Best Price Ceramic Tile, Floor Tile

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Formaldehyde: E0 Material: Ceramic Feature: DECORATE
Position: Interior

Product Description:

1.Quick Details

Type:  Tiles, Best Ceramic tile, wall tile

Size:  300 x 600mm, 400 x 400mm, 600 x 600mm, 800 x 800mm Material:  Porcelain Tiles, porcelain

Usage:  Interior Tiles, Floor

Function:  Acid-Resistant Surface

Treatment:  Polished Tiles

Technique:  Soluble Salts Tiles Color

Family:  Blacks, Whites, Yellows / Golds Tile Type:  Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles

Color:  Beign Material

Feature:  Acid Resistant Feature:  polished

Shape:  Square Style:  Antique Thickness:  9.5mm

Special Features:  flooring


Floor tile is a kind of ground adornment material, also call floor tile. It is made of clay. And there are various of specifications. Quality is hard, the weight is small, the pressure resistant, can be moisture resistant. The glazing, plays a decorative role. Floor tiles are very many varieties, the choice of room for a great. It has the advantages of solid material, easy to clean, heat resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali, no water seepage, etc..

3. Specification

Detail product description: 

Model no:


Tile type:

Porcelain floor tiles, ceramic tile,ceramic wall tile Ivory tile promotion



Size(MM) :



9.3 – 9.5mm




Available in all designs and ivory beige color


Used in floor or wall


polished finish


CE & ISO9001


Acid-resistant, antibacterial, non-slip, wear-resistant


standard cartons and wooden pallets packing

4. Pictures


Best Price Ceramic Tile, Floor Tile

Best Price Ceramic Tile, Floor Tile


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