Single Faucet Bathroom Sink

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the tub has deminsions of 12' long 6' deep 4' width -how ong will it take to fill up?
Not enough information about the rate the water is dripping out. 6' high, but what about lenght and width?
Wash basin from the tile on the wall from the use of glass glue or glue-free sticky? There are faucets and washbasin junction is also rusty, glass glue can stick to it?
Glass glue is not strong, not you from the water mains on a three-way, with a PVC pipe connected by a water valve to do the faucet is also OK.
Three-hole basin and single-hole basin can be installed single hole faucet it
Can be three holes in the installation of a single hole when you can go to OKorder to buy a rectangular decorative cover can cover the left and right to cover the hole on the exposed hole so that the installation of a single hole faucet up is beautiful!
My water faucet has a male thread at its outlet. I am trying to determine the thread size and type so I can order some fittings. I measured the outer diameter with a caliper and it was about 0.79 (20mm). I tried a 1/2 NPT female fitting and it barely didn't fit.I need to know if it is metric, BSP (British standard pipe), NPT (National Pipe Thread), or garden hose.Thanks!
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It slides around constantly. I can even lift it 3/4 inch upwards and see the pipes underneath in their little holes. I have felt under there with my fingers but I don't know what I'm feeling for to try and tighten it. What is the mechanism that tightens it to my sink, and how do I go about fixing it?
Put putty around the base of the tap on the drainer, then using a basin wrench, and someone to hold the faucet, you have to get underneath, and tighten the brass nut attached to the faucet. The nut may also be a plastic type.there is also a fitting called a "top Hat " that can be fitted between the Faucet and the nut, this will stop your faucet from ever coming loose again. To fit this, you will need to disconnect the Faucet from the pipe and fit it around the stem of the faucet, then connect the pipe and brass nut, and tighten until the faucet is immovable. Try not too overtighten the Faucet to the nut or you will destroy the fibre washer fitted in side the back nut.
Can the basin be equipped with a special faucet for washing machine?
Can be installed but it is best to leak or not easy to waterproof ah
The faucet is to buy a washbasin when the package, the beginning of the water quite big, with more than six months of water is very small, very fine point. Do not know is the water dragon
There is something inside the faucet, open to clean up!
With the basin under the basin to pay attention to what?
With the basin under the basin to pay attention to, taking into account the thickness of the basin, the mouth to be longer.