Semi Conductive Nylon Tape

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

The semi conductive nylon tape is made of a semi conductive compound which is composed of a two - sided coated uniform electric property of the nylon base fiber, and has good strength and half – conductivity


2. Product Characteristic:

1. Inherent resistance: MC501CDR2=10 6 to 8 cm 2

2. Resistivity Equalization: the conductivity of all parts of the CD MC501 nylon is constant because of the uniform distribution of the fillers. Therefore, the mechanical processing, the electrical conductivity is not changed, even if the surface has been worn, the resistivity is not affected.

3. Constant resistivity: mc501 CD nylon rich conductive fillers, such as carbon black, the resistivity will never change, and spraying the surface of conductive material is nylon the performance. CD MC501 nylon with the addition of surface active agent of the plastic is different, its conductivity is not dependent on the temperature.

4. High mechanical strength, excellent processing performance.








Test method






ISO 9073-2






ISO 9073-1

Tensile Strength





ISO 9073-3






ISO 9073-3

Surface Resistance






Volume Resistance





DIN 54345

Short Term Stability




Q/TF 2010

Long Term Stability




IEC 216

4. Reference Picture

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