than the belt
Q:Do you need two packing belt for the airport consignment bag
If your bags are intact, no packing straps are required. They are usually packed in flimsy cartons or bags

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