Double-Side Water-blocking Tape

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Product Description:

Application:Replacement of flooding compound under radial barriers Water-blocking armouring/Between  cable components. Replacement of flooding compound in loose tube constructions in slotted core designs/ Water-blocking reinforcement layers.

PropertyUnitZDS20ZDS25ZDS30ZDS50Test method
Thicknessmm0.20±0.030.25±0.030.30±0.030.50±0.03ISO 9073-2
Weightg/m270±1080±1090±10130±10ISO 9073-1
Tensile StrengthN/cm≥30≥30≥40≥40ISO 9073-3
Elongation%≥12≥12≥12≥12ISO 9073-3
Swelling Speedmm/1`00`>6>9>12>12Q/TF 2010
Swelling Heightmm/3`00`>9>12>14>16Q/TF 2010
Short Term Stability230230230230Q/TF 2010
Long Term Stability90909090IEC 216
Moisture Content%≤8≤8≤8≤8ISO 287

Roll and spool dimensions:

Slit Width(mm)6-2020-500>50012-50
Core Width(mm)≤870 200-680

Other widths, ID and OD are also available on request

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Q:What adhesive tape do you use
Small weight, carton type, plastic packing tape can be used to pack
Q:How many meters is one ton of packing belt?
It depends on whether you are asking about the PP belt or the PET belt.
Q:Production process of PP packing belt?
Tension must be carried out in boiling water, usually by one stretch. Finally, the embossing, stretching after the packaging belt, after two patterns of pressure roller, it will be pressed on the pattern, its role is to increase friction in use, do not slip, from the appearance of looking handsome.
Q:Is the profit margin of the packing belt line large
How do you say this?! Want to get rich quickly is impossible, he is a steady business, slowly, was still relatively moist, is in trouble!
Q:What are the classification of the packing belt
In nature, PP and PET are classified;The material is divided into regeneration material and new material;The belt and the manual packing belt are used for the extension.
Q:What are the classification of the packing belt?
That's a lot of sorting. According to what parameter you want to divide.Generally have PP packaging belt, PET packaging belt.Machine packing belt and hand packing beltNew material packing belt and feed back packing belt.Also transparent and opaque. Having or having no color. Wait
Q:What band is the most popular packing belt?
Suggest you consult personnel inside course of study.
Q:Do you have your bags ready before boarding?
Baggage checked, you can prepare your own packing belt, or packaged at the airport.Depending on the baggage, the choice is different. There are mainly the following situations:,1, if it is a handbag, the suitcase does not need to be packed, and the zipper can be zipped by itself;2, if it is the case, it is necessary to do a good job packaging, fragile to check when informed;3, if you do not pack, to pack at the airport, you need to charge 20 yuan fee;So, if you need to pack your own luggage, you can pack it in advance.
Q:Do you need two packing belt for the airport consignment bag
If your bags are intact, no packing straps are required. They are usually packed in flimsy cartons or bags
Q:The baggage for my American traveler's cloth is to be checked. Do you need a doggy belt? Will it protect the box?
You can pack it. It won't break

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