24X24 Matte Finish Non-slip Wood Look Porcelain Tile

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Formaldehyde: E0 Material: Wood,Ceramic Feature: Dust-Proof
Position: Interior

Product Description:

1.Quick Details

Type:  Tiles

Size:  300 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, 800 x 800mm, 600x900mm, 300x900mm, 15x900mm

Material:  Porcelain Tiles

Usage: Interior Tiles

Function: Acid-Resistant, Antibacterial, Heat Insulation, Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant Surface Treatment:  Glazed Tiles

Feature:  Rustic Tiles Color Family:  Browns / Tans

Tile Type:  Borders, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles

Porcelain size:  difference size available

Water absorption: below 0.5%

Usage:  wall and floor style:  wood mixed cement

Color:  grey color slip or not:  non-slip package: carton wood pallets

2. Specifications:

Various styles and designs 
Non-slip, acid-resistant, wear-resistant 
Water absorption:1-3%

Available size: 600x600mm,600x900mm,150x600mm,150x900mm,

Newest 3D inject digital printing technology.

Natural and various designs available,glazed matt finish

It is very suitable to household, lobby, garden, shop, hotel as floor tiles and wall tiles for long-lasting

60x60 matte finish glazed porcelain tile wood flooring


600x600mm (24x24inch)



Water absorption



matte finish


Inkjet printing technology


Indoor floor/wall 


Carton,wood pallets

Abrasion strength

PEI 4,5

3. Characteristic

1:Low water absorption and low water absorption, year-round use, no discoloration, no traces as always. Clean simple. At the same time, not afraid of rain mildew proof, damp weather.

2 High wear resistance: the system of high temperature firing, the mullite hardness reached 8 grade, high abrasion resistance.

3 Dimensional personality customization, according to the actual size of your decoration to make, so you may be in the vicinity of your neighbors are unique.

4. Acid: in the process of industrialization, the increasingly serious acid rain, has become the industrial pollution is the main reason, porcelain tile, made of high temperature sintering, acid and alkali resistant, leaving no stains, easy to clean.

4.Reference Pictures


24X24 Matte Finish Non-slip Wood Look Porcelain Tile

24X24 Matte Finish Non-slip Wood Look Porcelain Tile


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It seems: the first is oak, the second is black walnut. The third does not know. In fact, in the floor shop to turn around to know.
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Certainly harmful, the first bad smell and then the surrounding living environment worse, fly mosquitoes increased, bringing bacteria
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Q:How is the noise on the house next to the viaduct?
Windows is a weak part of the leakage, must be dealt with in a timely manner. The most effective way is to install low-frequency sound insulation window to solve practical problems. Traffic noise is now mainly low-frequency noise control, the general hollow and vacuum windows can only be isolated from some of the high-frequency sound of the investigation of the old aircraft, the low frequency noise is difficult to control. Reid business can solve this problem for you, because during the day due to slow congestion noise is small, to 10 o'clock after the night, heavy vehicles began to enter the city, sometimes even up to 70 dB indoor, so the sleep was serious But the installation of our sound insulation window, indoor sound environment control in 30 decibels below, so your future sleep quality can be greatly improved.
Q:Buy wood flooring to send what accessories, buckle it?
Buckle, to the edge of the algae Valley Gui pao bolt chess line, yin and yang angle, glass glue, small straight edge, etc. are all additional charges, only moisture-proof pad with the floor to be considered a bar, you buy more words And asked him to give gifts, try to reduce their own costs, remember a word, will buy as sold, you will never count business
Q:S file + floor oil is the fastest way to start acceleration?
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Solid wood flooring is an important ground pavement material, with the improvement of people's living standards, solid wood flooring has entered the homes of ordinary people, because it is cool and cool summer, feel good characteristics make it a bedroom, living room, study, etc. Ideal for floor decoration materials. Installation of solid wood flooring, in addition to the plate itself, but also need wood keel, pest control powder, moisture pad, floor glue, floor nails, door copper, baseboard and other accessories, these are mainly used to solve the floor fixed, , And other interface problems.
Q:Is there an industry standard for domestic wood flooring environmental protection? Does anyone know?
E1 ≤ 1.5mg / L, you can directly decorate the floor!

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