bathroom SINK ! ceramic pedestal basin

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ceramic pedestal basin washbasin,wash basin with pedestal,CE certificate basin with pedestal

ceramic pedestal basin

1.sink,wash basin pedestal MHP-29

2.HIGH quality,low price

3.CE certificate




Drainage wayS-TRAP





2.FACTORY,IN THE MIDDLE OF CHINA,LOW LABOUR COST,our province have around 94,023,567 people

3.BIG:105,000 square metres ,1200 workers

4.21 years production  experience



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Q:Can a newborn baby share a washbasin with an adult?
Birth of baby supplies as much as possible to prepare a separate. If the conditions are not allowed to start with hot.
Q:Toilet basin is built-in or external okay, what is the argument?
The bathroom basin is built with beautiful, but not well cleaned. Or a good external cleaning, but the table can not enter the basin of water. Its advantages and disadvantages
Q:Can the bathroom of the bathroom be able to wash clothes directly?
Toilet basin you refer to the bathroom cabinet of the basin it. He does have the function of washing clothes, of course, some small pieces of clothing (large pieces of clothing or washing machine convenience). If the bathroom is small, is a small bathroom cabinet, then the main function is to wash your teeth.
Q:Periodic Leak under bathroom sink?
If its periodic it could well be the waste pipe or trap
Q:Bathroom washbasin porcelain surface dirt how to clear out?
Alkaline cleaners can remove all kinds of animal and vegetable greasy stains and mechanical oil, and can remove the ground wax layer. Such as special enhanced oil cleaning agent; strong wax from the water. Acid and alkaline cleaning agents, if used improperly, in addition to causing a waste of cleaning agents, but also to varying degrees damage to the surface of the cleaning material, and may even cause the user's skin or eye damage.
Q:Stinky bathroom sink?
the first thing to do is pour a good deal of boiling water down the drain say 5 kettles full . see if that fixes it . if that does not work you will see a u shaped pipe under the sink once the sink is empty remove this large nut from the bottom of the u shaped pipe . have a buckey read to catch water as there will be some in there and wear either nothing when you do it or really old clothes . in your own home i suggest wearing notthing its easier once you have the nut off then stick your finger in there and pull out any hair or gunk that is in there. then put the bolt back in . you may want to go to the hardware store and get some tape for the bolt before hand its plastic tape or wrap used just for plumbing ask them at the store they will know what you need. you wrap that around the threads of the bolt or nut like thing before you put it back in . the threads are the ridges on the bolt. one time around is enough. this is all easy to do if there is space to work under the sink . it is do able by any able bodied person. if this does not fix the problem then you may have a gas trap problem that requires a plumber. but do all this first unless you find the smell comes out of more then one drain . then go for the trap solution sooner. good luck have fun. oh dont pour chemicals in there as at some point someone may need to open the pipe as i told you how to do and the chemicals can get on the person bad thing to have happen . oh the tool you need to open the plug is called a pipe wrench . they cost different amounts but you should just buy the cheapest one that will work . they adjust to the size of the bolt. the hardware store carries them and ask them how to work it as it is abit different then other wrenches. but its simple to once you know how to work it . so just ask for a 1 minute demo from the hardware store man.
Q:How do I remove cigarette stains from bathroom sink?
Clorox? Pour some on the spot or in the sink and let it soak. SimpleGreen or SpitFire may work as well if you let it soak - that stuff can get rid of most stains.
Q:how do i get rid of the awful smell in my bathroom sink?
I would try vinegar and/or baking soda. You could also try boiling a pot of water and then pouring the hot water down the drain. You could also go to a home improvement store and buy a snake to try dislodging anything that could be stuck in there and causing the odor. I wouldn't pour bleach or any other chemical down the drain in case it is sewer gas. The bleach and the gases could combine to make you sick, or worse yet, go kaboom! Call your landlord or a plumber if general cleaning doesn't work.
Q:How to get rid of ants from coming through the bathroom sink?!?!?
Lay off the acid? Usually helps me when I think ants are coming out of things. Realistically though they have to be coming FROM somewhere. If you don't see exposed pipes they can be entering then I would take some ant killing powder from home depot and sprinkle it in and around your sink where they are coming from. DON'T wash it away or down the drain. Then I would go outside and rake around in the yard and nearby. See if you can't disturb an ant hill then layer it in powder poison too. We had a LOT of ants that were attracted to our babies formula powder and getting in the nursery. So one day when we were gardening we came on the hill and dumped the powder on. I also dug up the hill to pour the powder deeper and then I sprayed the base edge of our house with repellent poison (house guard stuff). Haven't seen an ant since. The key is taking away what attracts them (food supply) and finding where they are coming from. You can also try making a paste with the poison and running it down the drain.
Q:how to get rotten smell out of bathroom sink?
I get the same problem every now and again. If the water only smells in your bathroom and not lets say your kitchen, then the smell is probably coming from your drain. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down your drain, then pour in boiling water and put plug in sink and let sit 1/2 hourish. This generally clears up any odor. You may have to do this once a month or so, but it's no big deal.

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