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Features of PP packing belt
Polypropylene (PP) is the main raw material: Polypropylene wire drawing resin. Because of its good plasticity, it is broken and pulledIt has many advantages, such as high strength, bending resistance, low density, good tensile impact and easy to use. It has been used in various fields nowWidespread role.
How much does it cost to open a PP strapping factory? Should the production and operation process of the PP belt factory be not difficult? I want to do.
3389 about a line, as long as a person can be 24 hours of work; but now with the PET factory and more large quantity, PP only in some small factories use amount is uncertain or environmental; although it is also packaged with, but the tension and quality you should also know, which is more popular so you see for yourself.
Blue belt principle is what?
Also known as orchid. The black metal surface by the "blue bluing" after the formation of the oxide film, the outer layer is mainly magnetite, the inner layer is feo.
Identification of the quality of the packing belt
Packaged with quality, to look at the package with high purity polypropylene, currently on the market a variety of packing belt: pure polypropylene, polypropylene and polypropylene masterbatch, and recycled material, polypropylene and recycled materials and masterbatch. Packaged with transparent state production of pure polypropylene, polypropylene and masterbatch production package for translucent, polypropylene and packaged with basically opaque recycled material production, packaged with fully opaque polypropylene and masterbatch and renewable materials production. There are a total of renewable materials and calcium carbonate powder sandwich material production packing belt, completely regenerated material packaged with soft sandwich material belt production, only the surface of raw materials, the rest is calcium carbonate (lime). The quality of the packing belt depends entirely on the purity of polypropylene. The higher the purity of polypropylene, the better the pulling force of the packing strap.
Do you have your bags ready before boarding?
Baggage checked, you can prepare your own packing belt, or packaged at the airport.Depending on the baggage, the choice is different. There are mainly the following situations:,1, if it is a handbag, the suitcase does not need to be packed, and the zipper can be zipped by itself;2, if it is the case, it is necessary to do a good job packaging, fragile to check when informed;3, if you do not pack, to pack at the airport, you need to charge 20 yuan fee;So, if you need to pack your own luggage, you can pack it in advance.
The packer does not have a packing belt
The belt roller gap is not correct. The adjustment of the gap shall be explained in accordance with the instructions. Careful adjustment of the clearance between the rollers of a semi-automatic strapping machine is critical for normal belt delivery. Adjust the belt roller clearance only more than 0.05~1mm of the belt thickness.
Why is plastic strapping broken?
First of all, you are sure that your belt is plastic pet (plastic refers to PET material) material?. Is there any quality problem? The packing bags are all made of their own masterbatch.
What is the reason why the packing belt breaks easily?
For a long time, and do not pay attention to cleaning, resulting in packaging machine hot tongue on the dirt is too much, as long as sandpaper is used to rub off the stain on it;3, semi automatic packing automatic packing machine or the hot side, packaged hot melt zone is too small, the use of pliers correction;