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I do not know much about handiwork but I am forced to do it anyway. I ordered a new hose (old one was leaky) for my kitchen faucet. I was able to attach the new hose to the faucet, but am having trouble connecting the other side to the water line.The line runs vertically and is in a tight corner which is preventing me from getting in there with plyers or a wrench. I try to turn the hose counter-clockwise against the water line it is attached to, but the awkward placement of the line is making it very difficult to exert direct forceI feel there is a special tool/ technique I can use to detach the old hose and attach the new onePLESAE HELP
you will need whats called a Basin Wrench to reach up into that small area and unscrew it. any hardware store will have them, and the cheapest one will be fine, the expensive ones are just more durable and adjustable for us plumbers that use them everyday. good luck
It slides around constantly. I can even lift it 3/4 inch upwards and see the pipes underneath in their little holes. I have felt under there with my fingers but I don't know what I'm feeling for to try and tighten it. What is the mechanism that tightens it to my sink, and how do I go about fixing it?
since your faucet has come loose to the point you can lift it, its not a matter of simply tightening the nuts. you will need to use plumbers putty to seal the deck of the faucet before tightening it down. if you skip this small step, you will have water infiltration into the cabinet. after resealing with putty, simply use a basin wrench and torque down the two plastic or brass metasl nuts. this shouild fix your issue
have a leaky faucet in bathtub but not sure how to change seat
You okorder /
Automatic washing machine inlet pipe can be connected to the basin faucet?
Faucet with a water pipe three links, in the place where there are water pipes and fittings
The advantages and disadvantages of the basin and the faucet without leading hole
Without the faucet on the stage pot is the basin basin faucet, the price is relatively expensive, but more beautiful.
What is the price of the basin faucet?
Which depends on where you buy from the slightly, what is the grade of decoration, luxury decoration to go to the store to buy more than 300, the general decoration with a year or two for the change
What are the models of faucet specifications? How to identify the faucet is good or bad?
Style, the current market is generally divided into two styles of faucet, that is, single handle and double handle faucet, single handle only a hole, and double handle can be divided into four inches and eight inch hole two, which can be based on Buy the basin style.
Bathroom faucet good? Or pull the faucet good?
If you do not have this habit, the general can be the faucet, because the pull-type life will be shorter, easy to bad.