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New renovation of the new premises formaldehyde generally exist, how to remove?
A new house decorated with a series of measures can basically eliminate formaldehyde odor, but the residual formaldehyde usually taste very small, and even can not feel, and for 3~5 years. Therefore, whether before or after check to buy some suggestions in the removal of formaldehyde plant such as Chlorophytum, Sansevieria and aloe etc.. These plants are not only easy to grow and take care of, but also effectively remove formaldehyde, which is a good choice for beautifying the living environment. Usually a room Chlorophytum placed 1 to 2 pots can, but don't put in the bedroom.
What are the skills of kitchen furniture?
In a kitchen appliance is placed, lampblack machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric cooker and so on, these convenient place, place can make the kitchen clean, beautiful, and the space will be larger.
Top grade stainless steel furniture, will it rust for a long time?
Stainless steel will not rust, otherwise it will not be called stainless steel, and stainless steel is suitable for kitchen furniture. A long time will not rust but there will be greasy and dirty dust, often wipe grease and maintain the smooth appearance of scale.
What are the panels in the furniture?
Consider the color depth: metal with glass of the coffee table can give people a sense of light, there is an expansion of the visual effects of space; and calm, dark dark wooden tea table, it is suitable for larger classical space.
Now furniture is generally used what plate, and wood grain is how to transfer the?
This is hard to say you want to use beautiful furniture furniture plate to more environmentally friendly with Chinese fir knuckle board furnitureThe wood grain is free to choose from the panel
What is the best place for the kitchen cabinet?
Grain cabinet is a common storage area, and heavier, usually designed in the ground cabinet, and from the water to a cabinet. In the cabinet design, from left to right, respectively for the preparation area, cleaning area, processing area, cooking area.
What types of custom furniture do you have?
Distinguished from the function, the whole house custom furniture includes: decoration door, entrance (shoe, bucket cabinets, lockers, etc.) (the whole kitchen cabinets, doors, kitchen, kitchen cabinets, appliances, island, etc.) the whole restaurant (dining tables and chairs, kitchen cabinet, wine cabinet, dining room living room (TV) cabinet, bookcase, sofa, coffee table, etc.), antique cabinet (bedroom wardrobe, TV cabinet, toilet table, bedside cabinets, cabinets, display cabinets, etc.) the study (bookcase, desk, chairs, cabinets and other computer platform), the balcony (balcony cabinet, cabinet, cabinet, tatami platform washing and toilet (overall etc.) bath cabinet, toilet, bathtub and so on), children's room (children's wardrobe, bookcase, desk and chair, table etc.) by sun Sen full house custom finishing
How much distance should I keep in the kitchen before I can do housework in the kitchen?
150 cm. Such distance can ensure that the door is open on both sides of the case, the middle of the station and then a person. Method for selecting decorative board of cabinet