Non-Halogen Low Smoke Flame-retardant Tape

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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

1. Nominal Voltage: 300V.       

2. Temperature Range: -100°C to +200°C.       

3. Conductor: 30 to 10AWG Tinned Copper.      

4. Insulation: FEP.       

5. O.D.Allowance: ±0.10mm.       


 Apply to Household appliance, Illumination & Lighting & Headlamp, electric machines, temperature sensor, Military Series, Metallurgy Chemical series, Motor cars & Ships, Electrical Installation.

2. Product Characteristic:

1. Lighter 30% than ordinary products.(Our products(150±10g/m2) are 30% lighter than ordinary ones(220g/m2)).

2. Thinner 25%. Our products (0.15mm) are 25% thinner than ordinary ones (0.2-0.22mm)).

3. With good elongation, It can be folded more than 20 times continuously.

4. Soft and smooth around the bag.


3. Product Specification












Tensile Strength








Oxygen Index




Temperature Index



Smoking Density









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Q:Profit and Prospect of baling belt
Pack with the process of economic internationalization gradually accelerated, China's packing industry experienced a rapid development stage, today has established a considerable scale of production, Chinese has become an important part of the manufacturing field.
Q:Features of PP packing belt
Strong adhesive force, large tensile force, light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and high grade
Q:What's the difference between a strapping sheet or a steel package?
Plastic tape, a roll of 20KG iron strap, a roll of 40KGPacking:Plastic steel belt carton packing, iron packing bag, gunny bag packingColour:Plastic belt, regular green, iron strap, black beltUse:PET plastic steel belt and traditional iron, compared with PP has the following characteristics:High strength: PET plastic steel belt material is polyester, with strong tensile properties, with the same size of the iron band, the strength of ordinary plastic band is several times. Tensile fracture strength >450mPa, fracture <20%High toughness: PET plastic belt with plastic features, has a special flexibility, in the course of transport can avoid bumps caused by broken belt, resulting in scattered goods, to ensure the safety of goods transportedSafety: PET plastic belt has no sharp edges, no dents and scratches. It will not cause damage to the package. During packing and unpacking, it will not cause injury to operators and avoid unsafe factorsEnvironmental protection: meet the export standards of Europe and the United States and other countries, easy to recycle, in line with environmental protection requirementsAdaptability: PET plastic belt because of the material and exquisite workmanship, advanced equipment technology, so high temperature, moisture resistance, can adapt to various climate changesBeauty: iron band will be exposed to the air to absorb moisture, oxidation and rust, easy to pollute the packaging; PET belt is beautiful, no rust, no pollution, environmental protectionTemperature resistance: PET plastic band melting point of 260 degrees Celsius, 120 degrees below the deformation, and can often stay tense, and adapt to the environmentEconomy: PET plastic belt is light in weight and easy to handle; the unit cost is only 1/3 with metal strap, which saves a great deal of investment cost for investors
Q:What's the reason why the packing belt breaks easily?
When packaging, if packaged with fracture, may be packing machine pulling force is too strong, can adjust the tension knob. If packaged with other normal use, may be a problem with the packing quality, bear tensile strength not too big, you can consider replacing the packing belt
Q:How to use the tie case packing belt?
When you take the lead out, turn to the back of the suitcase and wrap it vertically around the trunk: (Note: the winding process should tighten the collar button)
Q:How should the packing tape be printed
First of all, the extruder temperature control is generally between 250 and 280 degrees centigrade. The next is cooling, strip out the head temperature is very high, to immediately enter the water cooling, because of isotactic polypropylene in acute cold conditions easily generated has crystal structure, molecular structure of paracrystals was loose. In this way, the strap is easy to stretch and obtain high quality products. Then, the tensile and tensile purposes are to increase the longitudinal strength of the strap and reduce the elongation. Tension must be carried out in boiling water, usually by one stretch. Finally, the embossing, stretching after the packaging belt, after two patterns of pressure roller, it will be pressed on the pattern, its role is to increase friction in use, do not slip, from the appearance of looking handsome.
Q:What band is the most popular packing belt?
This is generally not business insiders do not know.I am doing logistics, packaging tape with a lot of consumption. As for other industries
Q:The production of packaging equipment with how much money
The price is different, the south is more expensive, but the quality is really good, a few years can not go wrong. Linyi is in the south of the machine more than a dozen years ago, are now upgrading all is automated, but Linyi's machine was old, labor, electricity quality is not stable, the price is cheaper. If you want to make a packing belt or choose a southern machine, don't try to be cheap.
Q:What's the difference between PP strapping and PET packaging
PET packing belt, PP packing belt and steel belt. The following packages are used to analyze the differences between the three packaging belts.
Q:Packing belt
Packing belt (PP, PET) is divided into PP packing belt (also known as polypropylene packing belt) and PET strap (also called plastic packing belt), respectively using polypropylene and polyester PET for the production of raw materials, which are suitable for different heavy objects need to pack.Atlas of packing belt (4 pieces)Brief description: PP packing belt and PET packing belt are all kinds of plastic environmental protection packing belts which are widely used. PP packaging belt has been produced in China for more than 30 years, and PET belt has been produced in China for more than 20 years.

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